Thursday, June 16, 2005

Sniff Sniff SNOOSH its Thursday

My dog has lost it, hes going to every door and sniff, sniff is what i hear and then i look and hear SNOOOOOOOOSH as hes trying to open each door with his nose, he finally found the boys room was open so his SNOOSH wasn't too long. I was like what the hell is that do doin. Ohhhhhhhh i have something to tell you guysssssssss "BIG BANANAS B*A*N*A*N*A*S,,,,,,,,,,,, LOL I Downloaded music on my other puter and decided to download that song Ohhhhhh it was a wirty dord in it. It says the word for poop but its not the word poop its the word that rhymes with Tit LOL :X now the song is stuck in my H*E*A*D with the wirty Dord. Sigh, better than the bladder control commercial i do suppose! Sigh,i am tired still. I just got out of bed and i am still tired. I had wicked weird dreams that involved captain hook that gets a SHOOOOOOO thank God they weren't sex dreams or that could've been gross! My side still hurts, its beginning to be an only morning thing, so i guess i can assume that cancer wouldn't only hurt in the morning? I can't wait til my ultrasound. Although i will say when you are going to an ultrasound and Not pregnant they don't let you see anything, its like top secret bidness! I got me some Bo Bice last night! Get ya mind outta the gutter LOL not that kind of bo, I got some of his songs. He can sing thats for sure. I miss American idol. Its almost time for big brother, and while i am a fan, it was more fun when we got to vote and sigh, i just don't know if i am looking fwd to it. We shall see. I guess i better go eat me some bfast!!!!!!!!! What shall I have, green eggs n ham, that sam I am, I shall eat green eggs and ham, I shall eat them in a boat with a goat, or with Santa and some BIG BANANAS B*A*N*A*N*A*S :P Gotta love me! Have a great day and AARGGGGGGH Mateys! But you don't have to gooooooooo right now! Try Detrol you may experience, bad bladder cramps, severe anal discharge, headaches and flu like symptoms but HEY YOU WON'T HAVE TO FREAKING PISSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Melzie said...

Youre a nut. xoxo melzie

No_Newz said...

Yes, you are a nut. Hahaha! Here's to hoping you don't go B*A*N*A*N*A*S with tha much longer. ;)
Lois Lane

Jackie said...

Honey, you lost me at the banana thing. At least I don't have erectial dysfunctions!

Love and Hugs,


hi dianna,
the book im reading is the glass castle and then goldie hawn
i hope your having a pretty night
take care smiles deb