Saturday, June 04, 2005

My butt feels fineeeeeeeee

I got a new computer chair. I swear all my back and leg problems started when i got the other puter chair, so i went and bought a super nice, micro fiber massage heat the whole deal. I love it. I am sittin in style!!!!! I turned it on and got all hot and massaged and about fell asleep. Shoo chair buying might be a bad thing LOL i already need to lose weight. I am goin on a diet for real. No playin this time. I think. Wish me luck, I am starting monday. Okay i gotta go make me some din din!!


No_Newz said...

I could use one of those in the truck! Headed for Colorado with numb buns. :)
Lois Lane

Jackie said...

Glad your butt feels great....always good! I too am trying to loose weight....lost 43 lbs.......but now gained ten back. (STRESS...ARG!) Good luck monday.....I will check back often!!!

Love and Hugs,