Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Tuesday :)

Okay well i went to the Y again last night and they have a thing called the 30 min cafe, well its set up like curves and all the equipment is in a circle and u switch machines when the music says switch. It was awesome, I did the full 30 minutes. Then this morning, I went swimming took the kids swimming, and then put savannah in Y world and then did some laps and went to the 30 min cafe again and did my workout again YAY and we are going back tonight i am gonna maybe get on the treadmill or something or do the cafe one more time I Love it!! My side still hurts, i guess i am actually going to call the dr today :( wish me luck! Okay bbl

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Cindy said...

You're going to turn into a fish! I think I have the car situation worked out. With thanks to Aunt Syl. What started out to be a very horrible day actually turned out rather good. Turns out, the friend of a friend mechanic is someone I lived next door to around 1978, had a huge crush on him back then, and his girlfriend is someone I went to school with. We know lots of the same people. I trust him with my wheels and he's giving me a heck of a deal!