Sunday, June 12, 2005

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Okay Happy Sunday, I am finally home, Whooped, alive, but home. Baby shower was wonderful. Alot of work but wonderful! I love seeing my country cousins! We rarely get to see them so it was wonderful! i cant feel my feet, i feel like i was on them all day. Tomorrow back to the gym YAY!! Okay you guys my good friend melzie is lonely at her blog so go visit her on your blog routes!! shes an awesome gal, I am gonna try to link her blog if it doesnt work, ill post the url okay hang on let me test
Melzies Monologue
Okay lets see if that works! Okay thats about all i have to write, by the time i got finished picking up after the shower then taking food to my uncle then driving home in the pouring down rain, i am beat! i am gonna watch some movies. God bless and you guys are truly wonderful friends~


Jackie said...

Glad the shower was good!!!!!!!! I will visit your the blogger friends!

Love and Hugs,


hi jackie,

oh that is so nice the shower was a hit

what movies are ya seeing

smiles deb

Melzie said...

LOL maybe I will get comments LMBO. Glad the shower went well, did you get pics? Any cute baby quilts? LOL quilts on the brain I tell ya.

Cindy said...

I'm glad you had a good shower. They are usually fun, it's always good to see long lost relatives!