Sunday, April 27, 2008

Been awhile

Been a long, long while. I would make a post and it would disappear... hopefullly they got that straight. Long boring weekend. Did get my hair done tho... Owooooooo!! umm not much else... it's derby week :)
Hope everyone is well!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

OMG I'm straight up TRIPPING!!

I have this letter on my desk from this guy named Bruce and I'm thinking okay Junk mail............... OWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Holy's a love letter from a guy back in 1995 but it wasnt' for me. He tracked down Dianna F.... (took out my last name cause that's googleable) through the sheriff and a lawyer.........In it he says that he was in the shower with a guy named Tommy and he got out and showed me his sausage and "Dianna" showed him her breast and backside and he wish he could've got it on with me back then. Owoooooooooo and owooooooooooo and Owoooooooooooooooo I was trying to think where i was back then but i was def not in Marshfield TX......shoo you better make sure you have the right Dianna before you start sending stuffs about your sausage!! OWOOOOOOO!!!!


We had an earthquake this morning.......I thought the washer was on extreme spin cycle....... YIKES!!! Woke me up out of dead sleep. Ours was lil I can't imagine how CA people do it, scared me!

Everythings going okay. I went to bed extremely early. Worn out.

Happy Friday.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


today hasn't been the best of days. not even sure if i really care.
it's just long......time has been going by slowly.
people make mistakes. that's what makes us human.
forgiveness that comes easy for me, isn't always easy for others.
i tend to screw up more than an average person.
i have a friend who was talking to me last night. trying to pick me up.
he said some words i wish i could drill into my head.
my value isn't based on what other people think of me. my value
comes from God and i should start there.
i never looked at it like that before, because i base
my value on what others think of me.
another big mistake.
happy wednesday
at least for some

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Evening Post

Old Mamaw passed away a few minutes ago. Had a stroke. Most of the family knows who old Mamaw is, for those who read who do not, it's Anthony's great grandma. The boys are very upset. They always loved staying all night up there. Hunting frogs and swimming. Anthony ran off to his room. Very sad.
Night all, say prayers lots of them.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Morn

Or afternoon I guess. Just got home from dentist. Teeth are nice and shiny. Bad news of course, got to have the rest of my wisdom teeth pulled. Gave me my xrays to take to oral surgeon. Want me knocked out cause they have to be cut out. I'm not really happy about it and thinking about it. Juan went had broken another tooth. They started fixing that. One of his baby teeth is broken, but he doesn't have a permanent tooth under that so there's a bunch of options none of which are cheap. So I dunno.
Other than that everything is going as good as it can be. I'm not depressed really anymore. Not severely anyways like I was in March. That was probably some of the roughest times I have had ever in my life. All the top stressors I have and being sick on top of it PHEW just glad it's passed. I'm still struggling but not to that magnitude by any means.
Kids all went back to school today..........Ahhh I just dropped off Juan, gonna get a shower and I guess either watch a movie or find something to do.
House is clean, laundry is done.
Computer is okay...........lately it just causes me stress and well who needs anymore stress than they have already? Not to mention I just have no desire to TT it's not the same and no desire for anything... I dunno what to do.
Okay Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday :)
Love ya lots!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday :)

Mornin everybody!! Slept very well. Guess I'm going to moms this morning. Then coming home and Hmm I dunno!!

My evening last night was soooooo peaceful. You guys have no clue how peaceful it was. I was in heaven I think. Just quiet and being able to clean and keep it clean was such an awesome feeling. The dogs were so quiet. Ahhhhh!

They go back to school tomorrow, Juan and I have a dental appt in the morning. No bad stuff, just cleaning. LOL YAY!! easy appt!!

Other than that life is looking up. Like I said yesterday a sprig of hope, I do think I'm gonna be okay :)

Happy Sunday!
Enjoy your day.
Rain, rain stay away!!
PS Someone emailed me and asked me to post a bigger pic of myself than on my profile. oof I have one that was taken a month or so ago but this is all I have..... Sorry Owoooooo I don't like pics.
PSS the lie is number 2, me dress like a clown when I fear them LMAO Noooooooooooo and Nooooooooo and NOOOOOOOOOOOO :)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Howdy, Howdy on a Saturday

Whole house has been empty all day :) Got the living room spic and span, got my plants moved out on the sun porch. Did a TON of laundry AND got it put away ummm........Just did so much :) stayed off the puter most of the day. Dogs have been so quiet all day!! Psycho bird boy is on spring break already a dead bird in my yard GRRRRRRRR I really don't like that boy.

Thunder over Louisville was tonight and that means Derby time!!! I can't wait to photograph the balloon race :) I enjoyed the F 16s from my own home this year. Thanks but NO THANKS!!! oof!

My stomach is 100% better. Fever is all gone. Kids have not gotten it. All the bleach I used I don't see how anything could be alive in that bathroom.

Not much else to report. Everyones allergies have gone bukoo bonkers. I'm extremely scared about Dizziness coming back. I think I will always have that fear. Funny how a 5 minute dizzy spell can be so severe that you throw 7 mos away worrying about it happening again. ::Shrugs:: I think most of my family is affected by dizziness somehow. Ahh genes!! Why can't we just pass on the good ones!!

Happy Saturday. For once I can say...... I think I'll be okay... Had some hope today I haven't had in a long time.

Love to everyone

Friday, April 11, 2008

4 truths 1 lie

Melzie Welzie had this over at her bloggety blog
Which are the truth, which is the lie Har har har!!

1. When I was 17 I had a nice mohawk, nose pierced, totally punk rocked out and rode a skateboard.

2. To pay my way through hair school, I would dress up like a clown and perform at children's birthday parties and school functions.

3. When I was a little girl, I dropped my glasses in the Gulf of Mexico they were whisked away by waves.....A bit later my dad happened to step on them and find them.

4. I have a crazy uncle who wears towels on his head and has dinner with monkeys.

5. I eat coffee creamer the powdered kind off of a spoon.


Thank God. Still not feeling like myself. Ran a fever all night. Was very achey. Dizzy some. I know I'm dehydrated my contacts are sticking to my eyes. Crawled through Walmart this morning to get some light stuff to eat. Haven't eaten anything of substance since Wednesday. All liquids. Just tried a couple bites of chicken broth, we shall see. Kids are all good. So much bleach stuff in bathroom, they shouldn't get sick. Spring break has done me in. I truly have gotten spoiled to quiet mornings and ugh without them, I don't function well.
Need a summer plan.
Going to crawl back in bed.
Happy Friday
Enjoy Thunder Over Louisville if you go

Thursday, April 10, 2008


have a bad, bad stomach flu. Been in bed almost all day. Really only been up for an hour. High fever. Sick,sick, sick.
Going to crawl back in bed and pray this goes away soon.
Almost at the 12 hr mark hoping it's better

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Happy Sunday!

Been at moms most of the mid afternoon, just got home. Anthony has a date tonight. The sun is FINALLY Shining!! YAY!! Spring break starts this week. Dogs are geeks!!
Kyle and I are arguing... Things are normal.
Sassy Savannah is very scared about her tooth. She goes back and forth from being excited to "will it bleed?" it's cute. Her birfday as she says it is Tuesday. Probably cake and ice cream and party later on this month. Derby time around here is nuts.
Okay have a happy Sunday I guess I'm gonna find a place to hide that's quiet...

Saturday, April 05, 2008


Happy Saturday!
Not much at all going on.... Haven't been blogging much.
Have I mentioned how sick of rain I am? If not let me mention it........... I'm sick of rain! Savannahs birthday is coming up. She has her first loose tooth.
It's sweet but sad.
Oh well....... Getting ready to clean my house then do nothing!! YAY!!!
I can barely contain the excitement!
Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My visit with Dorothy Ann

Last night I was sound asleep and had a dream...Dorothy Ann my aunt came to visit me. At first I was scared because she was moving chairs but there was no person. The phone started ringing and her body appeared and she answered the phone. After she hung up she came over to Savannah and said "Well, it's about time you came to visit me" Her hair was up in rollers and she had on this pink like houserobe I guess and she sat in this wooden rocking chair. We started talking about everything and she said she wanted to give me a hug so she comes over and I'm in that state where I'm dreaming and half awake and I feel super cold and heavy and I am trying to wake up. I wake up and fall directly back to sleep and pick up at the same part of the dream. She said "Dianna do me a favor you call the family over while I go and get Polly from down the road" I asked why I needed to call them and she smiled and said "I call them all the time, that's what the dead silence is. They can hear you better than they can me." So I call everyone and here comes Dorothy Ann up the road with Polly and polly looked exactly the same. Was weird. The family gets there and she said I don't want to alarm them so tell them that I am here... So I take everyone into a room and tell them. They all don't believe and then Dorothy comes (you can see her but she is see through) and they all start hugging and laughing. Everyone is catching up on old times and she said she needed to make sure everyone was okay and needed to answer a question of Michaels. So she walks over and starts talking to Michael and they both are crying and crying and everyone in the room starts crying..... She visited a bit more and looked at Jeanette and said "When the chair moves it's me" she told Polly they had a sunrise to catch and we all watched from a porch as they walked down the road..............Was totally weird but in a way very comforting. Every member of our living family was there and her voice was teh same, her looks were the same. Was so comforting and almost like we had a real family visit. So to my family did any of you have the same dream? Did we visit?? Was very cool!!!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy Tuesday!!

Hi hi!! Hope everyone is well. I still have a bit of a cold. Yesterday had a very long dentist appt. Was very sore afterwards to the point where I was in tears much of the evening. I wasn't scared at all there. Did well, despite the torture.
Savannah is back to being well. She has been April fooling all day long.
Not much else going on.
Happy Tuesday Soon to be Wednesday!!