Wednesday, May 04, 2005

May 4th wednesday

it's only May 4th???? i was at least expecting it to be the 6th or something. Dammit. Oh well. I gotta get some stuff for the Derby party on Saturday. I am scared over the American Idol results tonight. I don't want scott to stay, but i feel anthony will go tonight. The American Idol primetime comes on tonight and i have went back and forth on if to watch it. All that stuff about Paula, i kinda thought it might be true, but then they said he would be singing on the show and i was like Nope, its just a promotional thing. I don't want them to ruin the show for me, so I am not going to watch. Oh well. I love the show and if the rig the voting or whatever, i don't wanna know. Too much disappointment in my life already. Yesterday I talked to grammy shirley. That is bretts step mom. We talked alot about Ghosts and such. She told me she once went to this house to buy and she kept getting these evil feelings and sick to her stomach every time she went there and she went back to take a closer look and she felt sick again and they looked in a closet and saw all these books on satanism and stuff. EEK how freaking scary is that. we talked about our experiences with brett. Hes been here with me a few times. its weird. UGH I keep trying to type and Im answering phones, IMs going and 2 tons of freaking emails. I am getting in a pissy mood. My mom doesn't understand my hatred of the phone, especially when I do answer the phone and sound irritated, its probably because i am getting 6 IMs, answering 20 emails, putting a girl on and off the potty then wiping butts, then the phone is ringing off the hook, UPS man is at the door and dog is going ape shit. @@ i mean what the hell am i supposed to do act glad that 50 things are happening at once. I am gonna have to sign off and finish this later because i am about to lose it with all these IMs.


No_Newz said...

Your ringing and IM pop-up hell sounds all too familiar. I love reading about ghost stories. I hope you'll have time one day to go more into detail about the one you mentioned.
Hope the rest of your day is quieter. :)
Lois Lane

Stacey said...

Here is hoping that your day quiets down before AI. I hope to be watching as long as I am home from softball practice with the girls. I run into the same thing with the phone and ims, but I also live in such a small town that people just stop by. So I am right there with ya. Can't wait til AI.