Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Bo should've won that hands down. Simons been playin carrie up since the beginning, so it doesn't suprise me that she won. When the show started i told kyle Carrie won, i could just feel it in the air. Oh well, Bo still didn't lose, i will buy his album!! YAY! It was hectic as usual watching AI , savannah crawling all over me, hit me in the eye with her head, now my eye is swollen. No wonder i don't watch tv, its too much trouble to actually try to sit there. Not worth the effort. We need a freaking fenced yard. Someplace she can burn off energy. We took her outside tonight and after hollering and running about 20 different times to get out of the street we tried in the back and yet she still thought the street was more fun. It wouldn't be a problem if people didn't fly down the street super fast. But anywhoo she got to play out there for a little while and now tonight shes super hyped up and not wanting to go to bed. I wanna go to bed. Sleeeeeeeeeeep sleep sleeeeeeeeep lil me! Oh on american Idol that spoof they did making fun of Corey Clark, was sooooooo stinking funny. I mean that was great!! Stupid boy it didn't help his career at all. well, i am off i suppose. Gonna go lay down. I think ih ear kyle snoring already @@
til tom.


Cindy said...

I was suprised that Carrie won, I also thought it would and should go to Bo. I think old Bo will get a record out of it and I will buy his also! I flipped back and forth between Lost and Idol for two hours, so I missed the bulk of Idol.

No_Newz said...

Sorry your guy didn't win. I'm sure if he made it that far he'll get a sweet record deal too. Bo will be back, I'd bet on it!
Lois Lane