Sunday, May 01, 2005

Sunday May 1st

Gonna try to post a link to test and see if it works. Okay i gotta up there, we shall see. It's been a really busy weekend. Yardsale yesterday, then kyles neices dance recital last night. That isn't a little school recital, they rent out an auditorium and it lasts 3 hrs. They had some kids dressed up, reminded me of stomp they had boxes n such. They were really really really good. I was quite impressed. I am getting ready to go clean my moms and then spend the day at my aunts cleaning, she has guests comin in for the derby. Ill be back to write more later. For now i must go. We wanted to go to the balloon race BUT maddie was supposed to of been here at 6 am and we couldn't get ahold of her mom and we got up and she wasn't here @@ then her mom called and said she wasn't bringing her til 10. We couldve went. Oh well and Grrrrrrrrrrr

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