Monday, May 23, 2005

I learned something new!

okay i talked to a friend of mine and he said what i have could be sciatica, the pain in my leg. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I will have to investigate in a non hyphochondriac way LOL Kyle came home from work and directly mowed grass, Opie ate a half a pound of dove chocolates aluminum wrapper and all the other day and decided to just vomit up a pile of little red candy wrappers. I guess thats my cue to get off here and clean them up. Okay if any of you have sciatica please fill me in!!


Stacey said...

Ok no problems with it now and thats great, but I had big bad problems with it when I was pregnant with the twins. It was shooting pain down my leg, and they basically told me to deal with it. I am sure that there are things that can be done, just not when I was pregnant. I say get it checked out, anything is worth a try. I am sure mowing didn't help a Have a good night.

Cindy said...

Ok Dianna,
Here's the thing, please stop going to the chiropractor. Go see a real doctor. If you are having unexplained pain in your leg, it very well could be a back problem. Do not let anyone manipulate you until you have some answers to what's going on. I'm no expert, but I do know a little bit about back problems and what can happen!

No_Newz said...
Go to that website and read that post. I'd never heard of sciatica until the day he posted and now I hear it again. Weird. Maybe it's caused by sitting improper like while surfing the net? Anyhow, I think you'll like Charlie he is a comedian, even has clips from his shows in his sidebar.
Lois Lane