Monday, May 30, 2005

Pound Pound Pound

goes the head at 9:10 :( Gonna be one of those nights, I can already tell. Headaches like this keep me up all night long usually. I wish for just one day where something doesn't hurt. Just one. :(
Headaches are the worst though. Especially migraines.
My doggie is acting very funny. He was all limping and then using his foot again then limping and he keeps looking at me with his ears pulled back. We had chimmy changas i hope he didn't eat a toothpick of something. Hes just not acting normal. Kyle said hes acting fine, but i am around him 24 hrs a day almost, i know when hes right and not right and somethings off about him. I guess all i can do is watch him since he doesnt talk.
Kyle and I watched Finding Neverland again tonight, I blubbered like an idiot yet again. Its just so sad. So very sad. I hate when people die. Its so final. I hate when things are that final and blah thats all i can say blah.
Well kyle now agrees something is weird i gotta go and figure out whats wrong.


No_Newz said...

I hope your headaches subside and the pooch is a-okay in the morning!
Lois Lane

Cindy said...

I feel your pain, only mine is located in my neck.
Finding Neverland, hmmmmmm such a great movie. I must confess, I'm a Johnny Depp fanatic. I have nearly every movie he's been in.
Benny and Joon was the first movie I saw him in, fell in love with him, and started my quest.