Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Morn

Or afternoon I guess. Just got home from dentist. Teeth are nice and shiny. Bad news of course, got to have the rest of my wisdom teeth pulled. Gave me my xrays to take to oral surgeon. Want me knocked out cause they have to be cut out. I'm not really happy about it and thinking about it. Juan went had broken another tooth. They started fixing that. One of his baby teeth is broken, but he doesn't have a permanent tooth under that so there's a bunch of options none of which are cheap. So I dunno.
Other than that everything is going as good as it can be. I'm not depressed really anymore. Not severely anyways like I was in March. That was probably some of the roughest times I have had ever in my life. All the top stressors I have and being sick on top of it PHEW just glad it's passed. I'm still struggling but not to that magnitude by any means.
Kids all went back to school today..........Ahhh I just dropped off Juan, gonna get a shower and I guess either watch a movie or find something to do.
House is clean, laundry is done.
Computer is okay...........lately it just causes me stress and well who needs anymore stress than they have already? Not to mention I just have no desire to TT it's not the same and no desire for anything... I dunno what to do.
Okay Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday :)
Love ya lots!!!


for_the_lonely said...

I am glad that you are feeling better, Di! So happy to read that things are looking up for you as well! Yea! :)

Love you,

Shanda said...

Glad things are looking up. Your smart to stay busy. Sometimes are own thoughts can almost cripple us. Idle hands are the devel's workshop and so are idle minds. I know from experience. I live life now hanging on to the edge by my toe nails.Busy, Busy, Busy. Some how it works for me. You know they say a genuis thrives on chaos. Maybe its been awhile since someone told you that your a genuis. I think you are. My hubby says genius also thrive on bull-shit. Whatever. Anyhow. I like reading your blog and seeing your pictures. You are a very talented photographer. You could be in business if ya wanted.
See ya,