Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Sorry for the meltdown

earlier LOL I just love my dog. Hes home, his nail was split but they aren't gonna do anything about it, Thank God!! So pray he gets better my lil love bug and thanks for listening to all my whines today :) I Needed some cheese with them!

Cryin Cryin Cryin

my lil puppy dog is back at the vet, i noticed his nail was split and they wanted to see him. I couldn't take him cause i am too nervous so kyle had to take him. We had a dog for awhile Gracie, my mom got her when my son was almost 1. So my son and her kinda grew up together. I loved Gracie. Well, she got older and started going into heat all the time. My mom went out of town and boarded Grace and scheduled her to be spayed. I called the morning after she had been spayed. They were supposed to of done it, that morning so they could keep an eye on her. They didn't. They did it before they went home, then left Gracie. Back to calling. I called and they left me on hold for what seemed to be forever. They come back and I said "look is my dog alive" I wasn't prepared for that answer. She said "well for right now she is" who says that????????? I went and sat on the porch after calling my mom. I felt a breath of air blow across my face and felt something in my heart. The phone rang and I didn't even want to talk. I knew the answer. Gracie had died. She bled to death all night long. By herself. I lived a couple blocks away, if they wouldve told me when she was first dying i couldve gone up there to be with her. Letting her know we didn't send her off to be killed :( Come to find out, Gracie wasn't the first dog that vet had killed. She had made mistakes in others spays and the dogs had died. She was fired a couple of weeks after Gracies death. A couple of weeks too late. I am so scared right now i feel like i can't breathe. They have to sedate opie if his toenail is bad. I know it seems harmless enough but as always with our luck, nothing goes easy and usually nothing goes right. Kyle and I often talk about how easy others have it and how things just go so hard for us. Maybe its to make us appreciate things more. I dunno, but all i know is i feel sick and I can't even imagine my life without my opie. Hes my best friend in the whole world. Anytime i fully love something, fully depend on the person in some way emotionally, they leave. My Grandmas both died. My dog poopie disappeared, My dog Ollie died, Gracie died, brett died everyone just dies. I envy the people who haven't known anyone who has died. Its not fun. So with my bad luck, i worry, over a toe nail. Stuff sucks. I just want things easy. I don't think that will ever happen. Easy. I think I am afraid Kyle will die too, thats why i don't emotionally get attached to him. It would hurt too bad when he left. I am tired of hurt and am afraid of becoming hard. Either way I will sit here and cry and pray for the next few hours til my baby is home looking out the window barking. So please pray for him :(

Took My baby to the vet

Well my lil puppy doggie couldn't bend over to get to his food, so we took him to the vet. These vets are the best in Louisville, its a family and they are Wonderful and they are cheap and with that comes CROWDED! There was a 2 hr wait just to be seen. We met a man who had driven up from owensborough, said he wont take his dogs anywhere else and one from meade county. it was fun talking to everyone and seeing all the dogs but ugh the wait. About an hour into the wait, i am thinking, how in the hell am i going to do this. Kids were being wild, dogs everywhere, and I am panicky as hell. I start to consider leaving at this point but thought if it was my kids i wouldnt leave. So i stayed and just when i got really discouraged and worried, I look up and in comes Kyle. Total suprise. He doesn't take off work for anything and in he came cause he said he knew Id be having a hard time. I was in complete and total shock. That was soooooooooooooo nice I couldnt believe he did that. It was a wonderful suprise. Wonderful. As for Opie, well they don't really know whats wrong with him. Maybe a pinched nerve in his neck, they just don't know. So they gave him 2 shots cortisone and um a pain medicine. Gave him pills to take etc and the whole visit 39 dollars. I mean that is AWESOME!! I hope he gets better soon. He is just laying there like hes in deep space 9 or something. Hes outta there. Not sleeping but not moving. ill snap a pic of him and it will be at the bottom. He just looked at me like "witch, why you takin my picture" lol he can't jump or anything and our bed is super high off the ground. So i am gonna see if kyle will pull the mattress off the bed and bring it in the living room so he can still sleep with us. I dunno what else to do. Okay heres my lovey


Could it be that Monday is really over????????????? Well, it was one of those nights. My head pounded all night long. I worried about the dog all night long. This morning he woke up and wouldnt get off the bed cause of his foot. Picture my butt picking up 100lb dog to get him off a bed that sits way high up. We have a pillow top mattress and for some reason they sit VERYYYYYYYYYYY high up. Poor lil lovie. I don't get paid til tomorrow, so we have to wait to take him to the vets. He did just get up and bark YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY :) I think i am not leaving my house today. I need to finish cleaning. I may. Or I may not. I may just sit on my rear playing scrabble all day!! Me N my Internet mommy friend play scrabble ALOT! she has came here to visit me a couple times and we played REAL scrabble with a REAL board :) MELZIEEEEEEEEE come back soon. Actually its my turn to come to see you!! Can i have your new extra room LOL :) We play at Games.com Its fun there but since they changed it you get crappy letters more often. Dang Q i exchanged it and in the same exchange i got it back! Scrabble the game for champions LOL Okay not much else has happened since last night, i will have to tell you though. I laughed soooooooooooooooooooooo freaking hard yesterday. You know those cut off shirts that people used to make in the 80s the men used to wear them and the women used to like tie them up to have a boob hanging on each side of the knot. Well, Oh lordy, i was making dust rags and as a joke had My son Juan wear one LMAO Ohhhhh the flashbacks that brought, so then tee hee I have kyle put one on. Well lets just say it didn't cover his man boobs and I laughed so hard I had tears coming out of my eyes and couldn't catch my breath. Nothing like laughing at the expense of others. Shame on me LOL all he lacked was a box of marlboro rolled up in the sleeves!!
Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, May 30, 2005

Pound Pound Pound

goes the head at 9:10 :( Gonna be one of those nights, I can already tell. Headaches like this keep me up all night long usually. I wish for just one day where something doesn't hurt. Just one. :(
Headaches are the worst though. Especially migraines.
My doggie is acting very funny. He was all limping and then using his foot again then limping and he keeps looking at me with his ears pulled back. We had chimmy changas i hope he didn't eat a toothpick of something. Hes just not acting normal. Kyle said hes acting fine, but i am around him 24 hrs a day almost, i know when hes right and not right and somethings off about him. I guess all i can do is watch him since he doesnt talk.
Kyle and I watched Finding Neverland again tonight, I blubbered like an idiot yet again. Its just so sad. So very sad. I hate when people die. Its so final. I hate when things are that final and blah thats all i can say blah.
Well kyle now agrees something is weird i gotta go and figure out whats wrong.

Monday, Monday

na na na na na na na! Well, not much going on today. Kyles all somber he wont say why but i know its because we didn't go to his aunts cook out in Nashville. That is way outside my comfort zone, i have to take care of eddie, i ran all weekend and i just wanted to stay home. I feel bad, i really really do feel bad about it. But every weekend all weekend, we run and go go go, never home. I am tired as hell. i told him he couldve gone, but he didnt want to without me. Sigh. i am doing my best not to feel guilty. I also have a migraine today. :( I dunno whats with that. I have had a few this week. Maybe its the same one just coming and going. Kyles gonna make some chimmy changas again today, the meat has been cooking all day and my house smells sooooooooooooo good. YAY :) I gotta go take care of ed and clean his house then i am in for the rest of the night to just relax. Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Ahhhhhhh Sunday!!!! But then again NOOOOOOOOOOOO sunday, tomorrow is monday. I took a nap yesterday and finally got over my whining. This morning i slept til 9 AHHHHHHHHH My friend Angel sent me an email last night someone in a truck threw a pit bull mix dog just like rooney off the truck. SHe doesnt live too far from me, I wonder what the hell is going on with that. The truck man needs to be horse whipped. Ohhhhh Leg pain update, its STILL GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but my hip still hurts. Damn the bad luck. Today is super busy busy. I gotta go clean aunt sues as soon as i eat. then i gotta go clean moms and then we are staying for ribs and the kids are going to go swimming. Tomorrow we have to clean our stinking house. I want it scrubbed thouroughly. But what happens on monday is I am so wiped out that i can't get it all done cause i am so tired from the weekend. Well i guess i gotta run, kyle is makin omelets and bacon :) Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm Yum and more yum. Oh some one in Idaho won my powerball jackpot, i guess ill be making my way to the potato state tellin them its a mistake that was my money. Sigh. But good luck to them, i guess ill start on the next jackpot!!
Have a wonderful Sunday and great holiday weekend!!

Friday, May 27, 2005

Mommy Sumpins Wrong here

Okay i now know the reason i was anxious in Target, it was an aura to a full blown stupid migraine. I decide i wanna take a lil nap. So I get out a box of never played with (by her) polly pockets. I bought them from Kyles sister. I check them all out. I am not too hip on little girl toys, i have always had little boy toys. So i check em out and okay they are good enough. I lecture about not putting any of them in the mouth and set them on the floor to play. I get into slumber land and awake just for a moment to hear, ooooooooooooooooooo makeup. I think okay must be a lil fake tube of lipstick or eyeshawdow for lil polly pocket. When a 3 year old girl says she has make up, I Need to make a mental note to WAKE UP!!!! So there i am back to sleep and a few min later wake up to a slight tapping on my forehead. "mommy mommy wake up sumpins wrong here" I at first tell her I am tryin to take a nap and then she says again "sumpins wrong here" I open my eyes to this
LMAO i was laughing so hard the picture isn't in focus. Damn those hidden compartments. Turns out one of these innocent lil polly pockets was a stamp factory. Here's my lil love using it properly instead of painting her face.
LOL just the way she said "mommy sumpins wrong here" i am still laughing so hard. BUt ugh my head. So i am gonna go back to sleep and before i do so i will check polly over n over again.

Photo Friday and MADAGASCAR


Okay, My daughter is in love with Madagascar and we have not yet seen the movie. We are supposed to go tomorrow and i use that term very loosely. I told Savannah is she behaved last night and went to sleep we would take her Madagas car shopping. So first stop Target, I walked in and instantly felt panic attacky so we didn't stay long because i don't want to have a panic attack in my favorite place cause if i do ill start associating panic with there etc. So i let her pick out a shirt and short set and we left. Then we went to Payless for the shoes, they had the BOGO sale and i was going to get her both the sneakers and the sandals but she insisted that Maddie have a pair like hers and when she said that Maddie started jumping up and down, i can't tell that lil sugar pea no, so i got her a pair too. So needless to say they light up and from the pic above it actually sounds like those animals are in my house, Jumping Jumping and more jumping. Savannah has her new outfit on too!! We are planning on going tomorrow. Movies are one of my avoidance places. Last movie i saw was Shrek 2 and it was like pulling teeth to get through it and that was the first movie theater i had been to in 9 years. I went once in 97 or 98 for a bugs life but had a panic attack in the first 30 minutes and left. Kyle stayed with the kids and i left. So we shall see about tomorrow. i just hope and pray that i make it through it. Okay thats about it. I think i am in for the day and Ill let you know if i go tomorrow! Have a great weekend all!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Is it Monday?

If it walks like a Monday and it talks like a Monday then it really can't be Thursday. It feels Mondayish and again stupid lottery balls didn't give me my millions. Well, at least i am not alone. No one won it. Anxiety has been kicking my butt. I am having lil panic attacks right now. Go awayyyyyy you lil buggers. I Just don't feel well i guess. I am tired, allergies are bad, Im tired, I need to take a bath, im tired LOL. I can't take a shower cause savannah will scream and throw stuff in the tub the whole time, so i will wait til kyle gets home. I am stressed cause kids are in and out in and out, Im hungry mom. I had to clean my aunts all day. Cleaning an already clean house is easy but man all the rooms she has. I have a thing when i clean a house if the room is done i shut the door after its been inspected by me so i know that i dont have to go back in there. Well i shut so many damn doors and still had stuff to do. I was like holy hell does it end. Her house didn't even have a speck of dust in it but i cleaned it. I then came home and cleaned my kitchen. I just haven't the energy to do the rest. My stomach kinda hurts. Stress. Kyles aunt is having a cookout down in nashville, its 2 hrs to get down there it starts at 2 and then 2 hrs to get home and i have eddies at 5 so he is upset i dont want to go. Its pointless to me. YAY savannah is asleep that means free bath time YAY BBL

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Bo should've won that hands down. Simons been playin carrie up since the beginning, so it doesn't suprise me that she won. When the show started i told kyle Carrie won, i could just feel it in the air. Oh well, Bo still didn't lose, i will buy his album!! YAY! It was hectic as usual watching AI , savannah crawling all over me, hit me in the eye with her head, now my eye is swollen. No wonder i don't watch tv, its too much trouble to actually try to sit there. Not worth the effort. We need a freaking fenced yard. Someplace she can burn off energy. We took her outside tonight and after hollering and running about 20 different times to get out of the street we tried in the back and yet she still thought the street was more fun. It wouldn't be a problem if people didn't fly down the street super fast. But anywhoo she got to play out there for a little while and now tonight shes super hyped up and not wanting to go to bed. I wanna go to bed. Sleeeeeeeeeeep sleep sleeeeeeeeep lil me! Oh on american Idol that spoof they did making fun of Corey Clark, was sooooooo stinking funny. I mean that was great!! Stupid boy it didn't help his career at all. well, i am off i suppose. Gonna go lay down. I think ih ear kyle snoring already @@
til tom.

Wednesday, Last day of school

Well today i went to the Dr for my leg. Waited an hour, my dr was busy so i had to see other dr there. Tell him my leg hurts and where. Does he look at my leg NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO does he feel my leg noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tells me its a pinched nerve gave me muscle relaxers ????????????? and told me if its not better when i come back for my blood work theyll check for ovarian cysts. Okayyyyyyyyyyyyy so that whole visit was freaking pointless. I then went to chiro and told him my leg still hurts, so i got electro therapy. AHhhhhhhh heaven then he adjusted the freaking hell out of my hip and it worked for awhile til i sat back in this stupid computer chair. Maybe the problem is my chair, but can a chair make that much difference? Well it was the last day of school today. YAY and Boo in the same breath. I hope i dont spend my whole summer cleaning. I have been scrabblin on line all afternoon with melzie welzie, we are getting purty good, or maybe we were always good we just didn't play for so long!! Okay gonna go beg her to play again. Pray my leg gets better!
Go Boooooooooooooooooooo

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Anyone, Anyone??

Can anyone tell me why when you take a nap you wake up feeling worse than before you took a nap? I got all my house work finished. Took a nap and woke up anxious as all get out. It seems everytime i look forward to anything I get anxiety. Anxiety is not my friend. I hate it and its wearing me down rather quickly. Plus my stomach is hurting and my leg. ALthough my leg is somewhat better than it was. UGH, i am a true charlie brown with my ughs. opie hasn't moved all day. When we move, he is going to love having a back yard so will savannah. Actually having a fenced safe yard to play in. Okay i gotta go, i gotta get stuff ready ! Go BO!!!

Monday, May 23, 2005

I learned something new!

okay i talked to a friend of mine and he said what i have could be sciatica, the pain in my leg. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I will have to investigate in a non hyphochondriac way LOL Kyle came home from work and directly mowed grass, Opie ate a half a pound of dove chocolates aluminum wrapper and all the other day and decided to just vomit up a pile of little red candy wrappers. I guess thats my cue to get off here and clean them up. Okay if any of you have sciatica please fill me in!!


I just got an email :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Kyle named him Anakin, however I call him Rooney (the band Rooney has a song called "Blue Side" and it makes me think of his blue eye! LOL!). We think he is only about 7 months old, because his teeth aren't even grown all the way out yet!

He settled in right away, no stressing out or barking or anything! Today he got to hang out in the yard all afternoon with about 15 other dogs, and he had a blast! :)

He is such a joy, and very well behaved! I am glad we took him in! I am sure that he will get a home in no time!! :)

Thanks very much for the donations also! If you want to see Anakin's Petfinder listing, it is here: Petfinder PetNotes - Anakin

Jay K

Training Saves Lives!
ARK Project, Inc.
(502) 223-5208

Monday Monday

well, its a new day and its Monday. If you have been reading for awhile, you will know, i LOATHE Mondays. As usual it's been hectic, I am tired and ready for Tuesday. Maddie just left. She has been here since 6 am yesterday. I am glad she went home for awhile. i got up this morning and went to chiro. My thigh is still hurting pretty badly and i haven't a clue what i have done. Who knows. Its tiring though. We went to rite aid where savannah threw a fit so we came home. I have my kitchen sparkly clean again. I just mopped and it smells heavenly :) I wanna go to bed. Only 2 more days of school and i can relax and no more driving like a mad woman all week long. I am looking forward very much to having that break. However it seems as if this school year has flown by super duper quickly. I gotta get up and clean some more. I am hungry though and thinking what there is to eat out there. We didn't get a chance to go to the store this weekend because we were so busy. so i guess soon well go. I gotta go back to eds tonight and clean. UGH He is for the most part blind as a bat and He crapped all over the floor, well my cousin, ugh refused to clean it up and left it for me because i do all the crap no one else wants to do. I about cried and cried over the thought of having to do it, but i did it and bluch, don't care to do it ever ever again. I told him to watch where hes going and to only poop when he is actually on the commode. It just hurts my feelings that they think i need to clean it up. That was just sick. Well, i guess i am off to clean some more. I am really trying to get away from the puter and just clean and do stuff that needs to be done. Ill be back later!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Cryin Cryin Cryin

Puppy just left :( I cried all evening. I don't like to cry in front of others and made my escape to the bathroom to have a good cry out. In there I prayed and prayed and prayed to God that someone take this puppy quickly and that it be a good good home. I want him to have a family of his own. Well, I don't read my bible much. I don't understand it and I just don't have the time to read it. Awful to say, I don't practice religion as i should. But I wanted a hint of hope from God that this puppy was going to be okay. I picked up my bible and turned to page 11 and it was the story of Noah, I just laughed and smiled and knew that was my lil hint because the place is is going is called the ARK foundation. It made me feel alot better, but still doesn't take away the tears of missing him. My son i do believe is in his room crying as i type. He asked, Please momma can we keep him. In which i replied the standard "No honey we cannot" If we lived in a home of our own, i would. But we rent and can have just one dog. He loves animals just like I do. I have loved animals since i was a little girl. I think one reason, i was picked on and made fun of my whole life growing up. Dogs don't make fun of you, Dogs dont laugh at you, Dogs just love you. Its almost like they can see whats inside of you like the outside shell doesnt matter to them, as long as you love them. Dogs are a very good judge of character. My Opie, is a loving dog, the one person he barks at religiously is Kayla the mean girl. He rarely barks at any of the kids. But when she walks by, its an evil bark, letting her know, I don't like you. So dogs know. And with that being said, I am sad today. I will be sad for a few days and hope that this change for lil puppy is a good one and no one else decides to throw him off a back of a truck. He needs hugs and love and just all around good things. Hes a sweetie. Hope everyones Saturday is a good one!

Friday, May 20, 2005

Back from Target

the ajax dish soap was on sale for 1.40 for big bottles! what a blessing so i got 7 and got 3 things of bleach, 2 stainless steel water food bowls, some food and I packed a bunch of old blankets. I will say as relieved i am that he will be taken care of, my heart is broken because i will miss the lil love. Always wagging his tail and i swear that dog smiles at me. I am putting a pic of him up here. So I have my photo friday. I named him Puddles. Pray pray pray he finds a home soon. I am donating 50 bucks and will send the rest of the 100 when i do a haircut or clean a house and just send what i can when i can. I told Jay if i win the lottery i will send a whole lot. Okay heres puddles the lil lovey and pray and pray someone takes lil puddles. if you look closely you can see his different color eyes!


Friday Evening

well i went over and talked to the neighbors again and they said, their problem was, they didn't want to drive him over an hour away. So kyle is going to drive him at 9:30 in the morning down there. I donated the money and am getting ready to go buy some ajax and bleach for the shelter, thats stuff they need. Okay i gotta go to the store but had to update on that dog saga.

Its Fridayyyyyyyy I lived I lived I lived

No tornados got me! YAY! But i was still scared. Wahh! Auntie Em, Uncle Henry you won't let them take toto will you LOL. With the dog next door i have reached a level of frustration where i am going to have to just detach myself. I have done everything for this puppy and got the name and number of the place, i have emailed and called til i am blue in the face for this puppy. I took them over all the info last night, even offered to pay the fees, buttttttttttttt they will NOT give me an answer. This poor dog it was POURING down rain and lightning and thundering and all the crap and they let him in the garage for awhile while he worked out there and then they freaking threw him out in the rain. UGHHHHHHHHHHHH who does this. I took him over a ton of food but he ate it all and now they are just feeding him ham scraps. So i guess ill take more of my food over to give it to them. I dont understand why they just wont let me take this dog to the shelter i found for him. I mean answer me do something. UGH but its making me sad. He just whines and whines hes on a 5 ft rope cant go anywhere no shade nothing its bugging the living piss out of me. So i have agreed that if i don't hear from them by sunday i am bowing out. The shelter can't hold his spot forever and I am just going to have to. We have paid for everything and thats not fair for us. I just feel for the dog and feel enormous guilt but don't know what else to do. We can't continue to provide for him if he is going ot be their pet. That should be their responsibility not ours. I just don't know what to do but fear i am going to have whatever happens happen, its stressing me entirely too much. I was gonna do a Photo Friday but haven't felt like taking pics today. Maybe later. Okay have a great weekend all!

Thursday, May 19, 2005


Man we have been pounded by thunderstorms all evening, and they have had tornados to the east of us and i am sooooooooooo scared, we have 2 more lines coming through. I am super panicked. UGH, i am not a big fan of storms. Savannah is screaming because she was up so late and hasn't had a nap, i am stressed about the dog being outside in this stuff next door. They are hemin and hawin about driving him to this shelter cause its too far. So I guess we are going to have to. nooooooooooooo my satellite just went out so that means more storms are coming. Calgon take me away!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pray we are safeeeeeeeee tonight

A lil puppy update

well, puppy dog is still next door, and i have been busting my butt and busting my butt to find this lil guy a place of his own. Hes starting to smell because the neighbors keep him tied up with a small short yellow rope and hes out in the storms and out in the heat and ugh my heart breaks. I think the poor puppy needs a family of his own and was so upset last night. I was just crying and crying and I prayed to God, to PLEASE help me find this puppy dog a home. Lo and behold after a big storm just left her and poor puppy was outside i receive this email........ its below

I do have some good news! My supervisor said that we could take him, if you would be willing to donate some money toward his vet bills that we will need to incur. I am assuming he is not neutered? It will cost us probably $100 for neutering and vaccinations, heartworm test, etc. Anything you could donate toward that cost would help!

Of course he will have to be evaluated when you bring him in, and if we think he has some temperamental problems, we won't be able to accept him, but from your descriptions so far, it doesn't sound like that will be a problem. :)

Jay K

Training Saves Lives!
ARK Project
(502) 223-5208

So this tickled my fancy. I understand them asking for money, someone has to pay for that, not the ass who dropped him off the back of the truck thats for sure. I have an envelope full of my money i saved from cleaning houses to pay for my furniture for my new house, BUT................... I am afraid giving the precious a home is far more important than having a nice chair. Hopefully my aunt can wait a lil longer for me to pay her. They need donations of blankets and ajax stuff like that so I will send the lil love with a good bag for them. I hope and pray he finds a good family. He is so deserving. So keep him in your prayers that someone takes the lil love and loves him and that he knows that being thrown off a truck and being tied up to a table isn't the only life to know. I think of my dog who sleeps in my bed and lays on my couch and i look outside at lil love getting rained on. Cruel fate i guess. I wish i could keep him, but we live in a rental and can't keep him. Well I had to update on lil love. say prayers it all works out, i gotta find someway to get him down there. Its in frankfort, i live in louisville. Agoraphobia mixed with a 57 mile ride dont mix, but if i have to i will.

PS i watched Finding Neverland and I feel now for sure that i am a blubbering fool, because i cried and cried. Man, i am weepy this week!

Thursday :)

The weeks almost over YAY!! I can't believe how fast it went by though. Ammy came over last night and i gave her a hair cut and then tried to go to sleep. But kyle was at star wars and i was SCARED!!!!!! i was like okay ill go to lay down and relax and watch tv and get some alone time........Well as soon as i hit the bed, here comes savannah and maddie, They weren't asleep at all. They finally went to sleep about 1 am. I was so mad and then i wake up this morning and savannah is already awake. I know this sounds awful but i just want a little break and wish she would sleep for a little bit. Kyles taking the kids to star wars again on saturday but savannah cant go but UGH i wanna break. Well i gotta go, i wanna go to target, I LOVE that store I just wish i had a ton of money to spend there YAY ooo gotta go check my powerball ticket!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Awesome song

its my current favorite :)

Take Me Away Lyrics

this time all I want is you
there is no one else
who can take your place
this time you burned me with your eyes
you see past all the lies
you take it all away
I've seen it all and it's never enough
it keeps leaving me needing you
take me away
take me away
I've got nothing left to say
just take me away
I try to make my way to you
but still I feel so lost
I don't know what else I can do
I've seen it all and it's never enough
it keeps leaving me needing you
take me away
take me away
I've got nothing left to say
just take me away
don't give up on me yet
don't forget who I am
I know I'm not there yet
but don't let me stay here alone
this time all I want is you
there is no one else
who can take your place
I've seen it all and it's never enough
it keeps leaving me needing you
take me away
take me away
I've got nothing left to say
just take me away
take me away
take me away
I've got nothing left to say
just take me away


YAY monday is gone n overwith!!! Last night we moved the computer desk from the kitchen to the living room and gave me some space in the kitchen. My kitchen is so small and we have a pretty big table, we had a side bye side fridge, stove, a chest freezer, a big computer desk all kinds of crap in there and it was overload. Way overload. Now its spacious, its not like we gotta pack it up and move again in a few mos LOL @@ Well my phone is ringing off the hook and i keep forgetting what i am writing so ill be back in a bit when stuff dies down here.

Monday, May 16, 2005


wahh my stomach is killing me. I dunno if its from stress or just a virus or something. Either way it hurts :( its a neverending saga with the girl across the street. We were sitting on the porch talking to the girl i babysits mom. Well she was leaving and getting in her car and the girl just launched a freaking 44 oz soda at maddies mom. She doesnt even know her, so why would she do that??? UGH i am just majorly torked off :( I dunno what to do cause i can't do this all summer long. Okay I gotta go, i feel like crap and gonna go to bed if i can fall asleep. Have a great night all.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Merry Sunday!!

I am just awaiting my mondays. UGH, I Hate them. Today was okay, woke up at 9:30 to a knocking at the door. The boy across the street said, Just warning you kayla is going to beat up anthony at 10 @@ i was like oh well we are leaving shell have to wait. So we got home just a bit ago and they are swarming like insects to see this fight. I got news for em, its not gonna happen. My boys are officially inside. They are mad at me but i am not going to contribute to that crap. So theyll stay in til she gets over her lil whim. Funny thing is is my boys don't talk to her and noone in the neighborhood really likes her. So she picks people to beat up to make friends. Anthony is a big target cause the girl Casey across the side street hates him. So she thinks its all shits n giggles to laugh at the prospect of anthony getting beat up. UGH the drama. We are moving soooooooooooo far away from here and I am sooooooooo excited. UGH on the long wait though. I am exhausted. Had dreams last night. I woke up sad. Kyle got mad at me cause he couldn't control my dream i guess. Cause he wasn't in it, he gets upset @@. ill try @@ to make him @@ appear in my dreams Well i should go cause since we were gone all day my house is a wreck and i gotta clean it. At least i got my moms finished and sues done and eds done YAYYYYYYYYYY :) Maddie has a full long week here, so i am sure that will be fun. OKay have a great evening all!

Friday, May 13, 2005

When the goin gets tough, PHOTOSHOP!!

This is my stress reliever!! Pic below

Diannas Photo Friday

some pics of my baby girl stoppin to smell the flowers :)



Good mornin

Gooddddddddd morninggggg to you and you and you :o) Man I just woke up and I am tarred as heck. I have a full day and just wanna stay home. School is out in a week n a half that means YAYYYYYYYYYYY no more driving back n forth n back n forth. Todays pay day tooooooo and I have to clean my aunts YAYYYYYYYY extra money and its eddie pay day tooooooooo but i am sure it will all be used for groceries @@ that gets a mega big @@ from me from me from me. Our neighbor cut our grass last night, we had to pay him cause kyles foot is all messed up still. Before he cut it we were outside and savannah saw the icecream man, so i take all the kids out to get icecream. She made a very careful selection of a fudge Mickey Mouse. Well, she just doesn't know how to eat icecream on a hot day and it was dripping and all over her and she was just a smiling sayin look i got mickey and she was so proud she almost didn't want to eat it. Well, Mickeys ear starts leanin a lil and we tell her so shell try to lick it back up. Okay ear gone, falls off to the ground. She looks sad but hey she still has the face, i figured it would be okay. Noooooooooo the whole face peels off the stick and onto the ground. She looked at me and looked at the spilled mess, then looked back and me and that bottom lip puckered up and she just cried and cried and crieeeeeeeeeed. It broke my heart. She didnt want to come in cause she didn't wanna leave mickey out there. Poor girl. Icecream accidents at that age can be traumatic!! On an UGH side she now knows that the dinging bell means Icecream. Lord help us! Okay i gotta go gotta go gotta go right now. Damn detrol commercial!!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

A lil puppy update

my eyes are sooooooooo swollen from crying, BUTTTTTTTT God hears prayers thats for sure. I found a total no kill shelter, we have to wait til saturday, they are gonna let him stay in their back yard and saturday he gets evaluated and his temperament tested etc and if he checks out, which i am sure he will they will take him. And they DON'T Kill :) That makes my day. You know when we move i wanted a full blooded golden retriever puppy so badly, but i think i will go adopt one from the humane society instead. Well theres no thinking, i am going to go adopt one instead and help them out. And when i win that powerball on saturday LOL i will build my own dern no kill shelter!! OKay my girl is screaming she wants her flowers watered so out to water flowers i go!!

cryin cryin cryin

the humane society wont take the lil puppy doggie cause hes part pit bull. This truly truly breaks my heart because hes going to be sent to the kill shelter and they won't adopt him out because hes pit bull mix. Hes so friendly and when i get out of the car he just wags his lil tail, hes sooooooooooo sweet. UGH i wish we had a house so we can keep him :( THe thought of him going through those day cages and if no one claims him being put to sleep just breaks my heart :( i wish i had stinkin money to keep him or pay the money to have a shelter take him. Poor doggie. Life is so unfair for them and that stupid jerks who threw him off the truck. He cowers when you raise your hand. It makes me sad to think his lil life has just begun and hes gonna have to be killed. Hell never have a family of his own. Ugh i gotta quit i am so upset. Pray this puppy doggie finds a home :( Hes sooo cute

Good morning!!

I am sitting down to eat tamales for bfast LOL Yuck and yum at the same time! I took juan to school and came home. My neighbors have a lil friendly puppy at their house. Someone was driving by in a truck and pushed him out the back. He is sooooooooooooooo friggin adorable! they are going to take him to the humane society. I hope they dont put him to sleep. He has crystal blue eyes and is just the happiest lil fella. I wish we had our house we'd keep him, but we can't keep him here. Who in the hell pushes a dog a lil cute one at that off the back of a truck??????? Jerk Savannah is sick today, she has a cold i guess :( poor lil girl. She may have caught what made anthony so sick. I dunno. Well i am off to do something somewheres!! have a great day!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Been gone

all day to my aunts cleaning. I got home a bit ago and now cleaning my house LOL thats ALL I EVER DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I did get to watch Dr Phil and now am watching Ellen :) I am cleaning as i watch LOL so killing 2 birds with one stone. I am craving a big fat roll with some butter. Yum. Its been since october since i have had a piece of bread wahhhhhhhhhhhh! 8 mos no bread, no pasta UGH oh well. Well, not much happenin so i guess i gotta go finish up my living room! hope everyone is well!!

Sunday, May 08, 2005


Well it was stressful. It was so stressful, i don't even wanna write about it. Ill have to do that tomorrow. I am off to bed, i have been so busy this weekend, i feel as if I will fall over. Happy Mothers day to all and to all a good night!!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Happy Derby Day!!

I am rooting for Afleet Alex, so hopefully he'll win!! Okay busy day so not much to write, but have to write this.......... this is what gets me all teary eyed every Derby, right as they starting the Derby, everyone sings this...

My Old Kentucky Home

The sun shines bright on my old Kentucky home,
'Tis summer, the people are gay;
The corn top's ripe and the meadow's in the bloom,
While the birds make music all the day.

The young folks roll on the little cabin floor,
All merry, all happy and bright;
By'n by hard times comes a-knockin' at the door,
Then my old Kentucky home, good-night!

Weep no more, my lady!
Oh weep no more today.
We will sing one song for my old Kentucky home,
For my old Kentucky home, far away.

K have a great day!!

Friday, May 06, 2005


Man anxiety is kicking my butt today. Kyle has a cold, so i may be coming down with what he is dealing with. Right before i get sick i get anxiety. I am so sleepy. I have been cleaning all afternoon but you can't tell. Trying to get it all done. I went to chiro OF COURSE my back didn't adjust. On fridays it never does. As the afternoon wears on its starting to hurt more n more and i just want to kick myself in the ass for going. I am so sleepy i can't keep my eyes open. Thats what i get for staying awake to price kyle ;) Savannah stayed with aunt sprinkles and she will be home at 6 so i do have time to take a lil nap. I may do that. Tomorrow is going to be a long long long day. I gotta make all my own food to take to the party since i have no clue what there has gluten or not. Well i guess i have decided to take a nap it sounds absolutely wonderful, so take care and if i can ill bbl or see ya in the morning. Have a great weekend Everyone!!!!

April 6, 2005

Why am i up this early when there is no school today? I should be in bed sleeping. I went to bed Late :( Kyle and I had taken a walk late and his allergies were acting up and he took benadryl, big mistake when i am bored as hell. I get up to go to the bathroom and i feel something sticking to my feet. I look down and see a sheet of yardsale stickers, i look at them, turn back look at kyle. I pick them up and then look at the stickers and then look at kyle. OF COURSEEEEEE I DID IT! I covered him, in 75 cent stickers 1.00 stickers and make offer stickers. They got stuck in his chest hair LOL, I Had them on his head, on his chest, on his arms, hands LOL He woke up this morning and said " I don't know why i was covered in stickers har har har" Yes i get bored easily and him sleeping is easy prey for me. :) The boys stayed all night at bobbys, savannah went to bed early and so did kyle. I was bored. I dunno what I am doing today, I have to go to chiro and then i guess ill come home and clean and get stuff ready for the Derby party tomorrow. Kyle is back to his non cleaning self so i have a ton of stuff to do. if i bitch he usually does good for about 3 weeks , then he resorts back after that. I guess ill have to give my same speech. I need to write it down cause i use it so often. Okay i gotta go gotta go gotta go right now. I gotta get ready for chiro and go see if the boys are awake down at bobbys. Ill bbl :)

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Savannahs room

since she is potty trained she got a new bed and today i got the bedset for it. Its beautiful and she got some sheets woo woo, shell be snoozing tonight. Knock on wood. Had to share! also sharing the rest of her room, thats her domain LOL she loves her lil room!!
Savannahs bed 1
savannahs room 3
Savannahs room 2

This is sooooo not funny

but i have been laughing my butt off after reading this story for a good 5 minutes LOL Its soooooooooooooooo funny to think of this person doing this, id be like What the hell??
K heres the story

Stranded motorist gets tow from Hell

BERLIN (May 3) - After accepting what appeared to be a kind offer from a German motorist to tow his broken car, a stranded Polish motorist was taken on a terrifying high-speed joyride at speeds of 100 mph, police said on Tuesday.

Police said a 36-year-old German man who offered assistance proceeded to hurl down the motorway at high speeds after tying a cable to the stranded car.

The Polish motorist, who remained inside his vehicle during the tow, flashed his lights and honked his horn at the speeding German driver to stop. Police said the Pole was finally able to bring the German to a halt by swerving his car back and forth.

The German was taken to a psychiatric clinic, police said.

05/03/05 11:34 ET

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

My sugar pie


Some of the party pics

I loved planning savannahs party, the girls liked the magic stuff better than the princess stuff. here are some pics of her party

Heres the boys table
Birthday party 12

heres the girls tables complete with wands tiaras and goodie bags
BIrthday Party 3

Here is savannah after blowing out her candles on her cake!
Birthday party 42

Choke Choke Choke all the way home

i went to go get juan and one of my big anxiety things is i get choked, on food on spit whatever. It's so irritating. so driving home i felt like i couldn't swallow and choked on a stupid fry. It happens everytime i try to eat in a restaurant also, i get choked and i can't eat. I hate choking. It has to be psychological because it only happens when i am nervous. So now i am anxious because of that. I hope it goes away quickle :( damn choking.

back to some Ghost/angel stories....

I wanna hear some of yours too!! I Love hearing these things. We moved into this house when i was about 16 or so. Before we lived there it had belonged to an old lady named Essie, i cant remember if she was dead when we moved in or died after we moved in but she was in that house. Things would happen like our dog Ollie would start barking furiously at the ceiling and there was nothing there ever. Thats when we started thinking what the heck is with him barking at the ceiling. I think Essie lived upstairs because nothing ever happened downstairs. But Brett before he got sick and died was laying upstairs he got super cold and said Essie had laid on top of him. He was really freaked out by it. Then my brother who didn't even believe in ghosts was upstairs sitting and Essie walked right by him, so he slept in the basement. My mom she had a few run ins with essie, one night i was downstairs and she said "what do you want" i was like i didn't say anything and she was for sure i did because someone hollered "mom" but it wasn't me. Her boyfriend heard it too. Also one night they kept hearing books sliding across the floors upstairs, I come home from work and my mom has bowling balls and brooms blocking the doors because she heard stuff up there. I was like ummmmmmmm its a ghost, she can walk through walls LOL the bowling balls wont do anything. It wasa really really scary in that house. Now after Brett died we have had several things happen.
I had just gotten married and my mom was keeping my son anthony who at the time had just turned 3, I had m oved out 3 days prior to this. My son was in the living room and looked scared and said "all these kids comin to get me" and my mom was like "what kids" he said "the kids they coming to get me" I decide to go back in the kitchen to get some tea and the whole entired cabinent area was on fire. Scared the crap outta me and the whole house burned down. Had we still lived there and bee in that back room, we wouldve never made it out. I wonder if the kids were angels coming to get him.
Brett run ins are always my favorites. Only one scared me. I was asleep and i felt that feeling where it feels like something is on top of you and you can't get up, well i felt that and i remember pinching and pinching my leg to try to wake up but i couldnt get up. Someone told me that was a spirit sitting on me. Well after i get my feeling back i see Brett, he was pale white and was dressed all in black, like the angels you see on city of angels. He was wearing a black rev. alden hat and black clothes and i remember saying Brett is that you. Then he went into anthonys room. Anthony always talks in his sleep. He says he sees goofy in his room. Not now that hes older but he talks in his sleep and sleep walks and does weird stuff. So it wouldnt suprise me if he wasn't seeing his daddy.
The last brett story for now, is in my archives i do believe but ill type up a quick synopsis then i gotta go. Ill get the story of kyles aunts ho use too, she has a ghost living there. A woman who was murdered in the house she lives in, still lives there. It totally creeps me out that story and ill try to post it. But anyways i was feeling really really bad, achey every day and never feeling well. I cried all the time. One night i was half asleep and half awake it was in the morning and i felt something COLD on my arm and it felt like it was asleep but wasn't. Then i heard a voice tell me "you need to go to the dr" and i was like what, then he said " i tried to go through kyle but couldn't, you need to go to the dr. I toyed all day with should i go or should i not, i decided being a anxiety attack woman i had better go so i went and my dr tested me for celiacs disease, a test he had only run twice the whole time hed been there the 2cd one being me. How he knew to run that test that day was beyond me, but it came back 3 weeks later positive. The disease can lead to Non hodgkins lymphoma, autoimmune hepatitis, all sorts of bad things. It was weird the way he came to me and told me that. I truly believe in angels and ghosts!! okay i wanna hear some of your stories!!

May 4th wednesday

it's only May 4th???? i was at least expecting it to be the 6th or something. Dammit. Oh well. I gotta get some stuff for the Derby party on Saturday. I am scared over the American Idol results tonight. I don't want scott to stay, but i feel anthony will go tonight. The American Idol primetime comes on tonight and i have went back and forth on if to watch it. All that stuff about Paula, i kinda thought it might be true, but then they said he would be singing on the show and i was like Nope, its just a promotional thing. I don't want them to ruin the show for me, so I am not going to watch. Oh well. I love the show and if the rig the voting or whatever, i don't wanna know. Too much disappointment in my life already. Yesterday I talked to grammy shirley. That is bretts step mom. We talked alot about Ghosts and such. She told me she once went to this house to buy and she kept getting these evil feelings and sick to her stomach every time she went there and she went back to take a closer look and she felt sick again and they looked in a closet and saw all these books on satanism and stuff. EEK how freaking scary is that. we talked about our experiences with brett. Hes been here with me a few times. its weird. UGH I keep trying to type and Im answering phones, IMs going and 2 tons of freaking emails. I am getting in a pissy mood. My mom doesn't understand my hatred of the phone, especially when I do answer the phone and sound irritated, its probably because i am getting 6 IMs, answering 20 emails, putting a girl on and off the potty then wiping butts, then the phone is ringing off the hook, UPS man is at the door and dog is going ape shit. @@ i mean what the hell am i supposed to do act glad that 50 things are happening at once. I am gonna have to sign off and finish this later because i am about to lose it with all these IMs.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Right there NAVIN R. JOHNSON, I'm in the phone book LOL Thats what i feel like today. Thats from the Jerk, when he is in the phone book! i just now got home from getting me a cell phone. I never had one of my own before!!!!!!!!!!!!!Im somebodyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH though it was crowded in there and it was hot, bad recipe for panic. I started getting nervous and then asked her if i could walk my daughter down to penn station sub shop to use the restroom. So i walked down to the restaurant and then walked back and was less anxious. But i get so panicky i didn't listen to the directions of the phone, i was like just hurry up and let me get the hell outta here. So now i gotta figure out the phone LOL. But IM SOMEBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a phone YAYYYYYYY. We have a big gang related rash of robberies here, 40 since february, its never been that bad. I need a cell phone. I am scared to go out now. Good thing I have a big beastly dog that would scare anyone off! Maybe ill start taking him all over with me LOL. Too bad he gets more anxious than me. Its american idol night i wanna say YAY but scott ugh Scott UGHHHHHHHH Lets see what hell screech tonight. OKay i gotta run, I wanna cool ring tone but don't know how to do it. LOL shouldve been payin attn i guess. :) YAY YAY YAY YAY

Good morning

Okay, you won't believe this,,,,,,,,,,I went to bed at 9:25 last night!! Well Kinda LOL i crawled in bed with savannah to watch some TV with her while she was falling asleep, cept she didn't sleep I DID, she was up running amuck, at 11:15 i got up and then went to my bed and went back to sleep. I feel oddly refreshed this morning. Bad thing though, i ate all day yesterday and today numb vibraty fingers. That can only mean migraine. I hate those sons of bitches. So i guess ill sit close to home cause if i go out and the auras hit it will freak me out. My thigh is still hurting also and i can't figure out what i did to it. I guess if it doesn't go away soon Ill go to the dr. I have to go back to get my iron stores checked in june, i guess i should actually take my freaking iron. I take it sometimes,but i forget alot. Maddie is supposed to be here today, they didn't tell me what time, so that is nice. I have to come straight home cause i don't know when shell be here. Bugs the crap outta me. Well i guess i had better go get my sweet pea outta bed, shes so cute when shes sleeping but when she wakes up, shes not a morning person and will screammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and scream. Juan is up already and my doggie needs to be walked so ill write later.

Monday, May 02, 2005


well the link didn't work LOL woops, i dunno what i am doing wrong here, Oh well. Kyle had to go to and be in a bed race tonight, its a derby event. Ohhhhh Lord have mercy all of them didn't run out the exit by accident. LMAOOOOOO i want him to get home so i can find out why they went out the exit LOL the news didn't know either LOL they said a few times about one team went out the door LOL. With the chick that was driving that wouldn't suprise me. Too funny. Okay tomorrow is american idol night, I heard that paula is quitting the show because they have actual tapings of her coming on to this corey clark kid. UGH its awful. I love paula, dang on that lil bastard for selling her out if she did do it. The link to the story i can't post because i don't know how but i can give you the address to copy and paste into your browser if you wanna see
I love paula though, shes got some problems, hell we all do, everyone elses just aren't public. Well kyle is home and i gotta go make fun of him for their team running out of the arena LOL DURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR See ya tomorrow!

My education through google

Ahhhhhhhh i love learning stuff. I learn more from google than i ever did in school :) I use google at least 10 times a day!! YAY GOOGLE! I am gonna finish writing one of my books here in a little bit, they are kids books but its one i found and never finished it. Savannah would like it. If i get a wild hair i may illustrate it toooooooo. I always do alot of things with curiosity! i wanna know stuff hence my education through Google! I have a bad headache today. Hmmm i found a linky thing, i wonder if thats how i get links in here. Shall i be brave and try it........ yes i think i shall. this is a link, if it works, to my webshots album

okayyyyyy testing 1, 2 , 3
lets publish n see

Monday After noon

well my bad mondays still seem to come.... nothing has gone right today. Live n learn then get luvs LOL for someone who doesn't watch tv i sure have those commercials downpat. I am supposed to go to the bedrace this afternoon and i don't wanna go. Its crowded and noisy and kyle told me there will be strobe lights on their bed. This made me not wanna go. Those flashing lights would give me a migraine quicker than snot and now i don't wanna go. I also don't wanna hurt his feelings. Tappy tappy tappy i dunno what to do. When i was going through stuff for the yardsale i found some old writings I did back in high school and when i lived in the shelter. In art class we had to paint a picture with words LOL this one is mine. I sure do loveeeeeeeeeeee that ocean LOL here it is

The onset of a new day, seeing the orange tint fill the sky.
Hearing the waves as they crash upon the shore.
Feeling the wind on my face.
As the black leaves the sky and the orange becomes a predominant fixture, hints of blue appear as if the sky is blending its colors to create a masterpiece.
The wind picks up and I can feel grains of sand as they are carried upon a breeze on their way.
They sting a little, when they are going by and I am in their path. I brush them off back into the wind and watch them go out of my sight. Back to their resting place on the shore, maybe to wash into the ocean or maybe to be carried off in someones bucket. Whatever the course, it is their destiny.
I take a deep breath and catch a smell of ocean air. It smells of salt, fish and a hint of coconut tanning oil.
The orange in the sky has now blended to become a yellow ball rising in the sky as if it has an invisible string attached and someone is pulling it up slowly to hang.
The black is now gone, now replaced with all blue and yellow. Even the orange has faded. An occasional gust of wind pushes a fluffy white cloud into the sky.
It's as if someone is behind the clouds painting a picture that we can see. It changes every second and every second becomes more beautiful than the next.
People are now trickling on to the beach.
The quiet fades. The deep blue of the ocean now becomes flecked with spots of red and blue suits and white and brown faces.
I put my feet in the sand now becoming warm from the sun glowing upon it. I walk away. The sound of the crashing waves diminshes every step further away I get.
I shall come back in the evening, once more to watch the black reappear and see the orange glow fill the sky. I shall see the artist take the black and sprinkle it with beautiful stars, one by one appearing in the sky. I shall hear the waves again by the peace of night.
I shall see two skies one way up and the other just a reflection of the bigger.
They both shall be beautiful and I shall watch all night as the painting in the sky changes, until morning when I can again see the blue the orange, yellow and white enter into my day. So it can be filled with peace.

LOL makes me wannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn goooooo go gooooooooooooooo to the ocean. Next year Ill be there!! or next year ill be here writing that next year ill be there. Did any of this make any sense? Ill post a couple more of my poems in another entry.

Monday Monday Monday

My Mondays are always bad, so let me start by saying, heres to you Monday! I am tired, my legs hurt, my thigh still hurts and my wrist hurts. I got up yesterday morning and cleaned my house, then went to my aunts, I did a TON of cleaning, waxed and polished her wood floors, cleaned light fixtures, dusted a gazillion chess sets, then let anthony put them back together!!! She gave him a NICE set! I couldn't tell which pieces were what, so he spent an hour in there putting them together. Then my aunt said Juan could have one and he got the tiki board that i knew what none of the pieces were. My son got upset cause i kept putting the kings with their opposite queens LOL he would say "no mom and you know the kings have to be on their respective color" Hell I didn't know. Well anywho after i finished there i had to go to my moms to clean and I Had to do her bathroom. The bathroom took me 45 min abouts. So,,,,,,, then it was time to go to uncle Eddies. I begged kyle to go and of course he said he would but........ My uncle Eddie would not let kyle in. LOL he said "who is it" kyle did the wrong thing by sayin "its me eddie i brought you big mac n fries" ONce you are in you are fine, but saturday is pizza party day. So he said (eddie) "its pizza party day" and then kyle heard no more from him. Tee hee. Kyle got so mad and then drove to my aunt sues and she went and gave him his food after church. He told her to make sure i brought a pizza today LOL i dunno if he has a fond memory of pizza or what but on pizza day he has the best time, he laughs and talks to someone. So before he went crazy it mustve set in. Okay back to my never sitting down. I got home took a shower and then we went grocery shopping. We got home just in time for me to watch the rosie movie on tv and then i crash landed in my bed! I don't even remember if i have a panic attack last night i was that tired. I need to call the chiro, ever since i haven't been taking Juan his headaches are back. He had a bad one saturday night. but i am afraid to go. I have actual panic attacks about going. What to do What to do, tick tock tick tock tick tock, awwww its 8 and I can't get him in this late in the morning without him being late for school. Crappola! They are going to call today too, i have that 6th sense LOL really its just that they are getting paid 100% from my ins company and i just know they are gonna call me. Hell its 300 a visit or something like that. id of called last week! I wanna go to target and get savannah a day bed set. The one she has on there is so boyish. BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT i won't. Getting house is more important. Nooooooooooooooo spending money. No no noooooo spending money. Must refrain from going to target! Okay gotta go gotta go gotta go right now....................Ill bbl...................

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Sunday May 1st

Gonna try to post a link to test and see if it works. Okay i gotta up there, we shall see. It's been a really busy weekend. Yardsale yesterday, then kyles neices dance recital last night. That isn't a little school recital, they rent out an auditorium and it lasts 3 hrs. They had some kids dressed up, reminded me of stomp they had boxes n such. They were really really really good. I was quite impressed. I am getting ready to go clean my moms and then spend the day at my aunts cleaning, she has guests comin in for the derby. Ill be back to write more later. For now i must go. We wanted to go to the balloon race BUT maddie was supposed to of been here at 6 am and we couldn't get ahold of her mom and we got up and she wasn't here @@ then her mom called and said she wasn't bringing her til 10. We couldve went. Oh well and Grrrrrrrrrrr