Friday, June 03, 2005

Friday Afternoon

What a day. First I paid bills all morning long, then off to the chiropractor. Then to pick up Alex so he can stay for awhile til his mom gets back from hosp. His sister is having surgery. Then to the bank and then over to kroger. I didn't go to target, i figure i would spend my money on groceries instead of fun stuff. So we bought groceries and on the way home i saw a terrible terrible wreck right in front of me. It was awful and i was really scared. A little boy no older than juan had to kick out the window to get out. The truck he was in rolled over. His brother was layin on the side of the road not moving and his mom or dad was stuck in the driver side and the other parent on the other side. He was screaming bloody murder for his mom while carrying her purse. Heartbreaking truly. I came home crying. Took a bath and I am not going out anymore. I am tired. My house is a mess. I don't want to clean it. Not to mention my head ache is coming back. its pouring down rain and all the kids are in my house. Juan is acting goofy so leads me to believe he has had red food coloring at some point yesterday. He has a bad reaction to red food dye and can't have it. Savannah just woke up and is cranky, but with that being said, Thank God we are all safe. I am off to rest my eyes and play scrabble LOL scrabble first eyes 2cd. Have a great weekend!



hello its deb
that is a pic of my grandaughter hailey marie in oregon state
she is a doll
smiles too you

Cindy said...

I just updated with some very good news! My soaps were good today, Friday's always are. I hate seeing bad accidents. I took Anthony to the airport one time and on the way home I saw a truck driver pulled off to the side of the road, laying beside his truck, paramedics working on him. It was obvious that there was no accident. So I think to myself, I hope he's going to be ok. When I get home I have an email from one of my groups saying that one of our members had a heart attack at work. No kidding, that was who I saw on my way home. I know this guy, I know he drives for UPS one of those double trailers, and he drives the turnpike! You don't even know how fast I put that all together. The ended up life-flighting him to a Cleveland area hospital. He made a complete recovery and I still talk to him all the time. He only lives like 50 miles from me, so Anthony and I have even gone to his house. He's a stranger friend that I met on the internet and have been friends for 6 years!

for_the_lonely said...

I am so sorry to hear that you saw such a tragic thing...that is never easy on the eyes or the soul to see such a tragic thing!

I hope that you have a great Friday, and a wonderful weekend, as well. You are such an awesome woman, with a beautiful spirit. You are so blessed to have such wonderful children. ;)