Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Fathers Day to All and To All

A good night zzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz LOL i truly wish i could do that. Okay, I am tired, Maddie just got here. Its like 6 am. So I am gonna break down my evening
Diarrhea, Diarrhea, Diarrhea for Savannah, so much she started having bloody Diarrhea. Scared me to death. We call Dr. back and he said we need to take her to hospital.
We get to hospital, crazy in there, CRAZY. Oh the things parents let their kids do. My mom kept the boys that was a blessing.
Okay they aren't really believing that i saw blood. I was like said it was just probably something she ate. @@ I was like, Lady......... I Have 3 children, i have been doing this for 14 years, I know blood when i see it. Im not a Dr. BUTTTTTT.. I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night LOL okay lack of sleep make me tired. Okay buttttt then they get me this sterile cup and say we need a clean sample. Okay wheres the oxymoron in that a clean sample of crap @@ eye roll again. So we get the sample and they give us a nice bag to carry it in til someone wants it. Theyll ask when appropriate they say. Resident comes back and takes a look at her and the poo and said Is it all like this???????? I was like Yea, she was like its pure water. Well DUH and she then tested it for blood and it was positive. She said Ohhhhhhhhh its positive, good job mom @@. DUH shes 3 its not hard to spot. So....... on the tv in the room it goes like this... Fairly odd parents..Fairly ood parents......Fairly odd parents..........bathroom break for savannah.......Fairly odd parents............fairly odd parents............xrays...........more fairly odd parents..............take blood, try to give her IV, veins blow.......more fairly odd parents.....At this point i was really wanting some spongs bob. savannah decides she is hungry. I want fries, i want fries, i want fritos, I want fries. She screams for these items all during the next fairly odd parents. Okay.....they are closing the room we are in time to move to a room so small we couldn't even fit the wagon in there. Nice break on the TV Jimmy neutron is now on. More screaming for fries,,,,,,,,,,,,,,More screaming for fries. Dr. comes in says she is dehydrated..We have to pay 20 % of this visit keep in mind. Well no shit shes dehydrated, we knew that. Say to give her all this stuff, pedialyte, which she wont touch and then he says Milk. Okay i have always heart giving milk is a big NO NO NO and he assures me she hasn't vomited for about 11 hrs shell be fineeeeeeeeee. So i am like nooooooooooo i have never heard of that. So after 5 hrs and a discharge paper that says give her milk we are sent home. They said they are growin the poop, sounds like a fun job. What do you do maam, I grow poop . Shoooooooooo on that. Okay we pick up the boys. Go to Kroger to get Dora soup........ Have a few more requests for french fries. Stop and get us dinner,,,,,, then get home. I say well i am not gonna give her milk but ill try a lil rice milk maybe this is a new thing and they are right. Okay drink drink of rice milk..............Up comes the vomit all over the place. Stupid dr. They kept bringing her these pedialyte pops and all me n kyle could think about is those are probably 20 bucks a piece and we are throwing them in the trash cause she wont touch em. They see them in the trash and tell us how nasty they taste, but keep bringing them. Wheres the sense in that. So about 2 am we get to sleep. If thats what ya wanna call it. S avannah was in bed with us cause we are paranoid and have to make sure shes breathing and all that. I have been kicked in the head about 20 times and kyle in the stomach. So its been a long night and we are very tired. I am gonna try to put her in her bed so i can get some sleep. She kept down a lil decaf tea this morning. So pray its gone. Have a wonderful Fathers Day all and a wonderful Sunday, I am goin to bed!


Jackie said...

I hope she stays well for you!!! What a night! Maybe you could get a little nap today!

Love and Hugs....and Lots of Prayers,

Cindy said...

Being sick in the night is always the worst. I remember one time when Anthony was very little he barfed all night. Tiffany was sleeping in bed with him, she always mothered her baby brother. So every time he barfed, it was on her. She would come and get me, I changed the bed, found clean clothes for both and put stuff in the washer. This went on the whole night. The three of us not getting any sleep. Tiffany was a trooper though, she hung in there with him.