Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Magical Mystical Super ball

So this morning, Kyle is looking for his shoes and socks and what nots. He's looking next to the bed. He feels under the covers and feels something squishy. "Ooooh a superball" he thinks and pulls it out and begins to squish it and play with it.
Upon further inspection he learns its a piece of Opie Poop. LOLLLLLLL
Sometimes in Opies sleep, he drops a kibble of poop. We thought he was having seizures at first, but not sure what causes it. Either way, last night he kibbled and this morning Kyle played with it LOL a superballlllllll . Kyle plays with pooooo poooooooo

Okay, the piece of poo must be good luck because Thursday Kyle goes to UPS to take a test. If he passes the first he gets a second test, if he passes the second he gets an interview. This could be a God send for us, so keep your fingers and toes crossed and say lots of prayers.

Still LOLing on the lucky pooo

Happy Tuesday, American Idol night! Hoping its as good as last week minus sanjaya UGH

Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday Blues

Today has been awful. Just plain awful. Opie tore his ACL or dislocated his kneecap. Either way, his leg is messed up. We cancelled his xray appt this morning cause he was doing so much better. Wouldn't you know it, the minute Arianna got here, he reinjured it.
Two dead baby pond fish this morning. The filter sucked them up.
I was coughing, something flew down my throat. It was my temporary crown.
Breaking point.
I got an appt at the dentist and these people who were so nice. Weren't nice today.
The dentist, I can tell she doesn't like me.
Today she had me bawling.
I was laying back in the chair and I see green flecks of stuff flying in front of my face. I just ask not being a chicken or hypo, just curious, what it was.
She goes on to say in an irritated tone "Dianna, it's dental stuff, let me do my job" Tears well up in my eyes, I've had enough. I was afraid to ask anything else or move at that point. Then she put this horrible stuff in my mouth, I couldnt breathe out my nose and it was making me gag and I hurriedly spit in that napkin she put around my neck. She gets this disgusted look on her face and says "Don't do that, its disgusting" Im freaking sorry, its either that or I puke on you.
Then she took my new crown and Jabbed so hard up in my tooth i felt sharp pains and saw stars. No wonder I have a fear of dentists.
I keep telling myself I did nothing wrong.
Today is wrong. All wrong.
I have cried all afternoon. Im tired.
Kick me Im officially down. Waving my white flag.
All free to kick. Line up.
When it rains it pours.
No truer words spoken.
Happy Monday

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Been awhile

Been busy. Savannah has dance pics this afternoon. I did her hair and a wee lil bit of make up on her. She doesnt have her costume on, they put them on there, but here are some pics before she left this afternoon
sav dance 2
sav dance

Thursday, March 15, 2007

a few updates

I decided not to leave the house today.
Better that way
Opie is doing better. The vet said he has a tiny tear in his ACL and to keep him on bedrest n drugs. So bedrest and drugs it is.
Mom took all the boys down to Lexington for the BBgame the NCAA thingie. We keep seeing them on TV when they do freethrows.
Savannah hollers, "I see the braces"
LOL too funny
They all look happy as larks!
They are going Saturday too if Louisville Wins
Happy Thursday
PS AI was boring as heck. Sigh sigh sigh.
LOST Is getting good. I still speculate there is a good twin bad twin. That defective remark and then seeing jack playing football. Or was it Jack????? Shoooooooo
Again Happy Thursday.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

When it rains it pours

I swear, I'm at my breaking point.
Today has been awful.
The dentist costed 100 more than it should've for Savannah
My puppy dog Opie, just fell on the kitchen floor and hurt his leg. kyle just rushed him to the vet.
Kyle and I are spatting back and forth cause too much crap is coming all at once.
Pray for my puppy. Ollie hurt his leg and had to be put to sleep, so of course all thats running through my head is that something bad will come of this. I love my dogs. Especially My opie.
So pray for him.
Ill update when they get home :( pray pray pray

American Idol

Usually every single year I look forward to American Idol. I live for it, I love it.
This year UGH, I found myself last night hoping it would be over soon, it just kept dragging on.
It was so insanely boring. There's only 2 good people on there.
This years cast is awful except for Lakisha and Blake.
I think Melinda is good, but acts to fake. She overacts which makes it noticeable.
The rest of them are bad.
Bad job picking the cast this year AI
theres No Taylor, No Chris, No Carrie, No Kelly Pickler.
Just a bunch of boring people with no personality or overactors who can't carry a tune in a bucket.
Blake is the only one who even tries to add something to the show and On DialIdol.com looks like he could go home and that Sanjaya, who i guess Im going to start referring to, he he should not be named, is top 3. I can't understand this.
He can't sing at all.
Maybe these people will get better.
Bad year. First ever. Bet all the other TV stations are loving it.

Monday, March 12, 2007

A lil Update

Back home. Phew.
When she popped my temporary crown off, it was the most pleasure I have ever felt in my teeth in my life.
I can't explain the relief.
There was a piece of Dental Cement lodged between my 2 teeth and the crown forced it up into the gum. The crown needed to be adjusted because it was pushed too high in my gums.
I am still sore, but nothing like it was.
I can't explain to you the relief I felt when she popped that off.
Thanks everyone for the prayers.
Thank you to God.

Trying so hard

Not to whine and cry. Ugh for the past 2 hrs, I just keep crying and crying, my tooth hurts so badddddddddd.
I coudlnt fall asleep til after 1 cause it hurt, then I Had to be up early to get juan downtown for his heart tests. That took over 3 hrs
I got a parking ticket.
My dentist appt is at 2 and I dont want to go.
Im so sick of this tooth, i want them to just pull it out. Just yank it.
My mouth is sore, i have a headache from chewing on one side and my gum hurts.
I pulled part of the string out, but it feels like theres more.
Im so angry.
Im trying so hard to change my attitude, but it's so hard to push through when crap keeps happening.
My tooth didn't hurt this bad when I broke it.
Its constant now.
anyways keep me in your prayers.
Keep my gums in your prayers where that crown is hurts so bad.
It almost feels like its too big and just digging into my gum more and more.
Happy Whatever day it is. Monday I guess.
Oh and juans tests the results won't be back for awhile. You know how that goes.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Dental woe woe woesssss

So my tooth still hurt. I couldnt understand why when there were no nerves left in the tooth. I read Jeanettes blog about her tooth having a heartbeat and was like Okay thats what mine feels like. Maybe its normal.
Every time I bit on that tooth I felt super sharp stabbing pains that about knocked me over. So I was avoiding the tooth. Yesterday, my gum started swelling and was super hurting. I bit down on a french fry last night and a real sharp pain got me all the way up the front of my face. I ran downstairs and just cried and cried.
My gums still were swelling up.
Okay so at midnight I wake up throbbing and stick my tongue back there and feel something. I told kyle when i bite down its like my crown moves up and pokes my gums and they are super sore still from the cording.
Fast fwd I brush my teeth and then pull a piece of cord out from under my gum.
They forgot to take it off.
So the instant I broke that tension and pulled that piece out from my gum, almost instant relief. Shooooooooooo I still have some back there.
I called her and she said in her 28 years of dentistry thats only happened twice.
Shes out of town and if its not bothering me much Ill go in monday and they will finish taking it off.
OMG that hurt sooooooooooooooooooo bad its unreal. Im just glad I figured it out and was able to get that swelling to go down, it couldve gotten infected.
So Monday off to the dentist again
Aye yae yae
Happy Saturday

Friday, March 09, 2007

Zoo day

Went to the zoo today with the kids since they were out of school. I posted a few pics on my photo blog. Link on the right if you wanna look.
Happy Friday
Have a great weekend all!!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Home from the dentist

Again. Man, I don't know which appt was worse to be honest. I was doing fine until they had to cord my tooth. All i can say, is they take stringy wirey stuff wrap it around your tooth and shove it up into your gums until it magically disappears I guess. That felt like nothing I had ever felt. Mannnnnnn oh mannnnnn super painful. Anyways, Im done I have the temporary crown, its gold none the less.
Woo wee on that one. I look super funky and hip LOL
I didn't need as much carbocaine. I am very worn out emotionally. Im tired and Im still worried. Worrying if Ill get an infection or something. @@
Thats part of anxiety disorder. I know some people get heart infections after dental work. Ive never been told to take antibiotics, but naturally I worry. My mind would be bored without worry.
I started reading a new book. Its called battlefield of the mind by joyce meyer. It helps you to change your thoughts. It's extremely hard to change your thoughts.
I try and I try. I guess my thoughts didnt get bad overnight, so they aren't going to magically get better overnight. All I can do is pray and try.
I have spent so much of my life worrying and alot of it has been for nothing.
Okay happy Thursday. Pray I get no infections.
Gold tooth- Hip Cording wire- BADDDDD

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Outside, Dentist and one healed Claire Bear

Savannah got her school check up and cleaning. Im going to scrapbook it all, so yes I took pics LOL, my baby starts school soon :(

The bat dog is healed up I do believed. She was running wild today

Anyone? Anyone?

Can anyone tell me why, why in the freaking heck, does every weekend have to rain? seriously, it has been cloudy, rainy or freezing for the past 2 mos.. I was just wishing and hoping that this weekend would be sunny, so I could go to the zoo, or get out of the house.
UGH I just checked and rain. I'm so sick of rain I could scream. I want blue sky and sunshine. I have been itching to go to the zoo or to the park, but we can't cause every weekend is bad. Tomorrow is going to be nice of course, but I will be at the dentist all day. Rain rain go away. We've had way to much.
Savannah has her dentist appt at 2. She is getting her school check up. WAHH
Okay Happy Ummmm Wednesday. Keep the rain away all weekend.

Monday, March 05, 2007

I want some boring

I'm tired and I want some boringness.
Anthony was at an all day chess match saturday, comes home, goes directly to bed. The next day is sicker than a dog, fever, achey and feels like he's going to pass out.
Took him to the dr today, he has the flu. UGH.
I dont feel to good myself as the day goes on. Im worn out.
Just really worn out.
I want a boring week, with no sickness, No root canals, no sick kids.
I just want boring.
I read my cousins blog, its to the right, My cousin Jeanette and she couldn't of described any better the process of the dentist. I read hers and was a perfect account of how my trip went!
Im glad I am not alone in my hatred for dentists.
Hopefully Thursday goes better. I know what to expect. I know to prepare for a day just to be out of it.
My mom and step dad came over for dinner. My doggie Claire, for some reason, isn't to keen on my mom. Everytime she sees her, my mom scares the pee out of her. Literally. She only pees when she sees my mom. Yesterday, she rolled over when my mom tried to pet her and up in the air like a geiser she peed all over herself.
Momma be nice to my puppy LOL
Have a great Monday, hope the sick germs leave everyone soon

Saturday, March 03, 2007


Happy Saturday!!
Well, my mouth is feeling alot better, Thursday night was really rough. There is no gluten free Tylenol anymore. Sooooooo I had to ride out the pain. It wasn't the tooth, it was the part I got all the shots in. It was bruised up there also. Still hurts some. It will take me til thursday to recover before I go back.
Yesterday my wonderful Mom took me out to get my hair done. I got it highlighted then funky red streaks put all through it and got it cut! It looks so good and its amazing what just getting a new look does for you.
Then I went to her house and got my cleaning done early. This morning kyle took the girls to dance class and I went to Sues to clean for the day.
My dad is here hanging a door to our basement YAY!!!!!!!!!!! no more kids in basement and no more gate!!!
I have a headache, but YAYYYY everything is going okay.
I want to take some pics of stuff.
Happy Saturday All

Thursday, March 01, 2007

I'm home

UGH UGH and UGH! You know I heard stories from people Good root canals, bad root canals. Etc. Etc. Etc. For me it was HORRIBLE
I got over the shot fear real quick, since I got 3 and then she didn't think that was enough so I got 3 more. I have a small mouth, so she had trouble reaching all the way in the back.
Holding my mouth open for that long with severe TMJ
Hating not being able to breath or swallow feeling and being so numb up to my dern eye sockets I couldn't feel anything. I freaked out, but they never knew cause I was really quiet and really still. I figured if I was a bad patient it would take longer.
They tried the massage chair, which made my rear feel like it had carbocaine.
Im dizzy from laying there so long, Im panicky as hell still cause i can't feel anything.
Im just scared still. I don't know how long that stuff stays in your system for. It can leave anytime now and I'd be happy.
So since my mouth is so small they got 2 canals 100% drilled. 1 canal 90% drilled. Then they put bleachy crap all in my mouth. It was grody.
After that I go to the desk and they tell me my next appt will be 2 hrs. They have to take all the filling out, redrill the one thats not finished. Resterilze the environment. Put gutta percha up in the holes, then shape the tooth for the crown. Then another appt that will take an hour.
I swear.
I didn't like it, not one bit. Im glad this week is done. I Need a week or more to recover from that crap.
Happy Thursday all
PS on a plus note, i have to endure severe thunderstorms tonight. Oh joy and rapture.

Im off

I'm scared to death. I'm ready to get this now 4 days of crying overwith.
After the relief of the Root canal, I get to come home to Tornado Thunderstorms. My other fear.
Throw some spiders on me and it just might do me in.
Happy Thursday