Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Good morning

Okay, you won't believe this,,,,,,,,,,I went to bed at 9:25 last night!! Well Kinda LOL i crawled in bed with savannah to watch some TV with her while she was falling asleep, cept she didn't sleep I DID, she was up running amuck, at 11:15 i got up and then went to my bed and went back to sleep. I feel oddly refreshed this morning. Bad thing though, i ate all day yesterday and today numb vibraty fingers. That can only mean migraine. I hate those sons of bitches. So i guess ill sit close to home cause if i go out and the auras hit it will freak me out. My thigh is still hurting also and i can't figure out what i did to it. I guess if it doesn't go away soon Ill go to the dr. I have to go back to get my iron stores checked in june, i guess i should actually take my freaking iron. I take it sometimes,but i forget alot. Maddie is supposed to be here today, they didn't tell me what time, so that is nice. I have to come straight home cause i don't know when shell be here. Bugs the crap outta me. Well i guess i had better go get my sweet pea outta bed, shes so cute when shes sleeping but when she wakes up, shes not a morning person and will screammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and scream. Juan is up already and my doggie needs to be walked so ill write later.

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Stacey said...

Love the blog, happened upon it. I also have a screamer in the morning. Some days I leave her there if I have no where to go, others I wear ear plugs.