Saturday, April 12, 2008

Howdy, Howdy on a Saturday

Whole house has been empty all day :) Got the living room spic and span, got my plants moved out on the sun porch. Did a TON of laundry AND got it put away ummm........Just did so much :) stayed off the puter most of the day. Dogs have been so quiet all day!! Psycho bird boy is on spring break already a dead bird in my yard GRRRRRRRR I really don't like that boy.

Thunder over Louisville was tonight and that means Derby time!!! I can't wait to photograph the balloon race :) I enjoyed the F 16s from my own home this year. Thanks but NO THANKS!!! oof!

My stomach is 100% better. Fever is all gone. Kids have not gotten it. All the bleach I used I don't see how anything could be alive in that bathroom.

Not much else to report. Everyones allergies have gone bukoo bonkers. I'm extremely scared about Dizziness coming back. I think I will always have that fear. Funny how a 5 minute dizzy spell can be so severe that you throw 7 mos away worrying about it happening again. ::Shrugs:: I think most of my family is affected by dizziness somehow. Ahh genes!! Why can't we just pass on the good ones!!

Happy Saturday. For once I can say...... I think I'll be okay... Had some hope today I haven't had in a long time.

Love to everyone

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