Saturday, June 18, 2005

Saturday Smaturday

Man, today sucks. There is no other way to put it. Poor Savannah. Kyles mom called us last night she was vomiting and running a fever of 102. Then at 3 came the phone call with the diarrhea, thennnnnnnnnnnn in the morning more diarrhea and more diarrhea and more diarrhea. We go pick her up and shes still having fever, we take her to the dr. She thows up down my whole back. Then more diarrhea. She screams in pain and then we have to run her to the potty, she is now having diarrhea mixed with blood. I am scared and sad. Shes never had diarrhea before ever. And with the blood Im scared. The dr said it was a rotavirus and we have a call into him again with the blood. :((((((((((( I am just sad. She gets so sick and to see her laying there, i have been near tears all day. When i get nervous i clean so i have been disinfecting the hell out of the bathroom and scrubbin and scrubbin it. Make sure my boys don't get it. I don't want it but i am sure ill get it. I just wish it would leave savannah :( We went and worked out last night for along time i had a really long work out. I am getting ready to go take care of my uncle and clean over there and hurry back to be with my baby. Please oh please keep her in your prayers :(


Cindy said...

Well I just went and looked up rotavirus to see what the heck it was. Thankfully, Anthony never had it. Did the doc give you something? Looks like from what I read it has to run it's course, could be a couple days. Make sure you force fluids, or she'll get dehydrated. Keep me posted on how she's doing!

Melzie said...

poor little love, hope she has a short lived virus ((hugs)) xoxo melzie

Jackie said...

Poor baby! My little cousin (she just turned one) had it about a month ago. I understand how you must be feeling. FYI no one else got it, her dr. said that it is from hand to mouth type contact....not through the air! Just keep hands washed well!

I will pray she gets well soon..but do keep her hydrated. Brooklyn had to be put in the hospital because she wasn't getting enough fluids. (She is very I pray this won't be the case!)


Love and Hugs,

David said...

awwwww... being sick stinks... I hope she is feeling better soon.