Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Where I have been

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Where have you been?

6 weeks

is about what it has been since I saw my chiropractor last.
He switched his place of business and I haven't gotten to go out there.
6 weeks and then you really start to feel the difference.
I really never knew what a difference it made, til I had long breaks.
My stomach starts to hurt, my headaches come back
Achiness comes back.
It makes such a big difference.
This week, the stomach ache hit, I need to go.
They are going out of town and will be back Tuesday, so we are going up there.
I can't wait. I need an adjustment so badly :(
It's heaven!
My momma took me out shopping today!!! she's fixing up her house and I gave her a yea or a nea on pictures and such.
She bought me a few things and savannah a few things, we were happy Campers!
Savannah is watching RV for the 20th time or more.
She wants an RV now LOL
Yeahhhh right, keep on dreaming at 4 miles a gallon and 80 gallon tank. We can park it at the valu market and sleep there LOL
Have a great Thursday tomorrow all!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


OMG and OMG on the noise. I can NOT STAND Noise and I am drowning in a sea of it. Today while the boys were at school it was so quiet. We watched March of the Penguins, practiced letter writing, all quiet. Anthony gets home and the girls instantly get wound up, he was talking 25 miles a minute, the girls were screaming and I could not understand one word out of his mouth even though I was listening.
Opie starts barking the radio is blaring and Anthony is still talking about something. I honestly could not tell you what he was speaking of. The girls were screaming still.
Then in walks Juan from school and Oh Gee he got his trumpet today. He decides to sneak in and give a super loud blow and then allt he kids have to blow. My ears honestly feel like they are going to freaking explode.
Kyle is due home next and the noise level will go up even more, savannah is getting to her whinney point in the day and its Big Brother night.
Opie and Savannah aren't letting me sleep at night, they are forcing me out of bed. This morning after everyone left for school and work I crawled up in her bed and slowly drifted off to sleep and then someone calls at 8:30 and wakes the whole house up.
UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh after 20 Stop its, juan is blowing that stupid trumpet again ACK ACK ACK someone get me ear plugs STAT

PS Mark N. Came over today to check out the fish and stuff. There was a bird stuck in the net, Thank GOD he got it out and he even held it in his hand. It would've flipped me out majorly. We took the net off and there was a baby bird dead under it. :(
If you come over bring protection because the acorns are falling out of the tree and those suckers hurt.
Happy Tuesday, Ear plugs appreciated!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Nets Sighhhhhhh

Well, it looks like a Raccoon tried to eat my fish, the tail of one is gone and the back fin is gone and then another part of one has been nibbled.
We had to put a net over the pond. Well, this morning one of the baby fish got stuck in the net. Felt like finding nemo, Part of me wanted to holler "swim swim swim" but i realized it wasn't going to work. I hate fish, bluch. They freak me out. So I got the net, picked the baby up and put him into the water.
Flash forward an hour, Opie is intently watching something from the window. He only watches when theres something good going on. So I look out and the frog is entangled in the net. OMG let me just say rescuing a jumping frog not only is grody, but its scary. The thing was jumping and jumping. I finally freed it.
Kyle can not get off work soon enough today. I'm tired of the amphibian rescues and such.
My allergies and sinuses are so backed up. We spent the whole afternoon and evening at the pool yesterday, today OMG my nose is clogged up, my lymph nodes behind my ears are swelled up and they hurt. I feel crappy.
First frost can come on!!
I cheated early and put alot of my fall decos out already.
Hung a sign on my door
Nice People ONLY
Mean people go home
so hopefully Debbie comes and reads that.
She has my new release movies and Kyles PSP 2 games which are not cheap and she will not give them back. She keeps making a demand of little crappy stuff and won't give me back my stuff. I'm getting extremely mad. I am daring her to ask for one more thing and then I have a little plan :o) Ill let you know if she does and then then Ill let you know what i did tee hee.
It's childish to act that way. Especially when I have done absolutley nothing to them.
Happy Sunday All!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Biding my time

Til BB starts. Only 1 more hour!! I love Thursday Big Brother!
Enjoying the hell out of my babysittingless days. Savannah sleeps til about 11:00 oclock in the afternoons. So I spend my mornings cleaning or watching TV. She is ever so quickly getting back to her pre Madison self. :o) Very Pleasant to be around. She's such a good girl.
I got my living room and kitchen cleaned spotless, got laundry all done. Started working on Savannahs room, but that is such a big job. I want to start weeding out summer clothes and getting out her packed up fall clothes. I think thats just hopes on my part that the weather will cool off soon. It sure is hot outside.
September 1st, I officially get out all my fall decos and then October 1st all my halloween. That is my favorite time of year, except decorating for Christmas.
I love that!!
Okay Have a great night. 55 min. til showtime!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Savannah Smiles

I know I have already blogged today, but in my psychopathic birdboy fury, I forgot to tell you a savannah story.........
savannah banana
Last night Kyle and I had the giggles! We were laughing soooooooo hard and I can't even remember what we were laughing over. But we laughed for about 20 or so minutes. Savannah was trying to watch Little House on the Prairie and couldn't hear and she was getting so mad at us. This just made us laugh even harder. She yelled "stop laughing now, right now" She looked over at kyle and then looked over at me and I was smiling trying not to laugh and she said "Mommy, you really need to put your teeth away"
LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL we started rolling again and she got so mad LOLLLLLLL
Too funny :o)
Had to share!

Birthday and Psycho bird boy

Happy birthday to me :o) kyle made my day really special yesterday! It was nice!
Today is my actual birthday and ugh I couldn't sleep last night at all. Then Kyle just called me and told me that there was blood and feathers all over the top of his car. Psycho bird boy is just that. Psycho.
He was sneaking in our yard on Saturday morning, we caught him. How in the hell do you get a Psycho bird boy to stay out of your yard?
I hate living here already. I just count down the days till I can move from here and throw my Direct TV DVR In the freaking river.
I don't hate much, but I HATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE that little boy. Hes a terrible little brat and I really hope and pray that the birds hold a conference, crap all over his grandmothers car in a big big way and then they get together and peck his ever loving eyes out. Brat.
I guess I can leave my house for a couple hours since I know psycho bird boy is at school.
I wish his mom would take him back and he would go down to the country and out of my hair. Freaking jerks.
Have a great day all.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Been awhile

Been gone for a bit. Crazy times here lately.
Kyle has been off for a 4 day weekend. He went to his grandmas visitation and funeral, friday and saturday. Then Saturday night, he went to the Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood concert. Saturday I cleaned at my aunts, then went swimming at my moms then went back to my aunts for baby Darins birthday party. Then Sunday I did a teeny bit of work at my moms and then came home and a girl from my mommy loop came in town.
At my moms Savannah wasn't acting like her normal self. She was very quiet. I was like "Oh crap, the shots" so last night about 1 am 103 degree fever. So kyle and I stayed awake rotating tylenol and motrin and getting this and getting that. Today I am so sleepy I could fall over flat on my face.
Kyle is having my birthday dinner tonight and he went to valu market and bought me a big tub of their frosting that they use on their cakes for my cake :o) I haven't had that frosting in 2 years and I could probably take a spoon and eat the whole dang tub!!
I will be anxiously awaiting the brownie being cooked today!
Happy Monday to all!! PS Just a few more days til i can get out my fall decorations
YAYYYYY I love fall!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Bus Marketing

So my boys are loving their new schools!! Anthony comes home telling me he LOVES all his teachers! He said his guy teacher for the Bus Marketing class is his favorite. I stop for a minute and say "what class" You know the Bus Marketing class. We haven't talked about buses yet though. I stop again pause and say "one more time, what class" "Bus MARKETING MOM" he says. I then GET IT LOLLLLL and tell him, son, I think on your schedule they used an abbreviation and that class is Business Marketing. His face gets extremely red and he said, is that what the period was for. "Yes Dear" LOL so my son thought he was taking a bus marketing class LOL
Then Juan comes home and says, "dude they had papa johns pizza there today" Anthony struts in and announces "Papa Johns is so sixth grade juan" Juan said "well what did you have anthony" Anthony replies "Chuck E Cheese pizza" LOLLLLLLLLLLL
I got a good chuckle outta that!!
hope everyone is having a great Thursday! Its BB Night!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


To start let me ask you guys keep Kyles family in your prayers. His grandmother died yesterday evening. So keep them in your prayers :o(
Today my friend Lois came in town and we went to Cracker Barrel and then come back here and I gave her a perm!! I loved meeting them!!
She brought her 2 girls and Savannah was in heaven having someone to play with!!!!!

I gotta go get a bath cause i still smell like perm solution!

Prayers for Kyles family

Thanks a million
PS Photo blogger has been updated!!
Di's Photo Blog

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My Dapper Flapper

we have friends coming in from out of town. They have a little girl Savannahs age named Valerie. First thing Savannah did was run upstairs and get dressed for Valeries arrival.
This is what she wanted to greet Miss Valerie in LOL
Shes my dapper Flapper

Whoa, Whoa, I gotta gooooo

Back to schoooooooooooooooooooool AGAIN!!!

The pic above LOL my boys this morning. They were both nervous as heck too.
Anthony my goodness starting High School. That really makes me sad. I wanna take a ladder and go to his school and peek in the windows to see what he's doing. Peeky Peeky!! I really don't think he realizes what a big, big world High School is. He's growing up.

Juan, Juan big 6th grader today. Gets his trumpet today. He looked so scared, but he has a ton of friends that are going there.

They both have the odd hours and get home early this year! So around Dr. Phil time they'll be home!!!!

I'm doing pretty okay not babysitting!!! Enjoying ALOT Of free time and getting out all the stuff I Had to keep put up!!

I miss Madison alot though. She's a very, very good girl. I will miss her alot. :o(

Okay,I am off to clean, I have guests coming from MD today and have to get my house cleaned up. Savannah sleeps late so that'll be more quiet time!

Happy Back to school!!
PS all the news people were all happy yesterday, Everyone just seems happier when its back to school time LOL

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sunday Sunday

Yesterday was pure crazy. We took Savannah to the dr. Her ears are healing but still have some cracking so we have to put that yucky, stinky medicine back there.
I then left the room for the shot.
I have been putting off that shot for years and couldn't put it off anymore. She reached back and grabbed the needle kyle said. Im glad I wasn't in there. I was down at Staples, crying my heart out, in the posty note aisle.
She cried ALOT of the day yesterday. ALOT ALOT Of the day. Shes cranky, shes tired. Today, I thought it would be better. Nope, still crying and cranky. I gave her more motrin and shes a little better.
I made some korker bows for her and maddie, pics below! I love making hairbows!!!!
I usually make them for whatever color savannah is wearing. I made maddie one today. They are a little expensive to make. I need to find a ribbon sale.
We are off to a cookout at moms. Have a good day all!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Savannahs phone call from God

We were sitting on the couch yesterday. Me, Anthony, Opie, Madison and Savannah. Trying to settle down for a nap and watching Pee Wee's playhouse.
Out of nowhere, Savannah turns around and looks like she is about to cry "I have to go see Memaw Frakes" I didn't understand why this was coming up now and I said "Why do you wanna see Memaw Frakes" again Looking like she was about to cry she said "I got a phone call from God, he called her home and I have to go see her today" I asked her if she was talking about Memaw Chester (kyles grandma who recently passed away) She said "No Memaw Frakes, God called her home and I have to go see her today" She also said something about having to go before next week.
I just dismissed it because she has only seen Memaw frakes a few times and figured she was just tired.
Last night, she was crying again and talked more about God. She was bawling and bawling and I asked whats wrong and she said "God Left already, he just died and now I won't see him anymore, he's gone" I told her God was in her heart and My heart and everyones heart, then she cried saying "He's not in daddys heart" it was really really sad and new territory for me.
So just now, Kyle calls. They have called his whole family to the nursing home. His grandmas vital signs have been going down all morning long.
Last week, she kept talking about a man who shoot himself. She kept asking me and Kyle, you know that guy, he shooted himself. I know she didn't see anything like that on TV and we were confused. She was very frustrated with Kyle and I cause we didn't know about the guy who shooted himself. Kyle connected today that Uncle Earl, shot himself around the time Savannah was born. Was that the guy she kept talking about? Was he trying to tell us Memaw Frakes was going to die? It's very strange. But then again, before moms house burned down, Anthony saw all the kids coming for them.
:o( Keep Memaw Frakes in your prayers. Maybe God has called her home.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Having a hard time lately

I haven't a clue what sort of funk I'm in but I'm in it.
Savannah is due to get her shots (MMR) that's the one I Have been putting off and putting off and putting off and putting off. She hasn't ever had one.
I hate shots. I know they are wonderful, but I have a problem with taking a perfectly healthy child and making them sick.
:o( people do it every single day. I know.
I don't want her to hurt, I don't want her to be sick.
She was so sick as a baby and ugh I dunno. Im just sick to my stomach over it.
I decided that I didn't want to get them for my benefit, not for hers. So I am putting my own fears aside and doing what is best for her.
But it still makes me sick.
Shots hurt so bad and Kyle has to take her in. I would make it a million times worse by crying.
Other than the shots, I don't feel well. I have been coughing and coughing and coughing. I kept that headache forever. I have been achey and feeling so funky. I almost wondered if I didn't have west nile or something. I feel that bad. My joints hurt, my jaws hurt. I Just hurt and haven't a clue why. I'm exhausted beyond belief and have no desire to move and did i mention coughing? I coughed so much this evening my chest hurts when i breathe.
Pray pray pray i get out of my funk soon cause its a bad one.
Have a wonderful Wednesday

Sunday, August 06, 2006

AOL photo of the week

Juan is the one in the scuba mask, if you can click the link go vote for my pic YAYYYYY
AOL Photo of the week

Friday, August 04, 2006

Friday Night

We are going tonight to play BINGO
Theres a bingo hall right down the street.
Wish us lots O luck!!!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

It's Thursday Night

BIg brother just went off. I love that show, I look forward to that hour all day and it's overwith so quickly.
Coughing and coughing. That's what I have been doing since Saturday.
Coughing and coughing. I'm sick of coughing.
My chest is starting to hurt, my throat hurts.
I dunno what's causing it.
Went grocery shopping twice today.
It's too hot to move.
I am praying for rain. We need rain.
We have more 90's next week.
Juan is all registered for Middle school
Anthony's high school orientation was tonight.
Tomorrow is his registration.
It begins. He's not a child anymore.
He's a teen ager.
Have a great night all. I'll be here coughing.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wed Wed Wednesday

Ahhhh August 2nd and I am sick of the heat today. It's so hot, you can't even go anywhere. Last night my migraine peaked, so today it is less and will continue to be less over the next couple days and then POOF gone. Thank God.
Last night I was for sure I was dying it hurt so bad.
I woke up this morning at 7:00 when kyle left, got up, checked my email and then back to bed til 11:15. Savannah and Juan watched Scooby doo and it was nice to sleep in.
No kids today :o) Just my own.
I emailed the weather man about ragweed coming in early and he emailed me back saying ragweed has already pushed through the ground and blooming. Cicadas were early, ragweeds early. Maybe it will be true that this will be a long cold winter. I just hope its a long fall. I love fall and want just nice 80 degree temps. away with all this funky hot stuff.
Okay I gotta run and put chicken in the crock pot for dinner and then maybe take another nap or watch some more christmas movies.
Have a wonderful day all!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It's only Tuesday

And yet it seems like so much later.
Either ragweed has come in or I have a cold. Coughing, sneezing and just bluch.
Kyle talked to the people next door. The boys grandma
She told him to shoot the birds cause of bird flu and west nile etc.
So they can point and shoot anything in my yard except people. Thats nice to know.
The boy keeps following Juan around the neighborhood and then pointed to all our baby ducks and smirked.
If he kills those baby ducks I will smack the crap out of him. If he can shoot stuff in my yard, then I should be allowed to smack little bratty boys in my yard. He comes and goes as he pleases.
Mom said shes gonna throw birdseed on her roof LOL
Enough about Crazy people.
It's Hot here in KY, very very very hot.
My computer is in my room in the basement and its so cold in my room, I have to use a space heater. Heat index of 106 and Im running a space heater. Thats about as crazy as our neighbors.
Savannahs ear is healing up. Today is her last day of medicine. Thank God for that because all antibiotics make her grumpy. Not sure if it's a stomach ache or what but Thank God that will be over.
Okay, I gotta run and get stuff done around here today before it gets too hot out.
Have a wonderful Tuesday