Monday, May 23, 2005

Monday Monday

well, its a new day and its Monday. If you have been reading for awhile, you will know, i LOATHE Mondays. As usual it's been hectic, I am tired and ready for Tuesday. Maddie just left. She has been here since 6 am yesterday. I am glad she went home for awhile. i got up this morning and went to chiro. My thigh is still hurting pretty badly and i haven't a clue what i have done. Who knows. Its tiring though. We went to rite aid where savannah threw a fit so we came home. I have my kitchen sparkly clean again. I just mopped and it smells heavenly :) I wanna go to bed. Only 2 more days of school and i can relax and no more driving like a mad woman all week long. I am looking forward very much to having that break. However it seems as if this school year has flown by super duper quickly. I gotta get up and clean some more. I am hungry though and thinking what there is to eat out there. We didn't get a chance to go to the store this weekend because we were so busy. so i guess soon well go. I gotta go back to eds tonight and clean. UGH He is for the most part blind as a bat and He crapped all over the floor, well my cousin, ugh refused to clean it up and left it for me because i do all the crap no one else wants to do. I about cried and cried over the thought of having to do it, but i did it and bluch, don't care to do it ever ever again. I told him to watch where hes going and to only poop when he is actually on the commode. It just hurts my feelings that they think i need to clean it up. That was just sick. Well, i guess i am off to clean some more. I am really trying to get away from the puter and just clean and do stuff that needs to be done. Ill be back later!

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Cindy said...

Get yourself to ebay and find a copy of The Thorn's a must see!