Monday, October 30, 2006


all my blogs are on the blinks
testing to see if this post works
If u can comment please let me know if u see it cause all i get are errors

Monday, October 16, 2006

Hey all

Photo blogger has been updated from our trip to Hubers yesterday. To start from the beginning, go to the canoe picture and work your way up!
Updated Photo Blogger

Friday, October 13, 2006

Far from eight men

Today I had the 3 girls with me all day. I had groceries in my hand and fighting with the door to unlock. I get the girls in the house. Try to get their lunch to them. Its hectic. I'm extremely cranky.....................
The new baby I watch walks over to Opies Bowl and puts a bunch of dog food in his water.
I raise my voice "No, No, you aren't supposed to do that" Flustered I went to dump the water in the sink yet again.
My lovely daughter looks over at the baby and says "Congratulations, you really pissed her off"
Out of the mouth of babes
Happy Friday

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Why in the hell

Do they keep shockin and beatin up my Sawyer????? Okay the first shock, they shocked him on his chest, why on earth didn't he button up his shirt. I don't think it would've really mattered. But ACK Leave him alone all freaking ready.
I loved the show last night. I read through the boards and alot of people are complaining that it isn't that good and this and that. But I LOVE IT! i think its perfect. They are answering questions, they are also creating more, but if they didn't they wouldn't have a show.
I love Ben! People think I am nuts, but I really don't think he's bad. I love his character and I think hes a good guy.
I'm gonna be so sad when they go on hiatus for sooooooooooooo longggggggg :o(
Not much going on today. Went to the store. It's freezing outside. Brrrrrrrrrrr Too cold for my blood!
Have a Happy Thursday all!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I love LOST, I love Sawyer above :o) Love Wednesdays because they are both on.
Sorry Kylie Wylie, you know how I am about Sawyer LOL
Today has been crazy and bluch, but the one saving star is LOST tonight.
Yesterday I was in a slump so I watched movies
Started the day off with Shop girl. Liked the movie okay, hated and I do mean HATED the guy she ended up with. So hard to believe that he "changed" because face it, men don't change.
2cd movie was Dreamer. Such an awesome awesome movie! I love LOVE LOVED It! Savannah did also!!
3rd movie of the day was Click with adam sandler. Soooooooooooooo freaking funny. Not for children but OMG hilarious! I laughed quite a bit! :o)
Today we watched Elf.
Then A Christmas Story.
Savannah is now watching, Mickeys Once Upon a Christmas.
It's been raining all day and satellite goes out and we have nothing to do. The weather is very unpleasant!
Happy Wednesday
PS my cousin arrived safetly in Eithiopia so thanks for all prayers! keep praying because they have a long trip still!! Then theres the flight home!

Friday, October 06, 2006

It's Finally FRIDAY!

I'm ready for it too!!
My aunt Sandy sent an email saying to pray for Psycho bird boy on The day of St. Francis.
The last bird attack happened about 3 weeks ago.
All had been quiet in the hood.
Yesterday Maddies mom killed our lil chipmunk accidentally. She ran over it in the road.
It was at the end of our driveway and got killed :(
So last night after no birdboy in 3 weeks at all. Hadn't even seen him.
We are all sitting on the couch and love seat. Talking. Like a worm on a hook for a fish. An anmial carcus is bait for bird boy. He has carcus spotting techniques, us normal people don't have. All the sudden.... Bird boy drives by on his bike, Checking us all out. Anthony was standing up and kept looking back at psycho bird boy. He gives us this awful devilish grin and UGH he's now sicko psycho bird boy. He proceeds to keep driving his bike over and over and over again over the dead chipmunk carcus. He drives over it, looks at us and LAUGHS. Hello sicko psycho bird boy its dead already. Well, he drives over it sooooooo much it splits in half and sicko psycho bird boy keeps stopping to check his work out. He gets super close to the road kill too. Bluch. This morning the whole carcus is gone. On his fence maybe?
Yes Yes Yes Folks
Sicko Psycho Bird Boy was his NAME-O
Who does this stuff?
Makes my Cocoa pebbles feel kinda funny in my stomach thinking of that whole scenario.
A little vent today about my oldest son. He has learned the amendments in school and now is on a free speech kick. He got a bad conduct grade in school (talking) and he goes on a long rant about how he has free speech and he can talk wherever he wants and no one can tell him he can't cause it's his right. So now he does it at home, arguing with us and arguing with us cause it's his right.
I'm gonna to make him go live with Sicko Psycho Birdboy was his Name-O if he doesn't quit with that, its my right stuff.
Kids now a days take stuff like that WAYYYYYYYY Outta context. Sigh.
Happy Friday to All, even Sicko, Psycho, Bird boy was his Name-O runnnnn Birdies RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN Hideeee fly away!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thursday :)

LOST was soooooooooo good. It should've been longer for the premiere, but since we are getting jipped after 6 weeks I guess they couldn't.
Alot of people don't like Henry, but I do. Don't know why, but I do. He's a good bad guy. Ethan on the other hand was super creepy in a far out way.
Not much happening today, Moms neighborhood sale is this weekend and we are gonna do some stuff there.
I gotta run, cranky kids and a dog who needs to go outside cause his eyeballs are floating.
Have a Happy Friday tomorrow!!!
Happy Thursday too!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

LOST are you ready?

I am sooooooooooooooooooooo freaking excited about LOST Premiering tonight! I was veryyyyyyy excited, til my auntie Sandy sent me a link saying that they are doing 6 episodes and then going on a 12 week hiatus. UGH!!!!!!!! and NOOOOOOOO I loveeeee that show!
I can't wait til tonight to watch it! It is supposed to rain and I will be so mad if my tv goes out (we have stupid direct tv) Next year we are cancelling direct and going back to cable for sure.
Window guy came over last night. We have gotten a few estimates, some 4000 for all the windows, last night the estimate was over 8,000 for all the windows. We decided to.......... Go with the 8,000 windows LOL. Here's the deal folks as he said 100 times. The windows, when he showed them to us, were 100% better than the other windows. He brought one of the other windows we looked at and had it spliced and then showed us their windows. We lived in a house with the cheapy windows and I noticed the flaws for myself and Kyle too, they were the same flaws that he pointed out. Plus those 4,000 windows were only made to last to the warranty of 7 years. These windows only let heat in in winter time because of the angle of the sun, the material they are made of is way thicker and THE BEST PART OF ALL......... The windows are warrantied for a lifetime. If we sell the house, the warranty goes to the next people. If a problem occurs with any of the windows EVER, they replace them. There are no catches. We checked out the BBB and they had no complaints ever. They don't advertise except at the houses they do because they think word of mouth is the best advertisement. Their product without a doubt was the best. So because it was so high, we are doing the front of the house and the storm door like real soon. Then they guarantee that price for a year and then we will do the back. He showed us how much our electric bill will drop and I really liked the product. The doors have the same warranty, next year the sun room will get the nice doors. The glass in all the windows have a 10 year warranty, so if we break it, they replace it. 10 years.
I really have seen that you do get what you pay for and I think the windows are a good investment and the transferred warranty is a good selling point. Even if we throw a tree through the front window, they fix it. I like that :o)
I will be sure to take lots of before pics. I have to wait awhile cause they have custom make them to fit our openings. But YAY :o)
Okay gotta run Watch LOST :) YAYYYYY

Monday, October 02, 2006

Monday Monday Monday

My I don't have to run day. Well......... It turned out to be a I have to run day. Woke up LATE! as usual, had to hurry get ready, get cranky Savannah out of bed. Get in the car, go to the bank. Forgot I left the credit card at home.
Get to the Eye Appt for the boys. Do you know that for both boys to get eye exams and contacts (with full insurance for one of them) it was 260 freaking bucks.
Then over to the Dr. For Juans appt. I don't like going to Juans appts because they always argue with me over his insurance. Haven't heard from his dad in years. Well........ In the divorce, it states he has to keep insurance on him as long as he's in the military. Okayyy...Well, I can't access in the insurance without a military ID card. I don't know where he is and no one will talk to me at the ins company, cause of the privacy laws, they will only talk to his dad. Where's the logic in that.
I was sooooo mad cause they weren't going to see him. She kept telling me "I need a card" I firmly told her "I can't give you something I don't have, you call the ins. company, you get this crap"
I was crying so she finally left me alone.
Juan got his check up. Got his shots.
Savannah came home through a holy terror of a fit over green goo
Dinner is already finished, I Need a shower. Then maybe a walk.
Mondays stink
Happy Monday

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunday Evening

I can't believe this weekend is already gone.
Now that Big bro is over, I'm back to blogging LOL. I sure miss BB though.
Today was housecleaning day at moms and then bible study.
I love getting together with the aunts. We have a really good time :o) I always feel better after bible study.
Today at the end of the video, the lady talked about God making peoples lights shine. I think at one time, I blogged something like that.
I think of everyone as lights. When you look at the world from above, there are bright lights and dim lights and some black spaces. I think there are alot of people whos lights shine bright and then there are some (for me) that are very dark.
My cousin and her hubby are going to Ethiopia to visit some of their friends who are on a mission there. So if you could keep them in your prayers for a safe trip all around, it would be appreciated.
Tomorrow is business as usual. Kyle back to work. I was supposed to babysit but she called saying she won't be here mon. tues. I dunno. I get tired of people not telling me this stuff, til last minute.
Boys have eye dr appts and Juan a pyhsical. Busy day.
Have a Happy Sunday Evening to all.