Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oh Boy.....

Okay, For future reference, I will keep in mind, when having an obscure dream, it's best just to keep it to yourself....
We have all had intimate dreams at one time or another...Mine just happened to involve Jimmy Walker and when I looked at him, there was the teeth, and he said DYNOMITE. I woke up out of a dead sleep after he said that. It freaked me out. Of all people to come be in my dream, Jimmy Walker....It's understandable when it's Brad Pitt or Hugh Grant. I have been teased and teased over the past few days about my um dream choice. Thank you for all the kind words and pictures. Some are very creative with their art work. Don't forget, I have photo shop and I'm not afraid to use it.....
Have a happy Tuesday....Have a DYNOMITE Tuesday...
The new Miss Jimmy Walker =) LOL

Monday, September 22, 2008

It's Monday!!

Kids are FINALLY back to school after the hurricane stuff. YAY!!! I went out shopping for a bit... Came home.. cleaning. Been doubling up on the iron but my iron is still not up. UGH, it stinks. Did nothing all weekend. Went to moms. Did some haircuts. It feels like I never talk to an actual person, I had better start calling people so I don't forget how to speak!
Played chutes and ladders with Savannah yesterday. She wouldn't play with me again because I won. I tried and tried to lose, but I kept landing on ladders and her chutes. Basement is still a work in progress. UGH.
Did I mention school back in? YAY!!
have a great Monday all. Happy First day of FALL!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Grandma

My grandma passed away awhile back. Some 17 years or more ago. As my adult years roll on I find myself missing her more and more. So much. Today, Kyle and I had a huge argument, I threw my phone against the wall, I really never throw things. I think it's broke, I don't care. Either way I just sit here at the computer crying and crying. Have been for a few hours. She pops into my head alot. She never yelled at me ever. Not once. That's the thing that I miss the most, her kindness and love to me. She never judged me, never did anything but love me. She used to always ask me to go to church with her, but I don't why I didn't. I don't think I was old enough to drive. I don't know. Whatever the case, I would give my eye teeth to just go to chruch with her once today. The time I remember the most about going to church with her, whoever was driving us, we were in the car and we laughed so hard, I dont even know over what. But we were laughing and laughing. We had gone to McDonalds and I spilled hot chocolate all down my chest. I had this huge stain and figured we would have to go back home. Instead she took me into the bathroom, turned my shirt around backwards and gave me her good sweater. We walked in and we were joined elbow and elbow and she was taking me all around showing me to everyone under the sun. Her face was just beaming with pride. I remember after Sunday School she came got me and we went into the church for the sermon. During it, she picked my hand up and kissed it and then just continued to hold it through the service. She hugged me afterwards and she always smelled so good. It's now that I just wanna go to her and have her kiss my hand and hug me. My heart is absolutely broken because I miss her so much. She was my safe spot. I just love her. Unconditionally without question love her and miss her every day. So today when things are so bad, I just wish to go see her. Just for a second see her and just smell her, feel her arms around me, kissing me on the cheek. Kissing my hand. The things we take for granted in daily life.... the thing I miss most.
My constant.

Hello, Hello, Hello!

Trying to update at least weekly. Gets hard to do. We had the hurricane winds and OOF, they cancelled school all week. Oof and oof again. Everything was a mess. Nothing really going on here. Same stuff, different day but with nicer weather. Today I cleaned my house for ummm 7 straight hours. I'm beat. My legs are killing me. I moved furniture and what nots. Getting ready to go to sleep. I'm pretty exhausted. Boys are doing great, Savannahs doing great. Everyone is doing good. I'm doing okay too!! Can't complain!
Happy Wednesday

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Haven't updated in awhile. O.o
Not too, too much happening. The other day a bat was stuck on the back of my car during day light. Freaked me out pretty badly. Gross. I have pics, I'll have to post. Juan has been doing really well at going to school. Grades are really good. Anthony I haven't seen him bring a book home yet, so we shall see how he is doing. Savannah doesn't like school much. Yesterday she went to school all day, got home at 4:45, had to be whisked off to dance at 5, came home about 7:30, Kyle was trying to help her with her homework and she just sat out there crying. She was so tired. I got mad and said she could do it in the morning. No need in having her cry. She hit the pillow and fell asleep.
My iron is way, way low. Boy, I feel it. I made the grand error of running out of iron and couldn't get any til recently. Oof and oof is it low. I can't describe it, it's like I can't breathe, if I get up to walk my muscles ache and the biggest indicator, bad leg cramps at night. I got some a couple weeks ago and have been double dosing but it takes 6 weeks. I need my energy back and really have to make an effort to keep iron.
Other than that stuff, nothing to report.
Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

My lil baby boy

This is how he slept this morning =) Melts my heart. He is just the best dog in the world. I love him.
Happy Tuesday