Monday, May 02, 2005


well the link didn't work LOL woops, i dunno what i am doing wrong here, Oh well. Kyle had to go to and be in a bed race tonight, its a derby event. Ohhhhh Lord have mercy all of them didn't run out the exit by accident. LMAOOOOOO i want him to get home so i can find out why they went out the exit LOL the news didn't know either LOL they said a few times about one team went out the door LOL. With the chick that was driving that wouldn't suprise me. Too funny. Okay tomorrow is american idol night, I heard that paula is quitting the show because they have actual tapings of her coming on to this corey clark kid. UGH its awful. I love paula, dang on that lil bastard for selling her out if she did do it. The link to the story i can't post because i don't know how but i can give you the address to copy and paste into your browser if you wanna see
I love paula though, shes got some problems, hell we all do, everyone elses just aren't public. Well kyle is home and i gotta go make fun of him for their team running out of the arena LOL DURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR See ya tomorrow!

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