Friday, June 10, 2005

It's Friday!! I have no photos today :(

I didn't take any sigh. Well last night we went to the Y we worked out, I did the 30 min cafe thingy then rode the bike for awhile then went swimming for awhile. Then came home not sleepy and stayed up til after midnight. This morning I had to go out and ummmmmmm get a check from my aunt sue, get a check from Maddies mom and get a check from my mommy. Then i had to go to my aunts, she is away and Her house creeps me out........ I love it but its creepy. I kept hearing something rocking, so kyle is going back over there with me tomorrow cause i am a big chicken :) I wear that proudly!! I came home and put ALLLLLLLLLLL the laundry away, every single last speck. We had laundry on the counter, on the dryer, on the table and on the chairs. Weve been washing it but not putting it away so i got it all put away and now i am taking a break, gonna start supper in a few minutes and then clean the kitchen. Kyle will be gone all day tomorrow so i gotta go clean my moms for the be be shower. My side is killing me today. Why????????? who in the freaking hell knows. It hurt for 3 straight weeks, then the day i go to the dr, wheres the pain> The day i leave the dr pain is back. Must be a man pain cause its a pain in the ass. Had a weird dream about a bear, damn bear bit me too but it wasnt very big. Oh well. Okay i gotta go finish what i started, that aint no way to treat the brokenhearted. THeres no pic damnit but there will be singing!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL I gotta go check all the blogs i read and then go work out and all that jazz. Have a great weekend!



hi dianna
look forward too your blogs
take care
smiles deb

Cindy said...

greetings dianna,
sounds like you're busy today. i did absolutely nothing. not true, i went and filled up my gas tank, got cigarettes, and went to the post office, i was back home by 10am. it's been thundering here for a couple hours, but still no rain. have a peaceful weekend!

Jackie said...

Hey sweetie-
sounds like a productive day!!!! Good for you. About the side pain.....I had problems for 11 years with pain in my side. I had my apendix taken out (it was fine) and MANY tests! I had broke my pelvis twelve years before...and when I did it my hip dislocated...that was what the pain was from. I went to a good chiro and she fixed me up. (It took 6 months though!!!) I haven't had the pain now in a year and a half.
I don't know if that would be helpful info....but I thought I would share it with you.

Love and Hugs,