Friday, May 06, 2005


Man anxiety is kicking my butt today. Kyle has a cold, so i may be coming down with what he is dealing with. Right before i get sick i get anxiety. I am so sleepy. I have been cleaning all afternoon but you can't tell. Trying to get it all done. I went to chiro OF COURSE my back didn't adjust. On fridays it never does. As the afternoon wears on its starting to hurt more n more and i just want to kick myself in the ass for going. I am so sleepy i can't keep my eyes open. Thats what i get for staying awake to price kyle ;) Savannah stayed with aunt sprinkles and she will be home at 6 so i do have time to take a lil nap. I may do that. Tomorrow is going to be a long long long day. I gotta make all my own food to take to the party since i have no clue what there has gluten or not. Well i guess i have decided to take a nap it sounds absolutely wonderful, so take care and if i can ill bbl or see ya in the morning. Have a great weekend Everyone!!!!

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