Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sunday Morning and Spanglish

Happy Sunday Morning!! Okay, we watched Spanglish last night. Good movie but what the hell is with them leaving me hanging on the endings? I am the type of person, ya gotta close the deal, I mean give me something, did the hubby n wife get back together. What Happened? ACK! lots of movies have been doing that lately and dang it give me closure! I don't have much to do today, Alex is going home today and i guess we are gonna finish cleaning up. I was at the store yesterday, I saw a guy who looked just like my sons dad. I haven't seen him in 8 years so it was freaky to see him. Then of course last night i dreamed about him. I hope he's okay. Hes in the Army so i dunno where he is. I Just hope hes okay. Enough about that. Kyle made me an omelette again today YAY! i gotta get decos for a baby shower next week. I guess i better run to factory card outlet! Have a great Sunday!


Jackie said...

Wanted to see Spanglish...will have to get something else. I agree with you....I NEED CLOSURE!
Love and Hugs,

Melzie said...

speaking of dreams I keep dreaming i am blind or going blind :) xoxo


yes , the ending is not what i thought either
you know i do that too i hear a song from C C R
that my ex
would play on the guitar
then it gets me thinking
or ill see somrone in the store that looks like somone from the past
its funny isant it
have a beautiful day and some fun if you can
smiles deb

Charlotte Spicer said...

Hello :) I found this by clicking a link on Rosie O'Donnell's blog. I hope I'm not intruding.

Melzie mentioned she's having dreams of going blind. In the spirit of kindness, Melzie, I am a professional dream interpreter and would like to offer you some gratuitous help, if you are open to it. If you would email me your dream, in as much detail as possible (people, vehicles, houses, actions, emotions, perceptions, colors, etc.) I'd be happy to help you. You can email me at, but please put Dream Submission in the subject so I don't delete it as spam. I'll find time to analyze it and email it back.

I've been feeling a little down lately so I'd like to do something for someone else to make me feel better. Hope to hear from you.

Love and Light,

Charlotte Spicer

Melzie said...

*c&p of my dream submission

Well I only remember one of the dreams clearly, that I am looking at my computer and it seems very dark, and I try to adjust settings and its already as light as it can get. Then I notice the same thing on my tv. (for the record that is true IRL as well). Then I am looking at some pics we got developed and I am complaining to my mom that they are so dark and she points out they look fine to her and then it hits me WHAM I am losing my sight, that's all I remember in that dream other than it was all extremely realistic IE my house was the same, computer and tv in the correct spots etc. The other two were very vague ones just that everythign is dark and I really hate being blind. I dreamed the first one 4 nights ago, 2nd one 3 nights ago and skipped a night then last night again. Thanks :) Melzie

Charlotte Spicer said...

Hi, Sweetheart...I posted my message, talked to my boyfriend for a minute and hit the refresh key and you were here. Good timing, eh?

From the sound of it so far, it seems as if you are having trouble with seeing the past, as it relates to the present, clearly. Pictures represent the past. Computers are a way of "processing" thought. TVs represent the view of your life. Your mom, barring an actual issue of not seeing eye to eye, may represent your higher, "older self" (soul) where you are complaining that you are not seeing things as clearly as possible/should be, etc. So, your dream self feels that you are losing your 'vision'. The fact that your house and the other items were from the present, I assume, indicates that this is a current issue, not so much something from the past that has kept itself hidden. This is how you are processing a current situation. A situation you are in now requires an honest look, without worry, fear or regret. Sometimes the sensation of being blind refers to not wanting to look at a situation in your life that on the surface appears obvious but sometimes we don't know quite how to handle it. Almost like a feeling of not wanting to deal with something and hoping it will work itself out without strain.

Some things to ponder: What part of your life makes you not want to or neglect nurturing yourself? Are you nurturing the aspects of yourself that need that attention?

I'm getting a feeling of suspicion about another person. It could be a warning of "keeping your eyes open".

This is quick but based

I hope this helps...if you can provide more detail or would like to submit additional dreams on the topic, maybe I can help you figure it out. Reacting properly, meaning without fear, to situations, works wonders. It feels like you have a decision to make and are afraid of making it.

I hope this helps. If I can assist further you can email me at or send a shout out at Rosie's blog. I think I'll be checking that often...I've been reading it for a couple days and marked it in my favorites.

Love and Light,

Char Again said...

I meant to say that this was quick but based on the amount of detail given. With more detail, I can develop a string of emotions, events, reactions that will illustrate the situation even better.

If you would like to remember your dreams better, keep a pen and paper beside the bed. Some say that drinking orange juice one hour before bedtime helps. I haven't tried this as the last thing I need is to remember them in more vivid detail. LOL.

Sweet Dreams,