Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday :)

Mornin everybody!! Slept very well. Guess I'm going to moms this morning. Then coming home and Hmm I dunno!!

My evening last night was soooooo peaceful. You guys have no clue how peaceful it was. I was in heaven I think. Just quiet and being able to clean and keep it clean was such an awesome feeling. The dogs were so quiet. Ahhhhh!

They go back to school tomorrow, Juan and I have a dental appt in the morning. No bad stuff, just cleaning. LOL YAY!! easy appt!!

Other than that life is looking up. Like I said yesterday a sprig of hope, I do think I'm gonna be okay :)

Happy Sunday!
Enjoy your day.
Rain, rain stay away!!
PS Someone emailed me and asked me to post a bigger pic of myself than on my profile. oof I have one that was taken a month or so ago but this is all I have..... Sorry Owoooooo I don't like pics.
PSS the lie is number 2, me dress like a clown when I fear them LMAO Noooooooooooo and Nooooooooo and NOOOOOOOOOOOO :)

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Do worry Di, Summer is just around the corner.

Hope you guys are doing well. Love Lisa