Thursday, May 19, 2005

A lil puppy update

well, puppy dog is still next door, and i have been busting my butt and busting my butt to find this lil guy a place of his own. Hes starting to smell because the neighbors keep him tied up with a small short yellow rope and hes out in the storms and out in the heat and ugh my heart breaks. I think the poor puppy needs a family of his own and was so upset last night. I was just crying and crying and I prayed to God, to PLEASE help me find this puppy dog a home. Lo and behold after a big storm just left her and poor puppy was outside i receive this email........ its below

I do have some good news! My supervisor said that we could take him, if you would be willing to donate some money toward his vet bills that we will need to incur. I am assuming he is not neutered? It will cost us probably $100 for neutering and vaccinations, heartworm test, etc. Anything you could donate toward that cost would help!

Of course he will have to be evaluated when you bring him in, and if we think he has some temperamental problems, we won't be able to accept him, but from your descriptions so far, it doesn't sound like that will be a problem. :)

Jay K

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ARK Project
(502) 223-5208

So this tickled my fancy. I understand them asking for money, someone has to pay for that, not the ass who dropped him off the back of the truck thats for sure. I have an envelope full of my money i saved from cleaning houses to pay for my furniture for my new house, BUT................... I am afraid giving the precious a home is far more important than having a nice chair. Hopefully my aunt can wait a lil longer for me to pay her. They need donations of blankets and ajax stuff like that so I will send the lil love with a good bag for them. I hope and pray he finds a good family. He is so deserving. So keep him in your prayers that someone takes the lil love and loves him and that he knows that being thrown off a truck and being tied up to a table isn't the only life to know. I think of my dog who sleeps in my bed and lays on my couch and i look outside at lil love getting rained on. Cruel fate i guess. I wish i could keep him, but we live in a rental and can't keep him. Well I had to update on lil love. say prayers it all works out, i gotta find someway to get him down there. Its in frankfort, i live in louisville. Agoraphobia mixed with a 57 mile ride dont mix, but if i have to i will.

PS i watched Finding Neverland and I feel now for sure that i am a blubbering fool, because i cried and cried. Man, i am weepy this week!

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