Monday, July 31, 2006

An update to the story below

I called the Humane society and animal control, they both directed me to the police. I called the police and talked to a really, really nice officer. He told me, the boy is allowed to fire any air rifle he chooses. Can shoot the birds, squirrels etc as he chooses. Even in my yard. As long as he isn't aiming at people. So that's nice to know. I moved St. Francis. Instead of putting windows on the front and back of the house, we decided to do the front and put up a privacy fence and fence in the rest of the area around the sunroom and have my birds a safe haven away from Psycho boy.
It's a shame that anyone can just feel free to shoot birds at random.
I love the birds and my critters :( all of them dwindling.

Mourning my mourning Dove

I am so sad and so mad all in the same breath. We have yet ANOTHER psycho as a neighbor. I hate living here, I HATE IT. I hate the psycho boy next door. He sits and waits as my birds out front eat and then shoots and kills them :(
So far we have found 5 birds. This morning out front was one of my 2 mourning Doves. The 2 were always together :( he was shot right in his head right in front of the St. Francis feeder. They were used to me, they wouldn't run and using that trust, he killed the bird. :(
I hear the other one out front up in the tree, hooting or whatever it is they do. Over and over again. I am sooooooooooo sad :( so very very sad.
Kyle went over to talk to his parents and they didn't answer. We had to go register juan for school and came home and the bird was gone. The boys said he has an old wooden fence, that he kills animals on then nails them to this old fence and watches the maggots come and eat them and likes to torcher them after they are dead. I went in our yard and looked and plain as day is this fence with what appears to be a snake on it. Just like the boys said.
Future serial killer???????? Probably. They poisoned all but 1 chipmunk. Just one. I put St. Francis up. Looks like my joy of feeding the birds is now done. Another pscyho neighbor, this time, one with a gun. They have a full house of guns.
I won't allow the girls to go out back anymore alone. Stray freaking bbs and airgun pellets, not to mention, if hes torchering animals, the next step up would either be a bigger animal or a child. Im too scared of stuff like that. So in 3 years, again we will move. I don't want to live where I am not comfortable. Instead of doing the whole houses windows this year, I am going to do the front, take the money for the back and put up a privacy fence as high as i can. He gets in one of the trees in the yard and climbs up to kill the baby birds in nests, so he can still climb the tree to look into our yard, but the fence will at least keep us safe from his ground bbs.
What a psycho. What a cruel, cruel psycho boy.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

It's Sunday

ACK another migraine cycle. I am sooooooooo sick of freaking headaches it's unreal. I hope that they just don't progressively keep getting worse
Today we went swimming at moms, heres a couple pics

Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Mall

I rarely go to the mall. Anxiety used to get the best of me, but now it's because there's so much stuff at the mall to buy!!!!!! Brou HA HA!
Today, the kids all had money and wanted to spend it. I looked for a dollar store to no avail. I remembered, there is one Inside Jefferson Mall. So off we go inside and I have all the kids < @@ > big eye roll because they were awful there. Especially Madison today. Shooooooo Wild is her word of the day.
After Madison was chasing after something in Claires and knocked over a huge soda all over the carpet, I take them all out in the mall and wait for Juan who generously bought him and his brother a necklace (he got a job mowing lawns)
This lady fast approaches me and said "come here for just a minute"
I walk over and she starts trying to sell me these Dead Sea Mineral nail kits and is going on about the nails natural oils and stuff. "blah blah blah" is all I hear because really, I hate sales people and you will see why..........
She takes my hand and takes this Magic white buffer off the display. She tells me to use the black side first and she starts doing my nail. I had a headache and it actually felt good. I started listening a lil more and then came the blue side Ahhhhhhhhhhhh it felt good and then she hit the silk side. I was getting cold chills feeling the silk slide across my fingers, heavennnn.
She gets finished and has my nail covered and says "You promise when I take this off, you won't scream or jump up and down"
I answer "Yes" and am thinking to myself, is she freaking serious, Like I am really going to jump up and down over a nail rub in the mall.
LOLLLLLL She takes it off and I loudly said "WOWWWWWWWWWWWW" I really did want to jump up and down LOL my nail was sooooooooooooooooo freaking shiny and bright and the other ones were so dull, so she did more and I was soooo excited, it was so cool.
She told me it was 69 bucks for a big kit, with the dead sea oils, lotions and such and the magic buffer. Then she told me half off, she'd sell it to me for 30. I was like nooooooooooo I'm sorry I just don't have 30 extra dollars. Juan then hands me his left over 5 bucks, (ooooooooooooo Wanting to really jump up and down) and I tell him that's sweet, but that's still high. She then gave it to me for 25.00 if I take the receipt with her name on it and give it to someone to promote the product. So Juan pays for 5 I paid the 20 and I HAVEEEEEE THE BUFFER!!!!!!!!! Mom, I'll come excite you this weekend!!!!!!
ACKKKKKKKKKKKKK I'm so gullible!!!! But I'll be gullible and have shiny nails!
Okay I am off, Junie B Jones and the smelly stupid bus is patiently waiting in Savannahs hands for me to read :o)
Have a great day all, I will with my shiny fingers, my magic buffer and my dead sea Oils and lotions :P

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Every Morning

At 6 am I am laying in bed and the same song comes on. "You can't over love your underwear" Same channel every morning. It gets stuck in my head and then I am stuck singing it all day long. Sigh.
Its almost 10 and I am beat. Savannah has had a rash behind her ear for about 4 weeks now. I have been self treating it with stuff I have had around here. Sunday we went to six flags and she was sooooooooooo cranky all day cranky. The next day she woke up and her ear was gross, puss was running out, it was crusty, she felt a lil feverish. I got her an appt for Tuesday at the Dr. She had a staph infection and a yeast infection.... Sooooooo Meds meds meds. Dr visits are so stinking high and co pays for meds are high. But the main thing is her ear is getting better. They put her on an oral of Omnicef, not real familiar with it, but, its potent. Then a mixture of creams added to the array of medicine. Zinc Oxide, Nystatin, and Hydrocortisone. I tell you what, that cream dried it up so quickly like nothing i have ever seen!!
For 2 weeks, I wake up, scrub her hair and her ear really good in the tub, French braid it very very tight so the hair stays off her ears and then put medicine on her ears. Repeat these same steps at night before she goes to bed. The whole process from start to finish takes about an hour and shes crying the whole time. Today it wasn't too bad cause it didn't hurt as much but Im worn out. Hopefully it will be gone super quick and no one else will get it.
Happy Wednesday all!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Going to bombard you with pics so be prepared LOL

We spent the whole entire day Sunday at Six Flags and had a great time. Here are a ton of pics!!
This bucket I loved, so did Bubbie, heres the first pic everyone covering their eyes cause the bucket is dropping
me first
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh LOL
Close up of them under there LOL looks refreshing
Its over LOL here are some more pics (told you I was going to bombard ya)
Above is banana on the pirate ship
Hubby hub is in the green above below he's upside down 2nd row back LOL
Different coaster hubby is in the green, holding onto his keys cause he forgot to leave them with me
Kyle going downhill
Kyle upside down again
How beautiful the sky was yesterday
A yellow jacket enjoying the pretty day!
The ride above scared the crap out of Anthony, he didn't ride anything else the rest of the day
The Wave Pool!!!!!!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hey all

been a little while since I have actually made a post post. Not much going on. same stuff different day I suppose. Its Thursday, all week of babysitting has worn me straight out.
I have the dizzys today. I dunno whats up. My nose is stopped up too. :o( Summer time cold or rag weed coming on in. Ragweed season for me, is the worst allergy all year. I usually get pinkeye, the boys are highly allergic, kyles allergic. It's rapidly approaching.
I can't get over how fast summer is coming to a close. I'm sad over it this year. I hate it getting dark at 5 and the cold.
Fall is okay I suppose, but winter just sucks. Plain and simple.
Still having bouts of depression. lonely, lonely and Lonely
Savannah occupies any free time we have lately. She has been in a whinney phase. Kyle walks in the door and she changes. S he cries and cries and cries for hours on end and then by the time she has a bath and ready for bed, we try to get her to sleep in her bed. Nope. She prefers ours and kicks us all night long. We try to move her she screams. I miss my big bed. Opie takes up the whole bottom, savannah the whole middle. I am on the very edge. She sure has a nice room, i have tried everything to get her to sleep in there. SHe just won't.
Wahh!! i like her room, maybe Ill start sleeping up there LOL
Wait Juan sleeps in there LOL
Oh well, ill find a kid free/dog free place somewhere
Have a great weekend all

Monday, July 17, 2006

Savannahs Prayer


Since attending Bible school, Savannah has talked about God alot. Today, she wanted to say prayers. We were sitting down to dinner and I said my prayer. I said "Dear God, thank you for this food, Amen"

She said "It's my turn to say prayers now"
I told her to go ahead, her prayer is below :*) she melts my heart

She closed her little eyes and bowed her little head and said...

"Dear God
Thank you for this food
I want to come and visit you, but I want to go to Disneyworld first.
So maybe after I meet Mickey Mouse, then I can come to your house.
That is, if it's not too far away.
Eight men"

That for sure was a video camera moment.

So precious!!!!


Have a wonderful day!

Friday, July 14, 2006

It's Friday

I have been in bed almost the whole day. I never ever do that.
I need the sleep though, I gotta get up early tomorrow for a Jaime-James photo shoot dealio :o) I can't wait!

I just keep thinking all these steps are one step closer to starting my business next year. I need a couple more families for portfolios, so any families in Louisville, want a free photo shoot, gotta buy your own prints, but the shoot is free let me know!!!

I wish i could take pics of my own family! In august I am doing Loiss family and Melodys family so thats a plus!!! YAY!

I'll be sure to share the photos I take tomorrow on my photo blogger. I think it will be later in the day though because I am going swimming at my mommas tomorrow. Get out and get some fresh air and sunshine. Me N Kyle need a break from remodeling this house. Badly. So hubby hub and I will be gone tomorrow!!

Have a great Happy Friday to all and to all a good evening!

Monday, July 10, 2006

This is so funny!

I am still LOLing over it 2 days later LOL
what a goofball
Host makes a fool of himself

Fourth of July is over

and I need new wallpaper for my puter
help me decide

Steve Gonsalves, the Ghost Hunter Hottie, swooooooon
Josh Holloway the Lost Hottie, Swooooooooon
Zach Braff the Scrubs Hottie

So many decisions so little time.
Steve needs more pics, he only has a few so my wallpapers of him are small
Josh oh man, theres pics of him all over.
Zach has a ton of pics too

Or i could just put the next best thing
Dove chocolates :P

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Wild hairs

every once in a while i get a wild hair. This weekend was to change Savannahs room to ladybugs and paint a mural on her wall. The mural looks okay, but I couldn't get a good pic of it, it looks shaky or funky or something. Here is a pic below and the writing is the ladybug Ladybug, fly away home nursery rhyme. I still have to get the curtains put up, finish taking down all the princess stuff and do a few other things, but you can get the general idea
Vannahs room
vannahs room1

Friday, July 07, 2006

I'm home again home again Jiggety Jig

I missed my home and especially missed my bed. I can't wait to crawl in it and curl up and snoooooooooooooooze!

We are painting yet again. Ill be sure to update as soon as we get it finished!!!!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday

I am migrainey this week @@
fun fun

Monday, July 03, 2006

Stayin at my mommas

My mom is on vacation and we are staying at her house. As much as i like my mommas, im home sick. Especially for my bed. we just have grown accustomed to a king sized mattress and moms bed is very very small. I also miss the freezing cold of my house. We are having alot of trouble adjusting.
I went to bed last night at 2 am, i just couldnt sleep, it was hot, opie was crowding me and kyle was snoring. I had to get up at 7 to babysit my cousins baby for today and I was beat.
He wasn't used to us here, so he cried and fussed quite a bit, unless we held him. So i am worn out.
I need to clean up from supper and everything but I just can't. I physically can't move. Im beat.
Kyle got me that brain age game and I play that ALLLLLL the time and play Sodouku ?? on the spelling, but i love it. My brain age is 40 and optimal is 20. I got 20 years to shave off.
Well i guess Im gonna run, have a great 4th of July!