Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Wednesday, Hump Day

I can't believe that it tis already wednesday. Im tired. Worn out emotionally and physically and sick of myself pretty much. Savannah didn't go to sleep til after midnight, i almost went out walkin LOL had to throw that in there. I am still worried about opie who has now taken on trying to vomit. My leg pain was back this morning, i went to chiro, he adjusted it out, but all week long i have had hip side pain on my right side. It gets better then goes away, today it just hurts. I am frustrated. I need to just lose weight, i think being a fat ass is making me sore or something. Who the heck knows, i am just goin crazy always hurting and not knowing whats wrong. My stomach is is knots all the time. Could be from stress. could be from anything. I wave my white flag i just wish it would go the hell away. Opies not eating. Juans coughing and sneezing. anthonys face is rebreaking out. Lawn mower blew up last night. ACK I want monday back if you can believe that. I went to Target, is there any place better? I got kyles fathers day present and ummmmmmmmmmm toilet paper. They had so many cute things but sigh I had to NOT buy anything cause i don't know if Opie will need to go back to vet and fathers day is coming up and I will need to buy my dad something too. Holidays all the time. I am nervous about going to my dads. A guy he works with just got diagnosed with TB thats some scary crap and he had to go be tested and have chest xrays and what not. They were fine but still EEK On that crap. You know since school was in all i wanted was just one day to stay home and do nothing. Today was that opportunity and i didn't take it, i have been out running all day LOL. WHATS WRONG WITH ME!! Savannah slept til 10 and i kinda dozed off til then on n off so thatwas kinda nice. Well i guess i am gonna go soak in a hot hot tub and chilllllllllllll LOL Okay have a great day> This will prob be my only update today since i bombarded yesterday. Melzie if you are reading this I NEED TO PLAY SCRABBLE!! if my away message is on IM me so we can get a game goin!! I NEEED TO PLAY! xo xo to all.


Cindy said...

Wow, didn't even realize it was Wednesday. The Monday holidays always throw me off a bit. And yesterday was a waste with the neck agony. It's better today, just having a little problem looking left. I'm thinking by tomorrow I'll be right with the world.

Melzie said...

::dying a slow agonizing death from scrabble withdrawal::