Thursday, November 23, 2006

Friday, November 17, 2006

Outsmarting a 4 year old and winning!

My daughter is a Diva, plain and simple. She changes clothes at least 6 times a day.
As I typed earlier I have been extremely sick for awhile now and this week pretty badly.
Today I got some energy and the hacking coughing fits are few and far between. So I decided to clean. Our whole futon couch in the laundry room was covered with clean laundry. 98% of that was Savannahs. Most she hadn't worn 5 min.
So I took 3 hrs, yes it took me 3 hrs. To put all the laundry away.
5 min later savannah was in a clean dress. An hour later, that one was in the dirty laundry another one on. Just now she came out back with yet another dress on.
I was sooooooooooo mad because I am so tired of trying to keep up the house. She has been told a million times to stay out of her clothes.
Well.............She told me she wouldn't and I said Okay. So I found an Old cloth belt and I tied both closet doors together. She can't get in it and the more she pulls the door the tighter the belt gets.
She stormed in her 4 size too big granny boots and smirked at me, you can't tie the dresser shut. I smirked right back "No but I can put your dresser in your closet and then tie it shut"
She went and locked herself in the bathroom
Mommy 1 Savannah 0
Juan got a phone call home today, so his slumber party is cancelled. He can have his regular cake and Icecream party, but I have to stick to my word and cancell the sleep over.
He got a 2 day ISS for horseplay.
The lady was really smirky. He thinks it's funny she said. @@ Duh he was playing with his friend.
I hate having to stick to my word, but if I don't discipline will never work.
On a funny note
Savannah just laid her head on my lap and gave me her batty eyes "Mommy I'm really sorry" I said aw thanks you are so sweet.
She then says
"so that means you're untying my closet"
"Not a chance vannah"
Happy Weekend

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Been along time, been along time

been a long lonely lonely lonely lonely time LOL
I have been addicted to Toontown
My lovely friend Lois got me hooked. I don't play 24 hrs a day or anything, but i play an hour here and an hour there!
It passes the day away i suppose.
Long boring winter. Passing the days til i put my leg lamp up.
1 more week and I should be getting my 3 mos migraine. I am dreading it. I have been drinking extra calcium and that does tone them down a little. I just want them to go away. Permanently
Hmm what else going on. Nothing at all .
Hope everyone is well. Ill be back to visiting blogs soon
Shooooooo bird boy was outside today trying to kill a chipmunk with a golf club. He was missing of course cause chipmunks are super fast, but it was comic relief out there trying to whack them like golf balls.
Crazy bird boy. :P
If I hear him holler Fore, Ill be sure to look for flying carcasses!

Friday, November 03, 2006

A new addition to our family!

Since we are huge LOST fans and since she is an austrailian shepherd female
Meet Claire
Claire 1
Claire 2
Claire 3
She is sooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet :) we got her off Freecycle!!!!! We love love love her!
This morning early we took her to the vets. Those of you who live in Louisville and have heard of the Fuchs, know there is a 3 or more hour wait there. At 7 am there is NO WAIT! we went right back and were home around 8:30. Thats drive time cause they are so far away. She got all her shots updated, she got de wormed and got tested for heart worms and got some heart worm meds! Shes in perfect health and we love her!! She is completely house broken, loves the kids. She is sweet as can be. Opie loves her too. He sniffed her when we got back and was like "Shoo i know that smell, better you than me" LOL He goes in 2 weeks, but don't tell him that.
They pulled his charts when we were there and in big letters "OPIE CAREFUL" then highlighted. Hes not fond of the vets!
Happy Friday!