Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bad Mood

I am in such a bad mood today. So much little stuff annoying me to death. Juan 2nd day of school already gone to missing the bus. Threw his school papers all over his room. Didn't bother to do his homework, as long as he is outside with "Chris who is home schooled COUGH COUGH" He wants to quit school when he is 16 to go into the lawn care business like Chris and his dad. So he doesn't need school. I wanna move away from here. Far, far away. I can not wait til that happens. Anthony liked shcool but lately is hateful as hell to everyone. Constantly screams at Savannah, if he is asked to do something goes off. Totally out of character. One thing I have noticed in this house is everyone thinks I should do everything. All of it. I had been keeping the laundry done every day and put away. The dryer broke. I can't get to the washer anymore. My basement has been turned upside down since June and nothing has been put back together I can't get into the room down there. All my stuff is down there. Someone looked for socks in there and instead of looking in the basket, what the hell, they just dump it over onto the floor. What's it matter I will pick it up. It will probably be 2010 before the toilet is put back in down there. It's in the bedroom down there. I wish I could do that stuff myself. It's frustrating. Everything is.
Happy Whatever Day it is

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Gloria said...

That doesn't sound good. I talked to Juanie today and he said school is going "actually pretty good." That was good news.

One thing at a time !!!