Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Wednesday Long Long Wednesday

Today has drug on, I thought i made a post this morning but it doesn't look like it Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm whats goin on with my brain. This morning I got up and ummmmmmm went back to the YMCA LOL and did the 30 min cafe and a lil old lady about 90 or so came in and didn't know how to work any of the machines and had knee replacement surgery and all this. So i stayed over to help her on and off the machines and told her she could meet me there and i would help her tomorrow. She was a hoot and i didn't want to leave her in there by herself, she could get seriously hurt. Then i left there and went straight to my moms where we swam from about 12 til about 3 then we left from there and came home for a brief second, kyle picked us up and we went for our consolidation loan. She said it would take 30 min. 30 min my freakin ass it took an hour and 30 min. But we were approved, our payments are lowered and yay that means extra money. Thank the Lord. Ummmmmmmmmm where from there. Oh we are home, kyles dad mowed the lawn, kyle weeded and now hes gone to get them some dinner at taco bell and then we are heading out to go grocery shopping. Funnily enough my kids are asking if we can please stay home. But theres too much crap to be done. I am going back to work out in the morning and then gotta go do some errands and I gotta be at the dr at 9 am to get my side checked out and see if my iron stores have risen. I am anemic and at last check, the iron in my blood was normal but my iron stores were low, so i was supposed to double up on iron which i did not do and come back in 9 weeks which is tom. I am nervous about that and then of course my whole side hurting thing. It didn't hurt at all while we were out and it doesn't hurt now. Seems to be mostly a morning thing. weird. Okay i am off to run to the store n stuff. have a great evening all!!

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Cindy said...
The link wouldn't work for me.
That post was in honor of your request that I post more than once a day!