Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!
Haven't felt like writing or talking to anyone really.
Everyone's good tho.
Happy Friday!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Sunday

We all have been sick. Juan and Savannah both missed some school time last week. Is it allergies, is it funk? Me n Savannah ran a fever. Um.......nothing else going on. Cleaned this morning, feel a bit dizzy. I wanna move out of the ohio valley. I wanna go to Arizona, smack dab in the middle of the desert with the dingos, the scorpions, tarantulas......I'd take them all to get out of the muck we live in. Gag.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Good Lord have mercy, I didn't even have to check the weather to know that ragweed is in. I'm coughing, sneezing, eyes are bluchy. I feel miserable. Just to make sure it wasn't something else went to the pollen page and sure enough ragweed is very high. I have been off and on dizzy again. Grr. Since last September was the date I first got the dizzy virus, I am paranoid of that date coming up. Makes no sense at all, but it was that miserable that I do worry about it.
Anthonys birthday was on the 14th, we had to stay at moms had no power. Stress. Gotta love it.
Happy Saturday

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bad Mood

I am in such a bad mood today. So much little stuff annoying me to death. Juan 2nd day of school already gone to missing the bus. Threw his school papers all over his room. Didn't bother to do his homework, as long as he is outside with "Chris who is home schooled COUGH COUGH" He wants to quit school when he is 16 to go into the lawn care business like Chris and his dad. So he doesn't need school. I wanna move away from here. Far, far away. I can not wait til that happens. Anthony liked shcool but lately is hateful as hell to everyone. Constantly screams at Savannah, if he is asked to do something goes off. Totally out of character. One thing I have noticed in this house is everyone thinks I should do everything. All of it. I had been keeping the laundry done every day and put away. The dryer broke. I can't get to the washer anymore. My basement has been turned upside down since June and nothing has been put back together I can't get into the room down there. All my stuff is down there. Someone looked for socks in there and instead of looking in the basket, what the hell, they just dump it over onto the floor. What's it matter I will pick it up. It will probably be 2010 before the toilet is put back in down there. It's in the bedroom down there. I wish I could do that stuff myself. It's frustrating. Everything is.
Happy Whatever Day it is

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Uncle Mike

Uncle Mike passed away this morning. It's very sad and I'm not really sure what to write. You take the nicest person you know and multiply it by 1000 and that's what type of person he was. Him and Savannah had a very special bond and not having him in her life growing up, is going to be a big loss for her. He loved showing her things. When we had come down to fish, his face would light up.
For those who do not know, he recently had been diagnosed with Colon Cancer. They did some treatments, it worked for awhile. It came back. He had surgery. Not sure what happened, at some point he went into a coma and passed away.
Savannah had a time capsule at her first birthday party. Everyone to leave her messages for when she's 18. I got the box out this morning and got out Uncle Mikes
It said........
Happy 1st Birthday!
By now you are driving, graduated from high school and planning for your future! I am 65 years old and probably gray haired, fat and retired! Ha! I enjoyed your 1st birthday party! You had a big time. Alot of your friends and family were there. We enjoyed playing balloons and the plastic ducks.
Enjoy life! Have fun! and be safe
Good luck with the future
Love, Uncle Mike

The pics above, for most of that day he took her around showing her things, playing with the ducks. He loved showing her things.
He will be missed.
Cancer sucks.