Friday, May 13, 2005

Good mornin

Gooddddddddd morninggggg to you and you and you :o) Man I just woke up and I am tarred as heck. I have a full day and just wanna stay home. School is out in a week n a half that means YAYYYYYYYYYYY no more driving back n forth n back n forth. Todays pay day tooooooo and I have to clean my aunts YAYYYYYYYY extra money and its eddie pay day tooooooooo but i am sure it will all be used for groceries @@ that gets a mega big @@ from me from me from me. Our neighbor cut our grass last night, we had to pay him cause kyles foot is all messed up still. Before he cut it we were outside and savannah saw the icecream man, so i take all the kids out to get icecream. She made a very careful selection of a fudge Mickey Mouse. Well, she just doesn't know how to eat icecream on a hot day and it was dripping and all over her and she was just a smiling sayin look i got mickey and she was so proud she almost didn't want to eat it. Well, Mickeys ear starts leanin a lil and we tell her so shell try to lick it back up. Okay ear gone, falls off to the ground. She looks sad but hey she still has the face, i figured it would be okay. Noooooooooo the whole face peels off the stick and onto the ground. She looked at me and looked at the spilled mess, then looked back and me and that bottom lip puckered up and she just cried and cried and crieeeeeeeeeed. It broke my heart. She didnt want to come in cause she didn't wanna leave mickey out there. Poor girl. Icecream accidents at that age can be traumatic!! On an UGH side she now knows that the dinging bell means Icecream. Lord help us! Okay i gotta go gotta go gotta go right now. Damn detrol commercial!!

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No_Newz said...

Awww poor Savannah! Poor Mickey! You know, it's a good thing Savannah never saw Michael Jackson before his face melted off, that has really scarred me mentally. ;)
Have a great weekend!
Lois Lane