Sunday, April 30, 2006

Been a blogger slacker

Man the past few weekends have been so busy, I really can't decide if I am coming or going.
Today i spent the day finishing up My Aunt Sandys house. Although we had fun, it's really sad knowing that shes leaving for good :(
Today was also the last day of uncle Eds. Kyle went for me, but that is done too. No more eddies, no more Sandys. It's kind of sad. I have been taking care of Eddie every weekend for 7 years. I am glad to have my weekends free, but it is still sad.
Hope everyone is having a great Sunday! Enjoy your week

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Been a lil while

Have had a really stressful crappy week. Our stinking power got shut off. It's a long story but ACK we had no power for about a whole day and then half of a next one. That is something I never ever care to relive again. I am scared of the dark and sleeping in the dark house with no sound, nothing. EEK, never again.

This week was awful. Just plain old awful. Today things have mellowed out a lil more. My house is clean, the laundry is almost completley finished.
Can't ask for much more.

Hope everyone has a great week and weekend!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Manic Monday

Well, it's not really manic. I am just plum wore out. We were at our house during waking hours, probably 3 hrs a day, if even that.
Kyle and I both are so tired. We've been sick, we've been working. I was glad to see Monday come. But, since we weren't home all weekend, the house is a wreck and I am spending time straightening up.
I am too tired to do a whole lot, but I am getting it done. I packed away all savannahs winter clothes in tubs. 5 full tubs, stuffed full of winter clothes. My step sister is a shop a holic and passes all her stuff down to savannah. It's nice, but Oh Lord, could someone wear that much stuff in a season?
I'm so sleepy. I didn't fall asleep til Midnight. I was trying to get stuff together for a garage sale we are having. My step sister has a ton of baby stuff she is getting rid of, my stuff is just stuff. I have it marked so cheap i don't think it can be turned down LOL. I want it all gone!
We are going to try to do it this weekend. Looks like a couple of people are calling for rain on saturday. So we shall see. I hope and pray it doesn't cause my back room is full and the next opportunity would be after Derby. Thats 3 weeks away and I don't wanna wait that long.
I want it all gone!
Okay I gotta run, the girls are playing outside and i have to crawl up the stairs to check on them. I am just now getting feeling in my feet after being on them all weekend :)

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Saturday, saturday, saturday, saturday, LOL i was doing a lil sir Elton!
I am finally over another migraine. This one was rough. It started Wed. I usually get weepy or mad and i got weepy and mad shoooooo double combo. Thursday i woke up and my head hurt so bad, i couldn't even move. I think i took 4 baths on thursday. Nothing at all worked. I had to babysit so basically just walked around, if i sat it hurt, if i laid down it hurt.

Yesterday it was still there a little, but when they go away i get really funky feeling. I told kyle it felt like i had fish in my head LOL he didn't understand that, but my head felt swimmy. I can't explain it at all but kinda like swimmy LOL
makes no sense i know. My vision gets funky, my ears hurt, i feel fonky. Today it is almost gone and the weird stuff like numbness and such is all going away, so thats a plus.

The rain has finally gone. our sump pump kicks on twice an hour, it never has done it like that before weird. Weird. and rainy weird.

Okay i gotta run, i have a full day ahead.
Take care all
Happy Sat n Sunday

Friday, April 21, 2006

Rain Rain Rain

All it's done for days is severe storm and rain.
I'm tired of rainnnnnnnnnnn

Nothing much going on. Had a headache all day yesterday!
Gas is too high to go anywhere

Still cleaning LOL

its been raining alot that is for sure!
Dunno what we are going to do this weekend.
Hope everyone has a great one!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Our Easter

We had a great Easter, Dyed eggs the night before, Got up went to church. Went to kyles moms, my moms and then my uncle eddies. Also stopped in to see my dad. Heres pics of of egg dyeing and Easter morning!
The first one, I was putting eggs in front of the camera, making savannah an egg body and she was none too pleased :)
Easter Morning

Monday, April 17, 2006

Been awhile

Since i have blogged.
Nothing to blog about.
My entries are almost the same every day.
What did I do today? I bet you can answer before you read any further
I cleaned this crap hole AGAIN.
I babysat.
I cried.

Joy Joy Joy, my life is 3 sentences or less
It's unappreciated very much by my family. They take me for granted, daily.

I am frustrated.
I am sad.

I'm tired of no one in this house knowing to pick up something. This morning i got out of bed, after anthony, after kyle and after juan. Savannah and i were the only ones in bed. I get up and they ALL left the trash filled to the brim, overflowing everywhere. It was on the floor where opie nosed through it. They leave it. Why???????????????
Cause good old Dianna will come behind them and pick up every bit of their stinking mess.
Gotta go more laundry to do, more dishes to do, someone will be hungry or thirsty and I am the only one who knows how to do any of it.
I probably wont blog for a few days, the entries really never change, so if you wanna know what I did all week, just read this one over n over again. It won't change.
Have a good week.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

I need to be cleaning on Thursday

But, I don't wanna. I live with slobs and none of them make any effort to clean up anything. They know I will do it. Im tired of cleaning this place. If I don't clean 10 min of every hour it falls to pieces.

It's hot again today. 82. I usually run the air in February and even earlier. But I refuse to give L G and E any more of my money than I have to. It's going to have to be pretty dern hot before I turn my air on. I will suck it up. I couldn't believe Kyle actually had to turn the air on the other day. He's never caved first. Our gas bill is soooooooooooo high and since we don't have to use heat, why not just not give them any money. If I had a bike that could hold 6 kids, Id probably take it instead of driving.

Any one out there in Louisville with a concrete drill bit?? I want my flag pole hung and I could tell kyle about 20 times a day and it still won't get hung. So if anyone out there has a bit and can come hang my pole, I BEGGGGGGG YOU LOL :P just as long as you aren't psycho!! LOL

Okay, i gotta go and CLEANNNNNN In the heat LOL But Im not gonna turn that air on!!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I think its Tuesday

Im pretty sure it is anyway cause AI comes on LOL
Having an okay day. I'm in an anxiety cycle. I have panic attacks and free floating anxiety as I have written, but it gets bad in cycles. Usually once with in 6 mos. Its nice to pin point, but I hate when it comes. I really just don't feel well and anxiety on top of it all. Sigh.

My back hurts where dr cook injured it. When it gets warm it flares up. GRRRR I just hope it fully goes away with time.

I got my living room and kitchen spotless again!! The backroom thats a different story. I just haven't been able to get up to clean it.

Well, thats enough of my whinin today. I hope AI is good, i read their song lists and i was shocked at the songs they all chose!

Happy Tuesday

Monday, April 10, 2006

Make way for Noddy

HONK HONK HONK is what I hear at 2:30 am and hear my daughter laughing. UGHHHHHHHH I am worn out. Not only was she up at 2:30 watching TV she stayed up til after 3:30 watching Noddy and Pengu and other things. SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

I had to get up early to go to the Dr. I had the dracula nurse from hell to draw my blood work. She did a terrible job, I am very bruised and she was meannnnnnnnn.
After I had my bloodwork done she told me to go sit in the hall and wait for my results. Well I stood, I didn't wanna sit, Ihad been sitting for 3 hrs waiting. She comes out and yells at me "Sit down, til the dr gets out here" I told her "I Don't wanna sit" a few minutes pass by and she storms at me telling me to sit again. @@ shooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I didn't sit LOL.

She didn't even wear gloves when she drew my blood. She did the alcohol wipes and then took her fingers and felt my arm with no gloves, what if she had been boodie pickin or nose pickin and she is touching my arm. @@

My iron is low yet again. That suprises me because.....................
I need to take my iron every day. Ican't remember it every day. I am gonna make a big mental note!

The weather is nice, the kids are all outside and i am inside trying to stay awake. Tonight TV has to go on roseanne or something, no more Noddy, Honk Honk Honk!

have a great Monday Monday!! La la la la la la

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Savannahs Birthday

Yesterday outside of it being Savannahs birthday, was pretty much WEIRD from the get go. I won't even say bad, even though mostly from my perspective it was. Everything, that could've gone wrong, pretty much did. The only fun part of the day for me was getting to sit down with Mike, linda, kyle, johnny and angie and Laughing. That part of it was fun. Mike N Linda are 2 people that can make you laugh and laugh and laugh til you pee your pants. Very very funny. I needed a good laugh after all the insanity.

I am becoming quite an observer of snide comments, I was on the receiving end of quite a few snide comments yesterday. I do realize them. That's okay, if it makes you feel better to rub stuff in, you go right ahead, it doesn't bother me a bit :c)

It's funny to watch people TRY to say something to bug me.......I guess they don't realize what I have been through in my life and I think its funny watching them make comments to me, to try to hurt me. They can't. But its fun watching them try.

Yesterday was so weird, Oh my just weird. Tense moments all around LOL I thought we were gonna have a couple brawls!! I was trying to keep the peace in every direction. It was crazy, absolutely crazy.

So in a nutshell, the week started with the bouncy fiasco, then a cake fiasco, then Im on the crap list fiasco, then the rain and the cold weather LOL, it was nuts, all around nuts.

My baby girl is 4 :) She was happy as could be!

Kyle is at my dads picking us up a recliner. We really haven't any place to sit. Just one chair we fight over, the other is Opies. We don't have the extra money for a couch right now, So my dad gave us a recliner. I had to get it cause I'm on the crap list and it would probably be on the curb if I didn't come get it today. Shoooooooooooooo Momma I am on the list again ;) LOL you know how that goes.

I can't wait to recline YAYYYYY :) we are very very blessed and I will count them even though days are rough.

I will hold my tongue and make no snide comments, because I see how tacky it makes people look

I will go clean my dads basement tonight, for him, because I love him.

I will take my shower and get to bed

And I will call Mike N Linda and ask them to have me N Kyle over for a pre Derby bash, with marshmallows and fire :) HINT HINT HINT LOL

We picked the boys up from there today and they had all the chairs around their firepit, the nerve of them not inviting us LOL :P

Have a great Sunday all!!!

Friday, April 07, 2006

wahh we had a tornado tonight

I am still sick and scared, it was actually on the ground by my freaking house :((((( i feel so violated and LOL and a :( that was some scary business. It went through all of south louisville and was behind a highschool a couple blocks up from me. Im tired, Im sick to my stomach and I am ready for spring to be over now. Hope all my louisville people are safe and sound tonight!
Tomorrow is savannahs birthday, dodging tornados today I got nothing finished. I need a shower but its still storming out :( Ugh my nerves are shot!
Have a great night

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

I have been so busy and things have been super hectic. The dishwasher was temporarily broke and then the bouncy crisis and spring break! First off let me let you know I updated our remodling blog click there and it will take you there. I have a couple more rooms left to do.
Yesterday I took all the kiddies and ventured to downtown louisville. We went to waterfront park. The kids played on the playgrounds. We visited the river. Ate lunch in the park. Then went to the Louisville slugger museum to see the big bat and such. Then went to the childrens museum.. I was beat. I took 5 kids with me. Then today ZOO YAY!! I have been bugging n bugging my aunt curl to go. So today we went! We had a great time and My cuz Linney came also! It was nice going there but Holy COW It was crowded!!! After that i went and took care of my uncle eddie then I went and cleaned my moms and came home. I am pooped! I have included a bunch of pics from both days below. I took a ton but only am gonna bore you with a few LOL :) Have a great Wednesday!

The Big Bat
They saw a boat flyin by on the river
eatin some lunch
Above is Savannah at the African Savannah LOL
This is the Lorakeets on my son Juan. They kept pecking him and pecking him and grabbing his ears LOL, they would chew on his jacket and pull his hair. They wouldn't leave him alone so I had to get the handler to get them off so we could Leave LMAO
Savannah leavin the tulips
AWWW My family :)

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Time Change Day

I Just got out of bed and its almost 10:30, I am already behind before I even wake up LOL!!

We are due some mega bad thunderstorms, prayyyyyyyyy they stay away!!

I have a basement now but still, I can live without tornados.

I gotta go clean my mommas today and cut her hair. We spent the morning and afternoon shopping, no kids :) It was soooooooooooo nice!!

I am bored and needed something to do, so I started making korker bows :) I made my first last night!! Pic is gonna be after the post! It needs some tweaking and I experimented with ribbon and I like the thicker textured ribbon, opposed to the thin stuff its just too shaggy!! I am going to start experimenting with all sorts of bows :) YAY!!

I haven't updated the house blog, I am going to try to do that this morning too :)

Okay heres my first bows!
korker 1

Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Lonely Boys

Both my boys are having trouble. Juan is having some fits again. Pretty bad ones here lately. He's back in therapy. Anthony is on a waiting list.

They both ask me why certain people don't want to see them. For Juan it's his dad, he wants to know why he writes them letters and he never calls or wants to see him. I don't know the answer to this, but I take alot of the wrath for it. Alot of his problems stem from rejection. It's hard to know your dad doesn't want you and you don't have a clue why.

Anthony, his dads side of the family, basically fell off the face of the earth. He asks why so and so doesn't see him, or how come so and so doesnt come over. They think I have all these answers. As time goes on, I just get angrier and angrier at the people who hurt my kids. They did nothing, NOTHING to deserve not being worthy of someones time.

The whole lot of them will have excuses or say they were too busy or this and that. Thats fine. When anthonys dad died everyone wanted to see him. Maybe out of guilt for the way they had done his dad when he was alive. Over the years, they disappeared. They pop up everyonce in awhile at a store and a select few call, well wait, they don't even call anymore. When they get to feeling guilty, usually around August when brett died. They'll call him. That will satisfy their guilt for another year or so. Maybe rush in at christmas to give them some gifts, but then rush out the door to go to others families who are more important.

That's okay, Ill be there to pick up the pieces. I've been picking up the pieces for damn near 15 years. But Im about done with the people doing it. One thing I know about me, when I am done, I am done. I'm almost there.

These people don't get the wrath of it. I do. With Juan theres alot of wrath, alot of hate and alot of anger. Anthony theres sadness, Anger and just sad.

Have a great Saturday all.