Monday, May 02, 2005

Monday Monday Monday

My Mondays are always bad, so let me start by saying, heres to you Monday! I am tired, my legs hurt, my thigh still hurts and my wrist hurts. I got up yesterday morning and cleaned my house, then went to my aunts, I did a TON of cleaning, waxed and polished her wood floors, cleaned light fixtures, dusted a gazillion chess sets, then let anthony put them back together!!! She gave him a NICE set! I couldn't tell which pieces were what, so he spent an hour in there putting them together. Then my aunt said Juan could have one and he got the tiki board that i knew what none of the pieces were. My son got upset cause i kept putting the kings with their opposite queens LOL he would say "no mom and you know the kings have to be on their respective color" Hell I didn't know. Well anywho after i finished there i had to go to my moms to clean and I Had to do her bathroom. The bathroom took me 45 min abouts. So,,,,,,, then it was time to go to uncle Eddies. I begged kyle to go and of course he said he would but........ My uncle Eddie would not let kyle in. LOL he said "who is it" kyle did the wrong thing by sayin "its me eddie i brought you big mac n fries" ONce you are in you are fine, but saturday is pizza party day. So he said (eddie) "its pizza party day" and then kyle heard no more from him. Tee hee. Kyle got so mad and then drove to my aunt sues and she went and gave him his food after church. He told her to make sure i brought a pizza today LOL i dunno if he has a fond memory of pizza or what but on pizza day he has the best time, he laughs and talks to someone. So before he went crazy it mustve set in. Okay back to my never sitting down. I got home took a shower and then we went grocery shopping. We got home just in time for me to watch the rosie movie on tv and then i crash landed in my bed! I don't even remember if i have a panic attack last night i was that tired. I need to call the chiro, ever since i haven't been taking Juan his headaches are back. He had a bad one saturday night. but i am afraid to go. I have actual panic attacks about going. What to do What to do, tick tock tick tock tick tock, awwww its 8 and I can't get him in this late in the morning without him being late for school. Crappola! They are going to call today too, i have that 6th sense LOL really its just that they are getting paid 100% from my ins company and i just know they are gonna call me. Hell its 300 a visit or something like that. id of called last week! I wanna go to target and get savannah a day bed set. The one she has on there is so boyish. BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT i won't. Getting house is more important. Nooooooooooooooo spending money. No no noooooo spending money. Must refrain from going to target! Okay gotta go gotta go gotta go right now....................Ill bbl...................

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