Monday, June 13, 2005

Monday Morning

Kyle was leaving for work and i got up to take my medicine, now i am wide awake. I have to be at chiro at 11 or 12 then my dr at 230 the gyno dr for my side pain. I loathe going to that dr. He delivered Savannah and its good to see all the people but ugh. My side for the past 2 days doesnt hurt too bad. It didn't hurt yesterday til i had to stand up and clean my house after I had to be on my feet almost all day then come home and clean up. Opie is curled up next to me, he is so sweet. I go back to the gym tonight. I am gonna try to work out all week a full week, but this weekend it just wasn't possible. Ugh more rain today, chance of severe storms tonight and tomorrow then wednesday COOLER!! AH i can use cooler right now! Well, I am off i am gonna go lay back down i do believe! Have a great Tuesday, mel send me pics of your suprise!, Cindy a cool front is coming!, Everyone else I love ya and have a wonderful Monday!!!!!


Cindy said...

Great news, a cool front! I hope that means rain. The weather guy keeps lying. I keep waiting, but still nothing.

Jackie said...

We have a chance for nasty weater today too! YUCK! I am ready to hop on a plane to the artic!!!!!!

Love and Hugs,