Sunday, June 05, 2005

I see Dandilion flyies

UGH for most of the day we have been Treasure Troving. UGHHH We have to figure out this code Mannnnnnnnnnn let me tell you its a real pain. My smart mommy figured out where the ant is but we have to figure the code out. UGH so the code is in the dandilion weedy things u know that you blow. So we shall see. I see those things now when i close my eyes. Its fun though. Its hot here today, I wanna go swimming. I wanna join the YMCA so badly, we usually do every summer. I think i am just going to do it and cut corners on groceries. Make my kids eat some Wylwood Greenbeans LOL. Theyll love me for life, but HEY we can go swimmin all summer! Opie is All better. Hes nosin through the trash, eatin tennis balls and being a real doody head. Exact words of my son LOL. Well we are having a cook out tonight, Id like for one whole weekend to not cook out ya know? my side still hurts, I guess i am going to the dr to get it checked out. I keep hoping it will just go away but its not going so that means i must go, i got it goin on ya know. Too much goin so i guess i better be goin cause we have some people goin to our cook out LOL :P MELODY WE HAVE TO SCRABBLE OOOOOH I got a pic from when u visited me and we played on an actual scrabble board so get your but in your car drive the dern 6 hrs to come play with me PWEASEEEEE I Love you wike a sisser xo xo I am gonna post the pic of my Wonderful bestest friend Melody!

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Melzie said...

I wish I could come wahhhh. We dont have a Y but we have a public pool and Danny said we WOULD find the money to get a season pass YAY YAY YAY Melzie's big booty is goin SWIMMIN!