Thursday, June 30, 2005

Thursday Song

That gets a SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cause i could not find one. There was a gangsta rap one with so many curse words your eyes would burn, so I can't find a wholesome Thursday song sooooooooooo Let there be BARNEY

There are 7 days, there are 7 days , there are 7 days in a week
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday< Saturday!
There are 7 days there are 7 days there are 7 days............

you get the damn point, Thursdays in there LMAO Nothing going on. Being Tired, Kyle woke me up saying good bye and I couldn't fall back to sleep. Its so hot n humid here that you can't see out my windows because they are all steamed up. Shoooooooooooooo on that. As for moving. Let the packing begin, their basement is poured and the rest of the house has begun. So it wont be long now YAY :) Moving :) YAY :) YAY :) the only part i worry about is this house is wayyyyyyyyyy out in the country like almost to bullit county and the boys need to finishe up school here in Louisville . M

Man opie just got out of bed and is all limping again, w hat the freaking hell is going on with that?????????????

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Ack just as soon as my stomach gets to feeling better it gets out of whack again. I called my dr and he said if its not 100% improved by friday I have to take the medicine. :( I went to chiro this morning and Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh man getting adjusted feels good. I was tense and tired and it was sooooooooooooooooooooooo nice :) YAY Okay wednesday song I know I know LOL
Its below

Waiting for Wednesday
Lisa Loeb

Waiting for wednesday, my stomach doesn’t hurt enough
Pain always is the sign.
Waiting for wednesday, no proof of mine exists,
So I don’t have to take it back.
Don’t want to show you good-bye,
Show you good-bye.
Show you good-bye.
Show you good-bye.
But you’re waiting for wednesday.
Waiting for wednesday.
Waiting for wednesday, I pray you’ll put me on the spot.
I do believe you, that you’ll love me that you’ll leave me.
Don’t want to show you good-bye,
Show you good-bye.
What will I do when you come near to me?
You’ll put me on the spot.
You’ve been doing this a long, long time,
Not that you’re better than me,
But that you do it a lot.
Now I’m waiting for wednesday,
Waiting for wednesday,
Waiting for wednesday,
I’m waiting for wednesday.
I’m gonna show you good-bye,
Show you good-bye,
Show you good-bye,
Show you good-bye.
Now I’m waiting for wednesday,
You’re back from out of town,
The west is dry, your mind is clear,
And I don’t want to be here,
I don’t want to be here,
I don’t want to be here,
To show you good-bye.
And I’m waiting for wednesday,
Waiting for wednesday,
I’m waiting for wednesday, to show you good-bye.
I don’t want to be here, to show you good-bye.
Waiting for wednesday.
I don’t want to be here.
Waiting for wednesday, to show you good-bye,
To show you good-bye!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

This Shit is Bananas

B*A*N*A*N*A*S Betcha thought I forgot it didn't ya ;) Well............ I went to the Gym tonight Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I was weak but dammit or damnit or Damn it, I worked out and did good :) For 1 whole hour. YAY Me! That shit is bananas! Speaking of bananas I am back to eating them.........

Just not the black uns!

Me N Mel couldn't get our scrabble on today LOL The site kept kicking her off. We tried. I wonder if they make a med for that?

Now try Tilex to get your scrabble on Tee Hee Mel get some Tilex so we can get our scrabble on!

Ummmmmmmm Nothing else much to write cept to reiterate, This shit is BANANAS B*A*N*A*N*A*S LoL i seriously don't even like that song but its like Don't worry be happy it gets stuck in my head,,,,,,, it is the song that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends, some people started singing it not knowing what it was and theyll continue singing it forever just because............. well you get the idea. Okay I gotta run I am all hot from the Gym and i need to shower. I dont sweat much Damn the bad luck, I envy people who have lots of sweat. I could run in 100 degree heat and just get a lil dribble and kill over. Thats why heat makes me sick!

Night allllllllllllllllllllll ;)

It's Tuesday

I dunno whether to YAY or BOO! I am that tired LOL. I slept GOOOOOOOD last night. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Everyone is recouperated here. Ummmmmmmmm Thats about it. Oh whats that you say, what about the tuesday song............. its below ;)

It's Ruby Tuesday

She would never say where she came from
Yesterday don’t matter if it’s gone
While the sun is bright
Or in the darkest night
No one knows
She comes and goes

Goodbye, ruby tuesday
Who could hang a name on you?
When you change with every new day
Still I’m gonna miss you...

Don’t question why she needs to be so free
She’ll tell you it’s the only way to be
She just can’t be chained
To a life where nothing’s gained
And nothing’s lost
At such a cost

There’s no time to lose, I heard her say
Catch your dreams before they slip away
Dying all the time
Lose your dreams
And you will lose your mind.
Ain’t life unkind?

Goodbye, ruby tuesday
Who could hang a name on you?
When you change with every new day
Still I’m gonna miss you...

Monday, June 27, 2005

Had to share

Go vote vote vote!!!!!!!!!! My friend just emailed me and let me know Savannah photo got photo of the week on AOL its currently in 3rd place I am so happy I could almost cry. So if you have a minute please vote for her every day. Its photo 3 of her eating corn! Thanks so much
AOL Photo of the week!

Mondays song......... of course

Artist: The Bangles Lyrics
Song: Manic Monday Lyrics

Six o'clock already
I was just in the middle of a dream
I was kissin' Valentino
By a crystal blue Italian stream
But I can't be late
'Cause then I guess I just won't get paid
These are the days
When you wish your bed was already made

It's just another manic Monday
I wish it was Sunday
'Cause that's my funday
My I don't have to runday
It's just another manic Monday

Have to catch an early train
Got to be to work by nine
And if I had an air-o-plane
I still couldn't make it on time
'Cause it takes me so long
Just to figure out what I'm gonna wear
Blame it on the train
But the boss is already there

All of the nights
Why did my lover have to pick last night
To get down
Doesn't it matter
That I have to feed the both of us
Employment's down
He tells me in his bedroom voice
C'mon honey, let's go make some noise
Time it goes so fast
When you're having fum

Not really up for writing today, Have a great day all :))))))))))

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Sunday Sunday Sunday

I am over yesterdays Idiot. Sad part is I think its someone who says they are my friend. Oh well. Truth always comes out. If you feel that way about me, don't come read my blog, don't talk to me and delete any emails. Don't come make cowardly remarks on here.

On to better things...........This week, I am gonna have a song for every day of the week. Exciting i know :)))))))) the song will be at the end of the post.

Im Tired as hell. But feeling all better :) My fever was on n off all day yesterday but finally broke in the middle of the night :) I was glad. I feel weak still but not as bad. YAY :)

Ummmmmmmmmmmm I gotta clean today. Gotta clean my moms and my aunts and its going to be hot, so pray that i don't melt. Its hotter today n yesterday than it was all summer last year. We were lucky!

Well, my girlie girl is wanting a popsicle so i am gonna go get her one. We are all addicted since the stomach stuffs. Todays song of the day is.........

Barbara Streisand
-Put On Your Sunday Clothes
Out there
There's a world outside of yonkers
Way out there beyond this hick town, barnaby
There's a slick town, barnaby
Out there
Full of shine and full of sparkle
Close your eyes and see it glisten, barnaby
Listen, barnaby...
Put on your sunday clothes,
There's lots of world out there
Get out the brillantine and dime cigars
We're gonna find adventure in the evening air
Girls in white in a perfumed night
Where the lights are bright as the stars!
Put on your sunday clothes, we're gonna ride through town
In one of those new horsedrawn open cars

Cornelius & barnaby:
We'll see the shows at delmonicos
And we'll close the town in a whirl
And we won't come until we've kissed a girl!

Put on your sunday clothes when you feel down and out
Strut down the street and have your picture took
Dressed like a dream your spirits seem to turn about
That sunday shine is a certain sign
That you feel as fine as you look!

Dolly & ambrose:
Beneath your parasol, the world is all a smile
That makes you feel brand new down to your toes

Dolly, ambrose, cornelius, & barnaby:
Get out your feathers, your patent leathers
Your beads and buckles and bows
For there's no blue monday in your sunday...
No monday in your sunday...
No monday in your sunday clothes!

Townspeople, all:
Put on your sunday clothes when you feel down and out
Strut down the street and have your picture took

Dolly,townspeople, all:
Dressed like a dream your spirits seem to turn about
That sunday shine is a certain sign
That you feel as fine as you look!
Beneath your parasol, the world is all a smile
That makes you feel brand new down to your toes
Get out your feathers
Your patent leathers
Your beads and buckles and bows
For there's no blue monday in your sunday clothes!

[dance interlude]

Put on your sunday clothes when you feel down and out
Strut down the street and have your picture took

Dressed like a dream your spirits seem to turn about

Townspeople, all:
That sunday shine is a certain sign
That you feel as fine as you look!
Beneath your bowler brim the world's a simple song
A lovely lilt that makes you tilt your nose
Get out your slickers, your flannel knickers
Your red suspenders and hose
For there's no blue monday in your sunday clothes!

Ermengarde, keep smiling. no man wants a little ninny!
Ambrose do a turn, let me see!
Mr.hackl, mr.tucker don't forget irene and minnie,
Just forget you ever heard a word from me!
All aboard!

All aboard!

All aboard!

All aboard!


All aboard! all aboard! all aboard! all aboard!

Put on your sunday clothes there's lots of world out there
Put on your silk cravat and patent shoes
We're gonna find adventure in the evening air

To town we'll trot to a smokey spot
Where the girls are hot as a fuse!


Put on your silk high hat and at the turned up cuff
We'll wear a hand made gray suede buttoned glove

We wanna take new york by storm!

We'll join the astors
At tony pastor's
And this i'm positive of
That we won't come home
No we won't come home
No we won't come home until we fall in love!

Saturday, June 25, 2005


Ugh, still sicker than a dog. Me n Mel was playin scrabble last night and about midway into it i started feeling funny and UGH took my temperature. It was going up up up and i couldn't get warm, i was shivering and shaking, my ears were ringing. Man then my eyes started burning i mean super burning it scared me. My fever was about 102. Man it was awful. The shaking was freaky, i couldn't get warm. Finally at 1 am kyle went to find me the gluten free tylenol, i never take meds. Boy Oh Boy I sure downed that one. My fever broke about 3 am and i finally fell to sleep. I had to get up and go to the bathroom every few minutes. It was awful. I hate being sick. I hate it. I have to take medicine for ulcers and my stomach has no acid because of the medicine. So stomach stuff i get harder than most because most people have the acid to kill it. Today fever is still down, but my stomach is still bothering me alot. I took a long bath and i am so freaking achey its pathetic. My head hurts :( I ate some rice with some tomato sauce on it. I ate a lil of a banana and i have been eating those popsicles in the plastic all day long. I have the Brady Bunch Season 1 in and me n savannah are relaxing. Kyle has to do wedding stuff all day @@, we got in a huge arguement this morning because i asked him to get me a popsicle and he sighed heavily. I forgot we have to compete on whos the sickest. I get tired of it. I just pray to God, I feel better today. Okay I gotta run gonna lay back down. Send prayers my way.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Watchout Kelly Clarkson

Savannah loves singing and dancing and this is her latest lil dance LOL she kinda looks like Madonna the way she throws that dress up!!! Heres the video, shes a hoot

Video sharing made simple by

My Photo Friday is Grampu


Okay, now isn't this funny? A talking hand, dressed like a clown LOL this is Grampu, My daughter is mad cause i found a picture of him. Ugh I can see her therapy bills when shes older over Grampu! Boys had another sleepover last night, so i gotta go get them soon. Savannah went to bed fairly early. I watched disc 3 of scrubs. That show, makes me laugh so freaking hard and Zach Braf I love him, I really really love him! I do I do i Doooooooooooo :) Maybe i should draw him on my bathroom wall, although it would probably end up looking like grampu! Its going to be 94 today and tomorrow, Have i ever told you how much i don't like heat? Let me tell ya, I don't like heat. I loathe it and if you rearrage heat you get hate............ Brou ha ha. Me n mel got to play scrabble yesterday and Might i add she whooped my butt in the first 3 plays! she had a bingo and then proceeded to get the Q, the X, The J, and the Z sooooooooooo i didn't have a snowballs chance in hell. Nope nope nope. Well i am off to put my contacts in cause everythings looking blurry. Have a wonderful Friday all and a wonderful weekend
Its a wonderful life :)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

It's hot, hot and more hot

Its like all 90s. we keep having 90s. If this is a prelude to this summer, Im goin to Alaska. All my cheap Cycle free cycle stuff is gone. I may spend the weekend cleaning stuff out to find more stuff to get out of my hair. I HATEEEE STUFF!!! We have no room for anything at all. Just stuff everywhere. My stomach kinda hurts and i get scared that i might be getting what savannah had. Im skeeeered of it. Shes still mad at me. i dunno if i wrote this here or in my groups but there is a character on OObi named Grampu, and I laugh my freaking ass off whenever thinking about Grampu, the name the idea of hands with eyes the whole entire idea makes me just have tears from laughing so much. Grampu? Well savannah loves this show but me and Kyle laugh at Grampu and make fun of Grampu. We have tub crayons so i drew a HUGEEEE Grampu on the shower wall. Savannah got soo mad and now she wont go in our bathroom. its so disturbing to see a big hand with eyes lookin at ya but anyway grampu @@ Comeeeeeee onnnnnnnnn lol. Okay got my mind of being hot. Kyle is like late. He usually gets home at 530 and hes not home yet. Hmmm he must be at Grampus! i have been having anxiety all day off n on, I dunno why. maybe its the after stuff that comes from the whole hospital scenario. well my mom is Iming me and shes talking swimmin in a crap free pool and I am all for the crap free pools! have a great evening!

Free Cycle Cheap Cycle=Headache

Okay Cheap Cycle is an okay deal other than people always trying to talk you into a lower price. Its hard for me to say no but i have been. Free Cycle is a PAIN IN THE ASS with a Capital ASS! These are Yahoo groups. you send out an email of something you wanna get rid of, all these people email you back and then you decide who gets the item. I have been taking first people but man i say i want this crap outta my hair immediatley and they get mad cause i dont wanna wait til next week. Its a super mega pain. Then they get all mad ugh ugh ugh. Savannahs Diarrhea is all gone, lets hope it stays that way. I decided against the medicine for now. I couldn't sleep last night at all. Anxiety attack, Anxiety attack, Anxiety attack. You know why, cause i said the other day for 2 mos straight i have been sleepin like a log, ever since i said how well i had been sleeping and was glad etc I havent been able to sleep. Really pisses me off. Well, nothing else going on here. At all. Maybe ill write later if i can get these people to come get this crap outta my floor! ACCKKK

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Touching story

This story is so weird, but so neat and it makes you wonder. Its about a girl I think she was in africa and was being beaten and raiped. Lions chased away the men and guarded the girl for half a day, when the police got there, the lions ran back into the woods. Heres the story it was on CNN. So touching
Lions Free Kidnapped Girl

My Sleepin Beauty


This is how my baby girl fell asleep last night :) Shes so beautiful!!! She still has diarrhea. I am really upset about it and wish it would just go away. Go awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :( Pray and Pray she gets better soon. The Doctor called and checked on her this morning again. Said he will call her in some antibiotics if i want. I read the side effects of the one he wants to come in. WOW is all i can say about that. WOW. Can eat your skin off, Ugh i just don't know what to do. I don' trust myself with any decisions i make because..........Every decision I make is a bad one. The swimming pool incident just further makes me see that my decisions are bad. You guys don't know how upset i am by this. I just wish things for once would be easy for me. I know in reality, it wasn't a bad decision, But when you have to rely on others and trust others it never works. Why couldn't a parent whos child who had diarrhea stay home? Why do they bring their kids out sick? Its been 6 days since savannah has been sick and we haven't been out in public once. Kyle and I stay home with her. With a ritual of bleach in the toilet and alcoholing the seat, sanitizing our hands to the point of cracking. We are responsible, many others are not. So depending on them to be responsible for me isn't going to work. UGH well I have nothing really to say. Pray for Savannah. Thanks all. Ill update either later or tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

a savannah update

she is still having bloody diarrhea. I called the Dr this morning. He called me back and said nothing has grown yet. Well..........this afternoon, the hospital called and said the stool grew Shigella? It has to be treated with Cipro the dr said. I think I wrote one day last week or the week before about us starting the Y and they closed the pool because the pump caught fire and there was no chlorine. Well before they closed it we were swimming in it that same day and since then it still looks cloudy and they seem to be having problems with it. I am sad. We don't do anything all summer long and it seems every decision I make something bad happens with it. I tried to do something fun for the family, i thought swimming for us would all be good. Now i can't take savannah in there anymore. Since giving up the binky her hands are always in her mouth. :( So no more for her. Guess well have to swim at my moms :(((((((( I feel such guilt because its my fault, I took her swimming :( I thought i was doing something fun :( Shes eating like a horse but pooping blood. Its scary :( What i thought was mucous dr said was white blood cells :( she already has anemia so it will probably get worse. Anyway I am just sad so it looks like my summer will be spent sitting in front of the computer instead of doing fun stuff so she doesnt get sick. Shell be contagious for up to 2 weeks :( UGH Keep her in your prayers

It's Tuesday

Someone needs to invent a song about Tuesdays if there isn't one already. Something is coming to mind like Good bye Ruby tuesday but that could just be cause Im weird LOL but i think its a song. I didn't sit down for more than an hour yesterday. I kept on top of my house all stinking day, Laundry is all done and now i am makin my way back to you babeeeeeeeee LOL really makin my way to blankets. Kitchen is still clean n sparkly. I might take a pic later so you can see it bein all shiny n stuff. I worked out at the Y last night. We didn't both go because even though savannah is better, I don't know how long she would be contagious for, so kyle stayed home with her and i worked out. I think its a bad idea working at night because i cant fall asleep. I stayed up watching disc 2 of scrubs. Man that show cracks me up so freaking much, i just laid there and laughed while Kyle snored. I kept sticking vienna sausages in his belly button and tryed to coax the dog to come get them LOL. I am meannnnnnnnnn some times, well maybe not mean just bored. The boys stayed all night across the street. Theres a set of triplets, Nicky, david and their sister tisha and then a big sister, well juan likes tisha and anthony likes the big sister, so i am nervous about letting them stay over there. But they said their mom stays up with them all. I hope so. But they did take their x box so hopefully the boys were all in there playin video games. I hate the girl stage coming up. I mean anthony will be 14 in a month or so. Thats like when they start goin buckoo for girls. I am dreading it. With a capital Dread. Girls already call Juan like crazy. He has his bangs bleached and over the winter i let it grow out and the honeys as he calls them quit calling. but as soon as spring came and I did the bangs, the honeys call off the hook. Sigh. Well i guess id better go, savannah is asleep, i think ill take the opportunity and go back to sleep myself. Im tarred. Have a great Ruby Tuesday everyone!

Monday, June 20, 2005

Blogger Trivia!

don't forget to play heres the link
Blogger Trivia

I got to go to Target I got to go to Target

I walked past the method aisle and sniffed. For those of you who haven't tried Method cleaner Ohhhhhhhh My goodness, you need too. Its like Bath N body works for your home. They have bathroom cleaner that smells like cucumber melon, pink grapefruit for the kitchen, mint glass cleaner and the lavendar floor cleaner. It makes your floor so soft when you walk on it. Its pretty in the containers too. I think i have a linkkkk you HAVE to check it out. Its sold exclusively at Target and Linens n things. You can sometimes find their discontinued scents at big lots. The best part is, is its enviromentally safe and you don't need gloves to use it, and i have asthma and it doesn't make me sick. its awesome!
Heres the link to check it out
Method Cleaner Home
Savannah is feeling better! At Target we for the first time ever saw Annie on DVD for the first time, so we got it for her. She has been singing Tomorrow Tomorrow LOL for 3 she sings it purty good, Shes worn out the vhs tape so that was a blessing! I am off to finish the house and finish laundry have a wonderful day all!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

must be talkative today

this is my 3rd post LOL today! Well i was griping about being broke and you know what............. i called my aunt and my uncle said her face lit up when she saw me calling, she had wanted me to clean but knew since savannah was at the hospital all day yesterday, she didn't want to ask. So kyle went to the gym and when he came home, i went over there and spent the day cleaning and made MONEY YAY!!! i still can't go on a shoppin spree at Target yet but i have moneyyyyyyyyyyy YAY!! Things always work out! Thank God for that! I then went to my uncles to take care of him and cleaned there then came home. Kyle went to visit his dad and I am here babying savannah. Shes screamed for quite awhile. She is achey and gassy think. Shes eating and eating so thats a good sign! Okay I gotta run i just had to give a lil update before i crash off to bed, i am beatttttt! Praying and hoping no one else gets the rotavirusssssss.

Sunday Afternoon

well my girl is all healed up! she is eating and drinking and bouncing off the walls! I couldn't be happier to have her back! I know i say alot i wish it were quiet or things are hectic, but I wouldnt have it any other way. She was so sick yesterday, id of give anything to have her back to herself! I got to go back to sleep til 9 I woke up and made kyle and savannah breakfast in bed. Kyle got an omelette and toast and savannah got dry toast LOL. Then i did all the dishes, finishing the laundry, mopped the floor and have been sporadically working on the living room. My mothers day was soooo terribly bad, i wanted to make sure he had a nice one. I got him a nice dad picture frame for his office with a good pics of all the kids in it. I got him the 1st season of scrubs on DVD and thats about it. I am fully taking care of the kids and the house. Hes at the gym working out. Just doing anything he wants to do today. I am showing him how appreciation works, so next year maybe ill get the same treatment. You know there was once a time where i could bounce around my house getting the whole thing cleaned in one day. Now i can't. I get tired. I dunno if its because I am fat, all the back problems. Anxiety, I Just don't know. But it upsets me that i can't get it all done. I do it in pieces and then its never fully done. I can do others houses, but not my own. I guess because my idea of clean is lifting up tvs dusting underneat, throwing anything in my way away. I rarely have dust anywhere in my house because i hate it. if it builds up i get sick when i do decide to dust it. the kitchen is looking great sans the laundry on the floor. I am trying and trying to keep right on top of that. I want it done. Its mid month and I am broke. All my money is going towards groceries with the boys home this summer. I need fabric softener but i have to wait. So my clothes are all scratchy. Bummer. I miss Target. I drive by and wave. One day Ill get to go in with money LOL. I dont even wanna go in broke. That would suck. Well i guess my break is over. I am gonna go back back to clean again. whoa whoa i gotta goo back to cleannnnnnnnnnnnnnn AGAIN!!! U know I need grease on dvd that is my favorite movie and i listen to the music over n over. I have it on vhs that may be a have to watch this week. Esp with 94 degree temps coming. Hang on to your hats Cindy and Mel its gonna be a hot one!

Happy Fathers Day to All and To All

A good night zzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz LOL i truly wish i could do that. Okay, I am tired, Maddie just got here. Its like 6 am. So I am gonna break down my evening
Diarrhea, Diarrhea, Diarrhea for Savannah, so much she started having bloody Diarrhea. Scared me to death. We call Dr. back and he said we need to take her to hospital.
We get to hospital, crazy in there, CRAZY. Oh the things parents let their kids do. My mom kept the boys that was a blessing.
Okay they aren't really believing that i saw blood. I was like said it was just probably something she ate. @@ I was like, Lady......... I Have 3 children, i have been doing this for 14 years, I know blood when i see it. Im not a Dr. BUTTTTTT.. I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night LOL okay lack of sleep make me tired. Okay buttttt then they get me this sterile cup and say we need a clean sample. Okay wheres the oxymoron in that a clean sample of crap @@ eye roll again. So we get the sample and they give us a nice bag to carry it in til someone wants it. Theyll ask when appropriate they say. Resident comes back and takes a look at her and the poo and said Is it all like this???????? I was like Yea, she was like its pure water. Well DUH and she then tested it for blood and it was positive. She said Ohhhhhhhhh its positive, good job mom @@. DUH shes 3 its not hard to spot. So....... on the tv in the room it goes like this... Fairly odd parents..Fairly ood parents......Fairly odd parents..........bathroom break for savannah.......Fairly odd parents............fairly odd parents............xrays...........more fairly odd parents..............take blood, try to give her IV, veins blow.......more fairly odd parents.....At this point i was really wanting some spongs bob. savannah decides she is hungry. I want fries, i want fries, i want fritos, I want fries. She screams for these items all during the next fairly odd parents. Okay.....they are closing the room we are in time to move to a room so small we couldn't even fit the wagon in there. Nice break on the TV Jimmy neutron is now on. More screaming for fries,,,,,,,,,,,,,,More screaming for fries. Dr. comes in says she is dehydrated..We have to pay 20 % of this visit keep in mind. Well no shit shes dehydrated, we knew that. Say to give her all this stuff, pedialyte, which she wont touch and then he says Milk. Okay i have always heart giving milk is a big NO NO NO and he assures me she hasn't vomited for about 11 hrs shell be fineeeeeeeeee. So i am like nooooooooooo i have never heard of that. So after 5 hrs and a discharge paper that says give her milk we are sent home. They said they are growin the poop, sounds like a fun job. What do you do maam, I grow poop . Shoooooooooo on that. Okay we pick up the boys. Go to Kroger to get Dora soup........ Have a few more requests for french fries. Stop and get us dinner,,,,,, then get home. I say well i am not gonna give her milk but ill try a lil rice milk maybe this is a new thing and they are right. Okay drink drink of rice milk..............Up comes the vomit all over the place. Stupid dr. They kept bringing her these pedialyte pops and all me n kyle could think about is those are probably 20 bucks a piece and we are throwing them in the trash cause she wont touch em. They see them in the trash and tell us how nasty they taste, but keep bringing them. Wheres the sense in that. So about 2 am we get to sleep. If thats what ya wanna call it. S avannah was in bed with us cause we are paranoid and have to make sure shes breathing and all that. I have been kicked in the head about 20 times and kyle in the stomach. So its been a long night and we are very tired. I am gonna try to put her in her bed so i can get some sleep. She kept down a lil decaf tea this morning. So pray its gone. Have a wonderful Fathers Day all and a wonderful Sunday, I am goin to bed!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Saturday Smaturday

Man, today sucks. There is no other way to put it. Poor Savannah. Kyles mom called us last night she was vomiting and running a fever of 102. Then at 3 came the phone call with the diarrhea, thennnnnnnnnnnn in the morning more diarrhea and more diarrhea and more diarrhea. We go pick her up and shes still having fever, we take her to the dr. She thows up down my whole back. Then more diarrhea. She screams in pain and then we have to run her to the potty, she is now having diarrhea mixed with blood. I am scared and sad. Shes never had diarrhea before ever. And with the blood Im scared. The dr said it was a rotavirus and we have a call into him again with the blood. :((((((((((( I am just sad. She gets so sick and to see her laying there, i have been near tears all day. When i get nervous i clean so i have been disinfecting the hell out of the bathroom and scrubbin and scrubbin it. Make sure my boys don't get it. I don't want it but i am sure ill get it. I just wish it would leave savannah :( We went and worked out last night for along time i had a really long work out. I am getting ready to go take care of my uncle and clean over there and hurry back to be with my baby. Please oh please keep her in your prayers :(

Friday, June 17, 2005

My Photo Friday!!

YAY a photo for Friday!
This is on my porch, a lil bee visiting me can't ya see that its meant to be! LOL
Okay, yes i am in a tired, goofy mood. Got up this morning and Savannah left to go to the zoo. I had Maddie so it wasn't a free day for me. I went to my moms and cleaned earlyyyy YAY and she bought me some shorts YAY and we swam all afternoon! YAY and now i am hope, getting ready to eat and go workout at the Y. You know what. Everytime I lose weight, the first place it goes is my boobs! Why not my butt? why always the boobs? Well i guess as long as its going i should be happy. But not the ta tas.............NO!! Um Well i dunno what else to write. Been having alot of hard times with anxiety the past few days. I hate it. I don't know what causes it. But it wears me out. Too bad you can't turn your brain off sometimes. Mine is always on overload. Okay Have a great weekend and to all the dads out there happy Fathers day and to all the moms Happy Fathers Day to you too, I know most of you do both jobs by yourself. Being a mom and a dad isn't easy. God bless you all and have a happy weekend!!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Test posting my daughter

I hope this workkkkkkkkks keeping fingers crossed. If it does this is my lovey dovey

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Real quick

i know i said i had to go LOL NO I AM NOT SINGING THAT DAMN SONG AGAIN! but i made a trivia tournament for all the bloggers who stop by, so drop in and play once a day!! You just register really quick and then play! Melzie hooked me to it! Link is below, Ill try n post it every day so u guys can play!
Blogger Trivia Contest

Sniff Sniff SNOOSH its Thursday

My dog has lost it, hes going to every door and sniff, sniff is what i hear and then i look and hear SNOOOOOOOOSH as hes trying to open each door with his nose, he finally found the boys room was open so his SNOOSH wasn't too long. I was like what the hell is that do doin. Ohhhhhhhh i have something to tell you guysssssssss "BIG BANANAS B*A*N*A*N*A*S,,,,,,,,,,,, LOL I Downloaded music on my other puter and decided to download that song Ohhhhhh it was a wirty dord in it. It says the word for poop but its not the word poop its the word that rhymes with Tit LOL :X now the song is stuck in my H*E*A*D with the wirty Dord. Sigh, better than the bladder control commercial i do suppose! Sigh,i am tired still. I just got out of bed and i am still tired. I had wicked weird dreams that involved captain hook that gets a SHOOOOOOO thank God they weren't sex dreams or that could've been gross! My side still hurts, its beginning to be an only morning thing, so i guess i can assume that cancer wouldn't only hurt in the morning? I can't wait til my ultrasound. Although i will say when you are going to an ultrasound and Not pregnant they don't let you see anything, its like top secret bidness! I got me some Bo Bice last night! Get ya mind outta the gutter LOL not that kind of bo, I got some of his songs. He can sing thats for sure. I miss American idol. Its almost time for big brother, and while i am a fan, it was more fun when we got to vote and sigh, i just don't know if i am looking fwd to it. We shall see. I guess i better go eat me some bfast!!!!!!!!! What shall I have, green eggs n ham, that sam I am, I shall eat green eggs and ham, I shall eat them in a boat with a goat, or with Santa and some BIG BANANAS B*A*N*A*N*A*S :P Gotta love me! Have a great day and AARGGGGGGH Mateys! But you don't have to gooooooooo right now! Try Detrol you may experience, bad bladder cramps, severe anal discharge, headaches and flu like symptoms but HEY YOU WON'T HAVE TO FREAKING PISSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Me n my friend Angel went to the YMCA YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY we had fun! We worked out about 11:20 til about 12:10 or so. We did the Y cafe then rode the bike for 10 min and then i ate my lunch and I swam til about 230 and her and her daughter swam til later! The girls maddie n savannah were pooped. They were asleep before we got out of the parking lot if that tells you anything! i am making so many blog friends! Never think you are intruding, always stop in to say hi, I love it! and i love finding new blogs to read so always say hello!! Okay I gotta go gotta go gotta go right now and I do have to go right now! I swear i hope I never need Detrol, i sure sing that alot!
Take care all

The Towel

this is the towel i sent melzie and this is a message for you guys LOL
Message for my friends LOL

Is it Wednesday already ????????

I had to look around and find out what day it was. They say thats a sign of a good summer vacation, I say its bull crap LOL. Last night, i was feelin kinda anxious, so i toyed with going to the gym for awhile, should I stay should i go.......... I didn't go :( I don't wanna go there and have a panic attack and associate it with bad feelings, so I stayed home. Then i wanted to take a walk..... I went outside, Savannah wanted to Chalk and i dead headed my flowers and then we never walked. She was so cute her face was blister red from chalk LOL! I didn't leave the house yesterday at all. I got my van cleaned out though and vaccuumed. We had a mystery smell in there, kyle kept saying its a banana........ I said HELL NO after the black banana ill never touch or buy another banana again and he kept saying and saying. Well........... I have a beautiful, quilted flowered bag, hence my journal name and in it was a veryyyyyyyyyyyyy old rotten banana and it was so icky and wet we had to throw my favorite bag away :( Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I LOVE MY BAG!!!!!!!!!!!! but not enough to actually wash that crap out bluch. Damn chiquita. Damn black banana. Ummmmm what else. Mel got her suprise :) It was a Scrabble beach towel with actual pieces!! Since i couldnt see her this year i thought Id send the next best thing, SCRABBLE! We have decided when we get good at quilting we are going to make a scrabble quilt! Yes we are that sick and addicted LOL, last year when she came to visit i had her a scrabble purse LOL YAYYYYYYYYY We haven't played all week, you hear that melzie we gotta goooooo play! If any of you ever want to play too we play at and we are goooooooooooood and tough to beat :)))))))) Im starving this morning and um kyle forgot my rice milk, so therell be no cereal, there are no eggs, there is bologna nad mine has a first name............its OSCAR but i don't love to eat it every day and if you ask me why illllllll sayyyyyy cause it has 13 g of fat for a freaking SLICE............... I should stick to rotten bananas. Okay i am goin to call my friend angel and make her go to the gym with me. Have a great day all!!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Back from 2cd dr appt

well i have been home for a lil while, been watching the MJ verdict. I felt very badly for him. I think hes weird and people prey on that and almost want to believe he would do that. I felt he was innocent esp after hearing some of the stuff the mother son did in the past. So i agree with that verdict and am happy that he can relax.
Okay Dr appt. It went quickly i was glad, he thinks i may have endometriosis??? I dunno if i spelled it right or not, but I already have fibroids and he is concerned it may be endometriosis so i have to go for an ultrasound on the 21st of this month. My fibroids have gotten bigger which is why he wants to check for that. So ugh all the way around. My iron was normal!! YAY for that. I stll have to go in 4 mos to have my stores checked. But thats about it.
Im tired, i have a bad headache and i am going to force myself to go to the gym. I think i will feel better!
Have a great night everyone and thanks for your kind words!
PS thanks for visiting melzies blog, it made her day! She got her gift and Im aliveeeeeee in my best dr frankenstein voice!!

One appointment down one to go

back from Chiro i got my xrays back today i have 4th degree scoliosis and osteoarthritis in my low back with bone spurs that gets a big @@ at least i know why my back always hurts now. I dunno what they are gonna do to treat the scoliosis EEK. I am off to my number 2 appt not number 2 as in doody LOL or Doodie but number 2 as in really number 1 dr appt at the gyno. Everytime i say where i am going the first thing everyone asks is "are you pregnant" LOL So I am gonna answer " Are ya outta your mind" LOL thanks for all who care about me but nooooooooooooooo i am not pregnant and will never ever be again LOL!! Savannah tore my body up i can't imagine what another would do. I love the lil buggers but no more for me!! although i hate the gyno office ughhhhhhhhhhh i am dreading it. I guess i have procrastinated enough i need to get off here and go go go go go gooooooooooooo Melzie scrabble tonight?? I feel like scrabble tonight Like scrabble tonight. Gotta go to theY first.


LOL here is an email i got from chiquita about the black banana in case you guys ever eat one here is the response!

Dear Dianna,
Thank you for contacting Chiquita. We appreciate hearing about this matter, as Chiquita Brands is always interested in ensuring the highest quality of our bananas. We are sorry you experienced such a problem and for any inconvenience it may have caused. Let me first start by saying it is not harmful, just not very pleasant to look at. What it is, is a quality defect called constricted tip. This defect occurs when the blossom end of the banana finger grows into the pulp of the fruit rather than out away from the banana tip. (causing the center to be hard and discolored) This is a rare defect that usually occurs when conditions are dry in the tropics. Chiquita takes great care in trying to identify this defect in the farm selection process prior to packing. However, this defect is difficult to identify and occasionally eludes our fruit selectors.
Please accept our sincere apology for the condition of the fruit you purchased and thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. I can assure you that the situation you encountered is an unusual occurrence and certainly not typical of Chiquita. I do have a coupon that I would be happy to send to you if you are interested. Please let me know.
Once again, thank you for contacting Chiquita and I look forward to hearing from you.

Consumer Affairs
Chiquita Fresh North America

Monday Morning

Kyle was leaving for work and i got up to take my medicine, now i am wide awake. I have to be at chiro at 11 or 12 then my dr at 230 the gyno dr for my side pain. I loathe going to that dr. He delivered Savannah and its good to see all the people but ugh. My side for the past 2 days doesnt hurt too bad. It didn't hurt yesterday til i had to stand up and clean my house after I had to be on my feet almost all day then come home and clean up. Opie is curled up next to me, he is so sweet. I go back to the gym tonight. I am gonna try to work out all week a full week, but this weekend it just wasn't possible. Ugh more rain today, chance of severe storms tonight and tomorrow then wednesday COOLER!! AH i can use cooler right now! Well, I am off i am gonna go lay back down i do believe! Have a great Tuesday, mel send me pics of your suprise!, Cindy a cool front is coming!, Everyone else I love ya and have a wonderful Monday!!!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Okay Happy Sunday, I am finally home, Whooped, alive, but home. Baby shower was wonderful. Alot of work but wonderful! I love seeing my country cousins! We rarely get to see them so it was wonderful! i cant feel my feet, i feel like i was on them all day. Tomorrow back to the gym YAY!! Okay you guys my good friend melzie is lonely at her blog so go visit her on your blog routes!! shes an awesome gal, I am gonna try to link her blog if it doesnt work, ill post the url okay hang on let me test
Melzies Monologue
Okay lets see if that works! Okay thats about all i have to write, by the time i got finished picking up after the shower then taking food to my uncle then driving home in the pouring down rain, i am beat! i am gonna watch some movies. God bless and you guys are truly wonderful friends~

Saturday, June 11, 2005


Been busy today, i am already tired. I woke up LOL that took alot of effort. Then went to clean my moms, we are having a baby shower for my country cousin tomorrow so i had to scrub real good, then i had to go to factory party card outlet and it was hot in there and ugh some bratty kid threw a baseball and hit juan upside the head. Torked me off. I am getting ready to go clean my uncles and feed him and then go to get my momma and do a lil more shopping for the shower! thanks for all the kind words from you guys. You all are awesome! Have a great weekend Everyone!

Friday, June 10, 2005

It's Friday!! I have no photos today :(

I didn't take any sigh. Well last night we went to the Y we worked out, I did the 30 min cafe thingy then rode the bike for awhile then went swimming for awhile. Then came home not sleepy and stayed up til after midnight. This morning I had to go out and ummmmmmm get a check from my aunt sue, get a check from Maddies mom and get a check from my mommy. Then i had to go to my aunts, she is away and Her house creeps me out........ I love it but its creepy. I kept hearing something rocking, so kyle is going back over there with me tomorrow cause i am a big chicken :) I wear that proudly!! I came home and put ALLLLLLLLLLL the laundry away, every single last speck. We had laundry on the counter, on the dryer, on the table and on the chairs. Weve been washing it but not putting it away so i got it all put away and now i am taking a break, gonna start supper in a few minutes and then clean the kitchen. Kyle will be gone all day tomorrow so i gotta go clean my moms for the be be shower. My side is killing me today. Why????????? who in the freaking hell knows. It hurt for 3 straight weeks, then the day i go to the dr, wheres the pain> The day i leave the dr pain is back. Must be a man pain cause its a pain in the ass. Had a weird dream about a bear, damn bear bit me too but it wasnt very big. Oh well. Okay i gotta go finish what i started, that aint no way to treat the brokenhearted. THeres no pic damnit but there will be singing!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL I gotta go check all the blogs i read and then go work out and all that jazz. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

OKay bloggers HELP

i bit into a banana at the Y and it was black n crunchy in the center, i am completely freaked out. Anyone ever see this or know what it is?? Helpppppppppppp me!!!!!!!!! Thanks!

I am a gluten Woops Glutten

for punishment. i dont even know how to spell glutten but oh well. today has been pretty much bad. BADDDDDDDDDDDDDDd :( I didn't like it. No one can find the rewind button girl so cradle your head in your hands and breatheeeeeeeee just breatheeeee. Thoughts disrupted my whole day. I went to the dr. My side didn't hurt, he moved my leg a few ways it hurt then, he said it was a muscle. He didn't recheck my iron or my celiacs cause i haven't been taken my iron 2 times a day so i go back in 4 mos and have all my tests run then. I have been anxious all afternoon. Why i am actually embarrassed to write it. But might as well. I can't write all of it cause then someone will know that something is comin in the mail to them LOL but....... i was playin scrabble with Melzie and a thought popped into my head like a thought, nothing more, nothing less, just a thought. Well it was that i was going to die. So I have cried and cried and cried, thinking that i am going to die. Why in the living hell do I do this. I have a million random passing thoughts a day, one comes saying i am going to die. UGH well it actually was that my friend got her gift and i was dead already. UGH what the hell is that, why does it happen and why in the hell can't i live a life without anxiety. UGH I hate it. Went to chiro their air was broke. I was waiting for my heat stroke. Then i got depressed and ate MILK Okay I can not tolerate milk in any way shape or form and Why in the hell did i eat pudding FULL PUDDING FULL MILK why in the hell did i do this? My stomach is killing me and right now i dont really give a flyin shit, i just want some peace from my stupid brain. So til my friend gets her gift i will be panicking like a freaking idiot. Thoughts for something that no one can see or hear, they sure are powerful. So i offcially hate myself. Melzie thanks for scrabblin with me all day to get my brain straight. Love you girl, wike a sisser poo of course.


Melzie, if you spell it, it will come!!!
Tee hee! I am out to make you crazy i think! I am getting ready to go to the dr. I am scared to death of course. I have to give lots of blood to check on my Celiacs disease and my iron. My side has quit hurting GO FREAKING FIGURE. Daily for 2 freakin weeks til i make a stupid dr appt. GRRRRR It really torks me off. i really should be getting ready to go, but i really dont feel like waking both savannah and maddie up to go. They get all cranky n stuff. I gotta get stuff ready for the baby shower on Sunday. Don't wanna do that either. I wanna just sit on my arse and sit and sit and sit. And go to the Y of course. My allergies are totally whacked out, i hope i am not getting a cold. Okay i gotta go, i gotta make myself get up and get busy. Ill bbl and update you on my dr visit.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Wednesday Long Long Wednesday

Today has drug on, I thought i made a post this morning but it doesn't look like it Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm whats goin on with my brain. This morning I got up and ummmmmmm went back to the YMCA LOL and did the 30 min cafe and a lil old lady about 90 or so came in and didn't know how to work any of the machines and had knee replacement surgery and all this. So i stayed over to help her on and off the machines and told her she could meet me there and i would help her tomorrow. She was a hoot and i didn't want to leave her in there by herself, she could get seriously hurt. Then i left there and went straight to my moms where we swam from about 12 til about 3 then we left from there and came home for a brief second, kyle picked us up and we went for our consolidation loan. She said it would take 30 min. 30 min my freakin ass it took an hour and 30 min. But we were approved, our payments are lowered and yay that means extra money. Thank the Lord. Ummmmmmmmmm where from there. Oh we are home, kyles dad mowed the lawn, kyle weeded and now hes gone to get them some dinner at taco bell and then we are heading out to go grocery shopping. Funnily enough my kids are asking if we can please stay home. But theres too much crap to be done. I am going back to work out in the morning and then gotta go do some errands and I gotta be at the dr at 9 am to get my side checked out and see if my iron stores have risen. I am anemic and at last check, the iron in my blood was normal but my iron stores were low, so i was supposed to double up on iron which i did not do and come back in 9 weeks which is tom. I am nervous about that and then of course my whole side hurting thing. It didn't hurt at all while we were out and it doesn't hurt now. Seems to be mostly a morning thing. weird. Okay i am off to run to the store n stuff. have a great evening all!!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Shoooooooo Evening on Tuesday

Well we went to the Y again tonight, can you believe that I Dianna Spent a whole hour on exercise equipment actually exercising? Dr daves nurse has been meeting me there and we work out. Man i did the cafe tonight and on tuesdays its 2 stays for every change and me n karen were going around one set for each change and then peopel started coming in as we were finishing so we had to do the extra sets. Shoooo my legs are sore. Boys did Karate, Kyle worked out in the gym, Savannah went to Y world, then we all went swimming. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE working out. I am tired, but suprisingly i feel like a fog has been lifted, i feel very clear headed. IT feels awesome! I am gonna go back tomorrow YAY probably just in the morning cause we have to go for a consolidation loan tomorrow afternoon in a busy end of town right at rush hour, this should be a jolly rippin good time considering highways scare the living piss outta me. My kids are all in bed, probably not sleeping but hells bells they are all worn out! Okay, i guess i am gonna go to bed soon, i still have that energy rush, so wish me luck!! Have a great night all!

Tuesday :)

Okay well i went to the Y again last night and they have a thing called the 30 min cafe, well its set up like curves and all the equipment is in a circle and u switch machines when the music says switch. It was awesome, I did the full 30 minutes. Then this morning, I went swimming took the kids swimming, and then put savannah in Y world and then did some laps and went to the 30 min cafe again and did my workout again YAY and we are going back tonight i am gonna maybe get on the treadmill or something or do the cafe one more time I Love it!! My side still hurts, i guess i am actually going to call the dr today :( wish me luck! Okay bbl

Monday, June 06, 2005

Big Banana

BANANAS Okay that song is officially stuck in my freakin head, HELP!!! I am tired. Took all the kids swimming. Yes i joined the Y YAY , i didn't have too much fun though cause i had both Maddie n Savannah, even with the lifevest floatation swimsuits they are both scared to death to let go of me. So basically I walked around for 2 hrs holding them in the pool. They jumped off the side over n over again, til we saw these huge water walkin spiders. The lifeguards said oh they wont each much. Let me throw them up at you and hear you say that. even after a shower i smell like chlorine and sunscreen. But i love that smell! The smell of summer. I used to love the Hawaiian tropic coconut oil but now since the sun cancer stuff. No no. Even with spf 50 we are all a lil burnt. when kyle gets home we are goin back again. open swim from 8-10 and they have the slide open, so the kiddies will be thrilled to death. I may put Savannah in the daycare for a lil while so we can just swim. Thats if she will go. It looks like a lot of fun though a huge climbing area and a ton of stuff to do. So we shall see. I just got back from Eds, I cleaned and took care of him and now hes done on my part til saturday. Not much else going on. I am sleepy as a mug. LOL Why do we say that i dunno, i have yet to figure out what the mug is, but i am sleepier than it. Okay gotta go i may take a nap cause I aint no hollaback girl, i aint no hollaback girl........... BANANA


My video worked YAY YAY YAY and did I mention YAY! I am getting a bunch of songs from Cindy, they are really good. I had never heard of the Michael Stanley before. Thank you Cindy! he sounds like bruce springsteen alot. Very relaxing music. I wonder if my video will still work once i post this. Hmmmmm Cindy has hers all fancy at the top, I am not that advanced. LOL. I usually don't like Mondays, but I think today, Ill try to make the best of it. By doing what I dunno, but I think I may join the YMCA I really really wanna but i have to justify spending that money. It is something for me n the kids to do. But it is high. Sigh sigh sigh. i need to lose weight. savannah can go to the Y world and i can exercise. it gives her something to do. There really is no reason for me not to join cept the money thing. I feel guilty spending that much money but you know what, easy come easy go. Ill just clean some extra houses or something. Sigh. I think, I think, I think i am gonna do it. Someone force me pleaseeeeeeeeeeee. cause i ain't no hollaback girl. Everytime I hear that song i want a banana BANANA banana. Gotta find me a new song, once cindy hooks me into how to do it without losing all my stuff. Okay Ill let you know about the Y, i may come back sunburned! my boys are so excited I can't tell them no i dont think. Okay ill bbl!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Melzie and the Beast

Mmmmmmmmmmmm baby you are so kissable
Let me get a lil closer you fine honey

I see Dandilion flyies

UGH for most of the day we have been Treasure Troving. UGHHH We have to figure out this code Mannnnnnnnnnn let me tell you its a real pain. My smart mommy figured out where the ant is but we have to figure the code out. UGH so the code is in the dandilion weedy things u know that you blow. So we shall see. I see those things now when i close my eyes. Its fun though. Its hot here today, I wanna go swimming. I wanna join the YMCA so badly, we usually do every summer. I think i am just going to do it and cut corners on groceries. Make my kids eat some Wylwood Greenbeans LOL. Theyll love me for life, but HEY we can go swimmin all summer! Opie is All better. Hes nosin through the trash, eatin tennis balls and being a real doody head. Exact words of my son LOL. Well we are having a cook out tonight, Id like for one whole weekend to not cook out ya know? my side still hurts, I guess i am going to the dr to get it checked out. I keep hoping it will just go away but its not going so that means i must go, i got it goin on ya know. Too much goin so i guess i better be goin cause we have some people goin to our cook out LOL :P MELODY WE HAVE TO SCRABBLE OOOOOH I got a pic from when u visited me and we played on an actual scrabble board so get your but in your car drive the dern 6 hrs to come play with me PWEASEEEEE I Love you wike a sisser xo xo I am gonna post the pic of my Wonderful bestest friend Melody!

Sunday Morning and Spanglish

Happy Sunday Morning!! Okay, we watched Spanglish last night. Good movie but what the hell is with them leaving me hanging on the endings? I am the type of person, ya gotta close the deal, I mean give me something, did the hubby n wife get back together. What Happened? ACK! lots of movies have been doing that lately and dang it give me closure! I don't have much to do today, Alex is going home today and i guess we are gonna finish cleaning up. I was at the store yesterday, I saw a guy who looked just like my sons dad. I haven't seen him in 8 years so it was freaky to see him. Then of course last night i dreamed about him. I hope he's okay. Hes in the Army so i dunno where he is. I Just hope hes okay. Enough about that. Kyle made me an omelette again today YAY! i gotta get decos for a baby shower next week. I guess i better run to factory card outlet! Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

My butt feels fineeeeeeeee

I got a new computer chair. I swear all my back and leg problems started when i got the other puter chair, so i went and bought a super nice, micro fiber massage heat the whole deal. I love it. I am sittin in style!!!!! I turned it on and got all hot and massaged and about fell asleep. Shoo chair buying might be a bad thing LOL i already need to lose weight. I am goin on a diet for real. No playin this time. I think. Wish me luck, I am starting monday. Okay i gotta go make me some din din!!


been cleaning most of the day. My side is hurting sigh. Still. I am going to buy me a new puter chair to see if that helps. The one i have now has always hurt my back somewhat so i am gonna see if that helps. The boys had the twins across the street stay all night and alex stay all night and it has been so hectic. I just want some peace n quiet. Savannah ended up going to bed at um about 1 or so then crawled in bed with us periodically all night long, I am pretty beat. I am gonna go clean moms today and go clean eds today and then come home to relax the evening away. I wanna get spanglish on PPV! so we shall see. Okay, gonna run Have a great Saturday everyone!!

Friday, June 03, 2005

She's no Peter Pan

She has a shadow, heres my Photo Friday

Friday Afternoon

What a day. First I paid bills all morning long, then off to the chiropractor. Then to pick up Alex so he can stay for awhile til his mom gets back from hosp. His sister is having surgery. Then to the bank and then over to kroger. I didn't go to target, i figure i would spend my money on groceries instead of fun stuff. So we bought groceries and on the way home i saw a terrible terrible wreck right in front of me. It was awful and i was really scared. A little boy no older than juan had to kick out the window to get out. The truck he was in rolled over. His brother was layin on the side of the road not moving and his mom or dad was stuck in the driver side and the other parent on the other side. He was screaming bloody murder for his mom while carrying her purse. Heartbreaking truly. I came home crying. Took a bath and I am not going out anymore. I am tired. My house is a mess. I don't want to clean it. Not to mention my head ache is coming back. its pouring down rain and all the kids are in my house. Juan is acting goofy so leads me to believe he has had red food coloring at some point yesterday. He has a bad reaction to red food dye and can't have it. Savannah just woke up and is cranky, but with that being said, Thank God we are all safe. I am off to rest my eyes and play scrabble LOL scrabble first eyes 2cd. Have a great weekend!

Friday, it's friday!!

We just got up and its almost 10, i woke up earlier to take my pill then went back to bed and just got up. We gotta be at chiro soon and i need to go to guess where? keep guessing, begins with a T hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm where am i going? Target of course :) Theres a million reasons, in a single store. Wait, thats Meijers, but I don't go there much. Target is my home. I almost have kyles fathers day shopping finished. Our Lawnmower broke and he said he didn't want a new one, I am thinking we really need a freaking lawnmower since summer just began. Well it hasn't began yet but will shortly. There is a bad email virus going around, saying Osama was captured and shows pics etc, its a virus, so if you get this email don't open it. This message was a public service announcement brought to you by Nannabird LOL i am doing virus check n stuff on my puter so i can pay my bills on line. I got billssssss their multiplyin and Im losin controllll. YES EVERYTHING can be made a song :) Well, I guess I am off to do something somewhere. It was Nannabird, in the fast lane with Mrs. White LOL Ah clue gotta love it. My boys don't like it anymore though. I really am gonna pay bills, then chiro, then the big T :) I am sure Ill write later cause ill be bored, i am sure. Have a great Fridayyyyyy Fridayyyyyy Fridayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Thursday Evening

OMG did i mention in this blog that I HATE BUGS! well we went to the cookout and then decided to go look at their land they are building their house on. Okay its 5 acres. Lots of trees, bugs and SPIDERSSSS okay they say they pulled off about 6 ticks per person as we hiked UGHHHH to the freaking creek. I am sick at this point about bugs. We make it back to the van we all had ticks, I had the deer tick on my neck yuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk and poison ivy and oak and ticks freaking ticks ticks ticks i dont like ticks i am freaked out i took a shower right there in their house i freaked id ont like ticks i had one on my friggin neck i feel so violated ugh i hate ticks

I did it!

I got to messin around on my puter
I did it I did it I did it HOORAY
I went to system restore and clicked the button
I did it I did it I did it I did it
I restarted my puter and then click the webpage YAY WOO HOORAY
I did it!
For those of you without small children, thats From Dora LOL and YES i am a geek!! Those who know me know IM A GEEK!!! I make up songs. One of my personal favorites was for Melzie welzie to the tune of Travelin soldier by the Dixie chicks, I made a version of Scrabblin Soldier LOL Im a weirdo :)
Everything looks nice bein back to small. Kyles home from work early, pukin with a migraine. We get those back to back every 3 mos. Why i dunno. But i get mine first and then he follows. We both whackos i guess. We are supposed to go to this cookout thingy. But i dunno if kyle is going to be recovered. Hes layin in the tub. Hopefully hell get better cause i was looking forward to seein the house :) Opie is barkin up a story YAY!!!! :) i would say its music to my ears but its rather loud! OKay i gotta go play scrabble for today. A day without scrabble is like Ronald McDonald without a big mac. Everyone should play!!!! Have a wonderful Thursday evening!


okay all you computer smarties HELP, everytime i view a webpage its like super freaking huge. I tried going to display and adjusting the more screen less screen etc but everything icon wise is fine. Its when i go to webpage its like SUPER huge. Help me Rhonda, help help me Rhonda, Help me Rhonda yeah, get my puter back to normal!!



Hes all better!! still having a lil trouble but for the most part, hes completely normal. So keep praying for my lovey dove!


Okay, I threw a treat on the floor and my doggie PICKED IT UP!! YAY he got his neck bending back YAY YAY YAYYYYYYYYYY Thank you to God!!!!!!! YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY and again thanks to God. I was so worried about him it wasn't even funny. hes got his spark back, He looks like Opie now, not some doped up pup. Hes nosin through the trash and being my doggie! He got so spoiled, shame on me. I cut him up some pork chops and fed them to him for lunch then for dinner i made some egg n ham n bread omelet and fed it to him LOL Man mega bad dreams last night. I dreamt that i was in NY, i have been there a couple times, I loved it. Well. I was in the subway station and they shut it down cause there were gun shots. Well there was this crazy blonde lady with a gun and they moved us all to these different rooms, why i left, i dunno but i left the room and ran into the gun chick in the hall where she shot me once and grazed me another time. I kept running and hid under some stairs and was under the stairs and hear her say "the cops would love to find someone shot from their mouth to their feet" i rannnnnnnnnnnn out of there fast and then found a guy who protected me. Then they caught her and she threw her gun. I went home. It was weirrrrrrrrrrrd. I dunno if the maguiver show was on nick at night or maybe a western, i dunno. But it was freaky. I am glad i am awake. Tonight we are going for a BBQ at Dr Daves and to see our HOUSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YAY we are buying their house!! i gotta do a couple haircuts but i cant wait to see the house!! YAY Well i gotta go to the store when the girls wake up. Maddie got here at 5 i think. I cant rem. it was early! have a wonderful day everyone!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Pics Pics Pics

okay so i lied when i said i wouldnt post anymore today :) I was messin around on my old puter and found some pics i just had to share :)
This is an old pic LOL its me n kyle when we first started dating!! Man he had hair and i was thinner LOL
12-28-2004 07;14;36pm
These are 2 of my fav pics from halloween this last year its Maddie n Savannah
this is my son juan at the zoo
this is My Oldest son Anthony at the zoo. Hell be 14 wahhhhhhhhh

Wednesday, Hump Day

I can't believe that it tis already wednesday. Im tired. Worn out emotionally and physically and sick of myself pretty much. Savannah didn't go to sleep til after midnight, i almost went out walkin LOL had to throw that in there. I am still worried about opie who has now taken on trying to vomit. My leg pain was back this morning, i went to chiro, he adjusted it out, but all week long i have had hip side pain on my right side. It gets better then goes away, today it just hurts. I am frustrated. I need to just lose weight, i think being a fat ass is making me sore or something. Who the heck knows, i am just goin crazy always hurting and not knowing whats wrong. My stomach is is knots all the time. Could be from stress. could be from anything. I wave my white flag i just wish it would go the hell away. Opies not eating. Juans coughing and sneezing. anthonys face is rebreaking out. Lawn mower blew up last night. ACK I want monday back if you can believe that. I went to Target, is there any place better? I got kyles fathers day present and ummmmmmmmmmm toilet paper. They had so many cute things but sigh I had to NOT buy anything cause i don't know if Opie will need to go back to vet and fathers day is coming up and I will need to buy my dad something too. Holidays all the time. I am nervous about going to my dads. A guy he works with just got diagnosed with TB thats some scary crap and he had to go be tested and have chest xrays and what not. They were fine but still EEK On that crap. You know since school was in all i wanted was just one day to stay home and do nothing. Today was that opportunity and i didn't take it, i have been out running all day LOL. WHATS WRONG WITH ME!! Savannah slept til 10 and i kinda dozed off til then on n off so thatwas kinda nice. Well i guess i am gonna go soak in a hot hot tub and chilllllllllllll LOL Okay have a great day> This will prob be my only update today since i bombarded yesterday. Melzie if you are reading this I NEED TO PLAY SCRABBLE!! if my away message is on IM me so we can get a game goin!! I NEEED TO PLAY! xo xo to all.