Wednesday, May 05, 2010

It's Wed Nes Day

Okay, I have a bit of time to write before I go to work in the yard. My life has been crazy lately.

Yesterday as I wrote was just hectic and well......Anthony isn't allowed to use my computer because he has virused up one of mine and one of mom's computers. So mine was off limits. I forgot to shut my computer down and came home and I had a ton of viruses on my computer and a worm virus.


I took it to Best Buy and they wanted 99 bucks to get my pics and other info off and 200 to get the virus off. I cried and cried because I was so upset. All my pics everything on there. It's not so much the computer, as a material thing it doesn't much matter. I was upset because he disobeyed me, went to sites he was not supposed to, offered no apology and showed no remorse for doing so.

I raised my voice for a sec and started crying pretty hard. I had gone outside and my roses had bloomed and without my computer there is no using my camera.

So....... I told him he had to pay to get my pics off. The 99 bucks and I would just go to my old computer. I cried all day off and on. I was driving my car cryin and did some talking to God to get rid of my anger. I was really disappointed not only in Anthony, but because I did raise my voice. It was very brief and I got it in check before I yelled.....I don't want any part of anger.

Came home after doing a house, walked in the door and Anthony did something he has never done. He apologized to me, said he was wrong going to those sites and called Bretts mom for the money to get my pics off the computer. My computer is at Best Buy and when it gets back Elmers friend from work Scott said I could send him the computer and he will restore it for me. =) So situation solved and I can use the old dinosaur computer til then. I'm rarely home, so all good =). He admitted he was wrong!!!! Never, ever has he done that! I was so proud. I gave him back his phone! He corrected the mistake so YAY! It all worked out!!

Been working out every day. They had to increase my calories again because I'm burning off way more than I'm taking in and it's causing me to stop. I lost 2 lbs today.

I have 2 trainers, director and now a nutritionist making sure I don't fail. They care about me so much there and encourage me above and beyond. It's nice. =D

I have so much to talk about, but this is long enough. I'll try to update more often. Going fishing Saturday I hope and out to eat Saturday night on the river =D Looking sooooooo forward to it.

My yard is calling me!!

Hugs and love


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