Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's Thursday

Ah, evening!! Been a long week yet again. Exhaustion starting to fill my head.

Tonight Savannah came home crying. She laid in my bed crying and crying. Brought back memories from just over a year ago when the incident happened at dance. She wouldn't tell me what happened tonight and inside I was shaking and terrified. I had to think of ways to earn her trust so she could tell me.

She said she didn't want to go back to that "place" meaning the family and childrens agency where tons of police and detectives questioned her about what was done to her.

My heart fell.

She asked if she could write me a note, again in sequence with what happened last year. I told her I would go outside the room and let her write the note and I would finish baking the cookies.

She hollered at me to come read the note and every step I took towards that door seemed to go in slow motion. I took the note from her lil hand and looked at her tear filled eyes and read.

Praise the LORD! It was just petty school stuff she was scared over.

I have never had such a feeling of relief in my life. For once I welcome the latest school drama!! Phew!! I don't think those feelings of that day will ever go away. Raising a girl is so much different than raising a boy. Being a girl and seeing what the wrong men can do. I don't wish that on anyone. I have to trust God. He's with her.

She asked me if God was mad at her for what happened and I told her no, God isn't like that. I told her just to tell God that she's very sorry and she said "I already did, but I still think he's mad at me" I asked her if she knew why Jesus died on the cross and she smiled and said "For our sins so that we are forgiven" I said "Then you know that God isn't mad at you. You said you are sorry and you are forgiven. That's the cool part."

She wiped her tears away and smiled at me and asked to watch Friends.

Again Thank GOD for school drama. Breathing a bit easier tonight.

Happy Thursday



Sunday, May 23, 2010


Up early YAY!! Just one more day of running around like a chicken with my head cut off and I can crash tomorrow!! YAY!

I love busy, but this week I'm plum pooped!!

Kyle asked me yesterday if I was angry at him and I'm thinking huh???? He said it was because I was short with him all week and didn't talk. I felt bad. Most of the week, I was only home to sleep. I don't even know if I slept more than 5 hours a night last week. I would literally come in lay down to sleep and wake up every hour on the hour worrying about the day and how I was going to get it all done.

I have a pile of paperwork that needs to be filled out a TiVo box full of stuff I recorded and a messy house!! Next week, I will catch it all up.

Anthony's graduation party was yesterday!! =D We all had a great time. I have the best family in the world.

My aunt took me outside and had a nice suprise for me and I was so humbled. Totally wasn't expecting it..... I was really, really grateful and it came at the right time!! She's an amazing woman! Gives and gives and gives. I was so excited!! =D

Today I'm going to church, gym, swimming and then to Jay and Lindsays to babysit and watch LOST with them!! I am so excited about LOST ending!! YAY and YAY and YAY!!!!!

Okay, have a fantastic day!!


Love you all


Friday, May 21, 2010

It's Friday

Hope everyone is doing well. I'm up wayyyy early. Went to bed way early. Kept waking up a lot. I have had a ganglion cyst on my wrist for awhile, it's now to where it hurts all the time. Kept me up in points during the night.

I have got to make an appt to have it taken off. It's making my fingers weak.

My weekend is crazy busy, possibly bigger than my week was. Monday I think I'm going to crash and burn.

Things have been going wonderfully aside from my wrist.

Anthonys graduation party is this weekend, so look for pics =D

God is wonderful!!

I'm being baptized on July 11 =D

Alarm clock about to go off, that means I gotta get the kiddies up and start the busy, busy day.

Love everyone and thinking of you.

Have a happy Friday


Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Sorry for lack of updates, I'm so busy this week it's unreal.

I'll update very soon when I get 5 minutes to sit down.

<3 everyone


Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Monday!!

Haven't felt real well all weekend, nor today. My head keeps feeling as if it's going to explode. It's starting to wear me down. It gets a bit better every day, so I'm hopeful tomorrow it will be gone.

A girl at the YMCA gave me the best neck rub ever. That loosened it up, sooooo hopefully it will be gone in a bit!!

I hope everyone is doing well and hope you have a wonderful Monday =D



Friday, May 14, 2010

Lil update

I'm doing a little better than this morning. Still frustrated, but days are like that. Went to the gym and did a super work out. So hard I gave myself a headache.

I'm terrified about going to court tonight. I have never been to court or anything and I don't know what to expect. I'm nervous and I'm scared. Thank God Johnny's going with me. =(

Got my picture all printed out and ready. Gotta shower and get dressed. I think I'm going to rest all weekend.

Chris wants to get together and I was invited to a rock show...... I just want to lay in bed. Guys are starting to drive me nuts and it's becoming too much. Watch when I actually want to date no one will be around, but now that I'm backed off from guys they are everywhere.

Gives me a headache.


Okay, gonna go shower and find some clothes that don't fall off me when I walk.

Happy whatever day it is.




I need to etch this on my forehead today

John 10:10
The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

Satan is working hard on me today. Nothing is going right.

I know today will pass, I know things will workout even though I don't see it.

Off to finish this day with

1 John 4:4

You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.

Pray, pray, pray that things work out. Going to be a long day.



Thursday, May 13, 2010

Have to share

Tomorrow starts into my 14th straight week of no misses at the gym. Kevin got me a T-shirt. I was sooooooo happy =) I have had the best day ever. I have laughed all afternoon. God surely has blessed me in more ways than I ever thought possible! It says Dedicated Athlete, once a day every day!!
=) I will keep that shirt forever!!



The inches are coming off of me like wild!! I'm soooo excited!! My flowers are going nuts out in the yard!!! =D

It's nice to see the rewards of my work.

God has given me determination and I'm taking off with it and running!!

Sharing some pics of ME =) You can tell in my face how much weight I've lost and I'm just excited!! (not that you couldn't tell)

I have been pretty busy lately, sorry for the lack of updates. I'll be sure to take time to write this weekend.


Happy Thursday!!!!!!!!!
A very happy Dianna!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday =)

Where'd this post go???????

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mothers Day =D

I am the LUCKIEST girl in the whole entire world!!

I have had one of the best weekends of my life!

First things first......last night was amazing!! It was one of the most perfect dates I have ever been on. He pulled chairs out, took my coat off, put it on, opened doors........When we were walking down the river and I was freezing, he offered me his jacket. Just a total gentleman. Was beautiful outside, was beautiful at the restaurant. We laughed so much and just clicked personality wise.

I'm glad I went. I totally, totally made the right decision 100%.

Today was one of the best days of my life. At points during the day my heart was bursting with so much happiness my eyes welled up with tears.

My mom, myself, my kids, auntie Curl, Linney, Jay, E and Justus went to church =)!! After church we all went to McDonalds for bfast and coffee. I love my family so much. I could not ask for a better bunch of people in my life.

After that we took my mom home and went to the gym. I worked out, kids all played basket ball and hung out. Went to Wal-Mart and bought cakes and cheese cakes. We took Kyles mom a cake and a card and visited with her for a bit and then went over to my dads and took my step mom a cheese cake and visited with them for a bit.

Then back to Wal-Mart to buy all kinds of stuff for dinner with my mom and my brother and their families. Also picked out a ton of flowers and potting soil, top soil and more bricks YAY!!

Came home and cooked and got dinner all ready, we ate and talked. Had cake and ice cream.

Juan and I tackled the yard. I dug up the pain in the rump peony bush and Juan dug up the shrubs. We planted sooooooooo much stuff. Hisbiscus, black eyed susans, marigolds, petunias.......Savannah got out there and planted her marigolds and Johnny was our foreman and telling me to add more of this or add more of that!

Savannah, Juan and I have had more laughs digging up that yard. We just laugh and laugh over everything. I had intentions of transplanting my hostas from the back yard to the front and asked Anthony to dig them up and move them........well, Juan now calls them hostages, they never made it to the front yard and well......they are all hacked up. We laughed so hard over it. He killed them dead, dead, DEAD!!

So........I wanted to get some more potting soil,top soil and I was short one brick. We drove by Aunt Carols to take her some meds and then back to Wal-Mart again to buy more dirt and a brick. Juan and I just finished it up and we were filthy.... Ugh. Filthy.

I got my shower and my childhood friend Chris called and we giggled over everything and now I just sat down to write =)

My perspective on life has changed so much in such a short time. I am so in love with my life and so in love with God.

God moves mountains. I'm living proof.

I am the luckiest woman in the world.

I have the best family in the world.

Blessed beyond words.

Happy Sunday. I'm going to go read my bible, thank God for everything he has done for me and go to sleep.

Love all you guys!!

Me =D

Saturday, May 08, 2010


Have just a few minutes to sit down and eat and thought I'd bloggety blog.

Been mega busy today. Tomorrow is just as busy if not worse. All good stuff, just no time to sit.

It stormed overnight and got very cool!! YAY!!

I'm glad.

Some of you already know this, I haven't blogged about it....but, I met a guy named Rob and we are having our first non date, date as Lindsay calls it!! I'm extremely nervous and argh, argh, argh.

Things have been going wonderful around here. Aside from being exhausted, I could not be any happier.

Mom, Lindsay, Carol and hopefully a couple others are going to church with us tomorrow and then I'm cooking dinner here for my family. =D

I can't wait. I love Mothers Day!! I probably won't be able to blog again til Monday, so everyone have a great Mothers Day!!

Love you guys!!Wish me luck!

God is good =D


Friday, May 07, 2010


Don't have much time to type but YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's Friday!!

Exciting weekend ahead!!


My life is just growing by leaps and bounds and I can barely keep up with requests to do stuff.

I couldn't ask for anything else.

My cup indeed runneth over.

What I thought was happy, wasn't. This is happy and it's amazing.


Have a great weekend!!

God is GREAT, life is good!!



Wednesday, May 05, 2010

It's Wed Nes Day

Okay, I have a bit of time to write before I go to work in the yard. My life has been crazy lately.

Yesterday as I wrote was just hectic and well......Anthony isn't allowed to use my computer because he has virused up one of mine and one of mom's computers. So mine was off limits. I forgot to shut my computer down and came home and I had a ton of viruses on my computer and a worm virus.


I took it to Best Buy and they wanted 99 bucks to get my pics and other info off and 200 to get the virus off. I cried and cried because I was so upset. All my pics everything on there. It's not so much the computer, as a material thing it doesn't much matter. I was upset because he disobeyed me, went to sites he was not supposed to, offered no apology and showed no remorse for doing so.

I raised my voice for a sec and started crying pretty hard. I had gone outside and my roses had bloomed and without my computer there is no using my camera.

So....... I told him he had to pay to get my pics off. The 99 bucks and I would just go to my old computer. I cried all day off and on. I was driving my car cryin and did some talking to God to get rid of my anger. I was really disappointed not only in Anthony, but because I did raise my voice. It was very brief and I got it in check before I yelled.....I don't want any part of anger.

Came home after doing a house, walked in the door and Anthony did something he has never done. He apologized to me, said he was wrong going to those sites and called Bretts mom for the money to get my pics off the computer. My computer is at Best Buy and when it gets back Elmers friend from work Scott said I could send him the computer and he will restore it for me. =) So situation solved and I can use the old dinosaur computer til then. I'm rarely home, so all good =). He admitted he was wrong!!!! Never, ever has he done that! I was so proud. I gave him back his phone! He corrected the mistake so YAY! It all worked out!!

Been working out every day. They had to increase my calories again because I'm burning off way more than I'm taking in and it's causing me to stop. I lost 2 lbs today.

I have 2 trainers, director and now a nutritionist making sure I don't fail. They care about me so much there and encourage me above and beyond. It's nice. =D

I have so much to talk about, but this is long enough. I'll try to update more often. Going fishing Saturday I hope and out to eat Saturday night on the river =D Looking sooooooo forward to it.

My yard is calling me!!

Hugs and love


Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Sort of a hard day.

Nothing really has gone right.

Been crying a lot today.

Most of you know about my computer. I had to get my old one out of the closet and's just full of painful stuff.

Stuff I just wasn't ready to look at.

Gonna go lay in bed and cry.

Empty promises.

I hate when my heart hurts.

See you tomorrow



Monday, May 03, 2010

heading out the door but

have to quickly share OMGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!! I can almost fit in my goal pants. I have stopped weighing because I hit a plateau, but I know I have lost!! Gonna beg Mike to weigh today!! All my clothes are falling off to the point of not being able to wear them. =D

Haven't missed a day of gym, this is going into my 12th week =)

Sunday, May 02, 2010

A very quick check in

I'm alive and absolutely wonderful =D

My life is just so busy lately and it is a total blessing from God.


This week coming up is extremely packed from start to finish and I'm welcoming every single bit of it. Nervous about a new season that's coming into play, but I will share more about that as it progresses.

It's all good =)

I'm so happy. Happy, Happy, Happy =)

God is good. I'll update soon.

Take care and have a fabulous week!