Monday, April 30, 2007

Happy Monday!!

Hope everyone is well!! Everything going good here! coming out of my winter funk! ready for summer!!!!
Spent the weekend pretty much with mom! we had a swell time!
Savannah had dress rehearsal Saturday. She did sooooooooo well!
I didn't remember my camera. Long story. I can't believe that I forgot.
Kicking my own self in the rear!!
I'm ready for Derby!!!!!
The weather here is crazy. One day hot, next day cold.
I want it to stay warm. I wanted to get out and take pics of all the spring flowers, but Mother nature had other plans and she decided to kill all the blooms on almost everything!
I'm ready for LOST. Im loving it again!!
Ghost Hunters, Im ready for them too!!!!
It's been so long since i have blogged, I do believe I have forgotten how.
I don't know what else to say!
Have a happy monday!!!
xo xo

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dianna's day at the airshow

Should be a book LOL
Saturday we went to Thunder over Louisville and the air show.
Let's just say, my name will NOT be on next years guest list.
I did not like it, sam I am, i do not like F 16s and Ham (burgers)
I got all comfy down at the river. Prime seats.
La La La life is good
Til a stinking airplane flew over so loud, it vibrated my whole body and I tried like hell not to run like a scared lil cat back to the parking lot LOL
Hindsight, it was really funny thinking back how scared I was.
Me n my mommy dearest decided to take a walk. We went in the nice cool shade of a blue metal warehouse.
We didn't see the plane and it fired it's burners right over our heads. I freaking freaked, she freaking freaked. Scared the living crap out of me.
I went down to the river after the planes and all that was keeping us back from the river was a pice of orange plastic netting. If you hit it, u fall down a nice slope into the river.
Soooooo I sat in a chair and kyle told me it was his dads seat and I didn't want to stand that close to that river and there wasn't anyplace to sit without being in someones way.
Soooooooooooo I walk back in the bad hood by myself to the parking lot to sit with my mom. I am still scared to death at this point.
I get up to the spot where we were parked and EEEEEEEEEEEK my moms truck was GONE GONE GONE Whoa whoa whoa. I got iny wee little van and cried my wee little eyes out. Then the fireworks started and I got my scared self out and walked to the corner and watched. Then towards the end I spotted my mom and I Felt instant relief.
I 100% did not enjoy it at all.
I think if I didn't have anxiety attacks I would not have enjoyed it either.
I don't like loud noise.
I like simple. I like quiet. I like peace.
Too bad I get none of that on a daily basis. But it's what I like.
not much else going on. Just hanging out doing what I do. Waiting to take some pics.
Have a wonderful week and I will try to update more.
xo xo

Friday, April 13, 2007

Hey, I'm still here

I've been getting a flurry of emails about where I have been.
I'm here. Just haven't felt much like computing. Secretly I have been in Toon Town Central. A game me and my mother are sadly addicted too. You play with people around the world and it's just a fun fun game.
Went for my Osteoporosis follow up today. I have to take 400 mg of Calcium, 3 times a day along with Vitamin D along with my iron and then he gave me a stand by prescription of Fossomax once a week. My aunt told me some bad stuff about that, so I may just start with the calcium and then see from there.
I'm tired. Absolutely Tired.
The UPS job thing. They didn't read his application, just the resume'. He was on the last part of the interview, he told him his sister worked there.
Said Nope, big nepotism policy there. So no no no on the job. Wouldve saved alot of time n excitement had they read the application first.
Oh well. Such is life.
Savannah is being set up to be tested for Celiacs. Oh what fun.
The disease literally Sucks.
We are having a small party tom. for Savannahs birthday. Her birthday was Easter Sunday. I just don't feel like having a big shin dig this year.
So just a wee lil party.
She is 5. Kind of bittersweet.
So grown up.
Off to clean for company if I can muster up the slightest bit of strength.
Happy Friday.