Monday, June 13, 2005


LOL here is an email i got from chiquita about the black banana in case you guys ever eat one here is the response!

Dear Dianna,
Thank you for contacting Chiquita. We appreciate hearing about this matter, as Chiquita Brands is always interested in ensuring the highest quality of our bananas. We are sorry you experienced such a problem and for any inconvenience it may have caused. Let me first start by saying it is not harmful, just not very pleasant to look at. What it is, is a quality defect called constricted tip. This defect occurs when the blossom end of the banana finger grows into the pulp of the fruit rather than out away from the banana tip. (causing the center to be hard and discolored) This is a rare defect that usually occurs when conditions are dry in the tropics. Chiquita takes great care in trying to identify this defect in the farm selection process prior to packing. However, this defect is difficult to identify and occasionally eludes our fruit selectors.
Please accept our sincere apology for the condition of the fruit you purchased and thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. I can assure you that the situation you encountered is an unusual occurrence and certainly not typical of Chiquita. I do have a coupon that I would be happy to send to you if you are interested. Please let me know.
Once again, thank you for contacting Chiquita and I look forward to hearing from you.

Consumer Affairs
Chiquita Fresh North America


Cindy said...

I'm so proud of you for writing to Chiquita and a bit disappointed that they didn't send the coupon without being asked. Tell them hell yes, you want the coupon. And even mention that not only did you feel distress, all of your friends did too!
I ebay everyday! It's like a big giant yard sale!

Jackie said...

How funny........though I think they should send you SOMETHING!!! I still think it is like the "golden ticket"! (Willie Wonka) There should be something really great waiting for you!!!

Love and Hugs,

Melzie said...

Never do you have to ASK for the coupon @@ lol. ::waiting for the ups man:: I'll let you know when he arrivees :D xoxo melzie