Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Could it really be Wednesday?

OMG is that right, its Wednesday already? Being glued to CNN and The Weather Channel, i have forgotten what day it is.

My sons Aunt Julie was in Hurricane Katrina. They are staying in a shelter but from what i Have heard, they have lost everything, so please keep them in your prayers. I just can't believe what i see on TV, I wanna help in some way but wouldn't know where to begin. I mean where do you start cleaning up? Where do they put all that water? So many questions, i don't think many people have the answers too. Just pray.

Today I am cleaning. Cleaning, cleaning. I have got to get my house in order. been back in my room scrubbing and cleaning and watching the occasional news. I am to the point now that I just feel sick about it. I guess reality is sinking in.

Keep praying!

Have a great day all and I will be by to visit blogs tonight!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I was tagged!

5 things I miss about my childhood....

1. The smurfs cartoon and all cartoons that were only on Saturdays, Not 24 hrs a day

2. Not having to pay bills

3. Playing barbies

4. Watching the Shirt Tales with pammy, rick, tyg and bogey!

5. Taking naps after school

I tag

Don't have time to write

but we are all fine. Just very very busy. Thanks for thinking of us and worrying about us! Lots of rain n wind thats about it!

Monday, August 29, 2005

Cleaning Cleaning Cleaning

I have been in my bedroom all morning, cleaning and watching Hurricane Coverage. Praying for all who are in Katrinas wake.

Headache completely gone, that migraine session GONEEEEEE hopefully for another 3 mos til the seasons change again.

I am sleepy, its rainy out and dark and its the perfect day to crawl in bed and sleep and watch movies.

Now that my headache is gone though i can't do that, I gotta clean. I spent 90 min in my bathroom, scrubbing everything i could. Then cleaned out my room and got some more stuff together for Freecycle. Hopefully they will show up. I am just dejunking everything. I am sick and tired of junk.

The boys went to the fair yesterday and are extremely tired today. Juan didn't wanna get out of bed. Who can blame him with the rain outside. We went to chiro and then took him to school. I was supposed to go do a few things, but i i just didn't feel like it, I wanted to come home. I am gonna go finish cleaning and take a long shower before the storms come in a couple hours. Have a great Monday Monday!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

The pictures are gone

We have to do a little work on this house to ensure we will get our deposit back. So we wanna make sure it looks extra nice.

We took all the pictures down and spackled. So sad without the pictures. So final that in 2 mos we will move. I remember when we first got the keys to this house, it was brand new and you could smell the lumber and the fresh paint. I had never lived in a house so nice and everything new. I remember carefully hanging every picture and thought we would be here for a long time.

Now sitting at the computer staring down the hall, its all empty. We were the first family to live in this house and now we will be leaving it. :(

We need more room, but i do love this house. Love the newness. our new house is a fixer upper, so we will be busy and doing so much work. Sigh.

But the pictures coming down are a realness that we "are" moving. So sad.

Headache is gone thank you to my chiro!

Have a great Sunday all!

Friday, August 26, 2005


I'm over my mini meltdown for the most part :) peaks and then crumbles.

I went to chiro for my headache today, it relieved all that tension YAY :)

I got my cleaning done today at everyone elses house, so that means I can clean my own house this weekend and take care of ed and thats it :)

Hopefully my headache will go the rest of the way away. 9 days is a long time for a headache. Almost too long.

Been listening to music all day. I have a song for every kind of mood i am in and Music is very healing for me. :) I love it :)

I wish i could play an instrument. But...........Every Good Boy Does Fine is about all i know! LOL :P

Well, i gotta get ready to go to bed. I am sleepy and just wanna watch some movies and crash. Thanks for listening yesterday and have a great weekend to all and to alllllll.......... LOL I know I know, its not Christmas YET.. But to all a good night :)

Thursday, August 25, 2005

My family Novella

Me n my family do occasional novellas. Well the past few have gotten lost so this time we did one on blogger. Its still cycling, we have 3 more people to write, then we will take our turn again and start voting people off. What a novella is, is a story was started and each person takes the story somewhere else and the fun part is going to read it and seeing where it ends up. Heres the one so far, you can book mark it and check it out to see where its going. Its so fun to do!

The Family Novella

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Allergies, what more do i need to say LOL!

Thanks to everyone for the Birthday wishes!

Not much to write today because i have to cleannnnnn and get ready for Big brother tonight!

So thats all for today, have a great day everyone and thanks again for the wishes, i feel so loved!

Hugs to all!

Monday, August 22, 2005

My other computer :(

Well, I woke up this morning and kyle said the keyboard for my other puter wasnt working. Its a cordless one. I am on the other computer. I hated it because it had spyware crap on it but i think i have gotten rid of it all. That 180 solutions is a witch with a b!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!! YAY!! I can truly say Go Dianna, Go Dianna It's your birthday ;)

Kyle made my chimmi changas last night and my gluten free cake, which was suprisingly good. Hell with 4 eggs and 2 sticks of butter, what could taste bad about that ya know? It was grease city here.

We took my mom out to see our new house last night and thats about it. I had to clean my moms early yesterday morning, then my aunts, then my uncles. So i was pretty tired. My migraine came back last night. No aura this time so that means the auras are over! Hopefully the headache will officially be gone today. My vision is clear now YAYYYY I can truly see clearly now!

Weather has been hot. We had a swimming party at my moms on saturday and it was so flippin hot. Then the rain came! it cooled off ALOT. They said a cold front came through but yesterday it was still 92, it was hot. Then this morning i wake up to 62 and it feels like i should be building an igloo or something.

Okay I don't have my favorite places over here on this computer so I can only visit your blog if you have commented in the last few days. So if i don't get around to you, i will as soon as we figure out what is going on over there. I have 2 computers side by side LOL. When we move i dunno what we are going to do. Ill have to separate them but dont know in what areas of the house i want puters in.

Have a great day all and God bless!!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Long Days. Sigh

The days have been so long and have gone by so quickly.

Had a migraine for about 3 days now, and the migraine isn't really the problem, its alot of pain, but its the auras that make me anxious and sad. I get blurry vision and then have a panic attack, my ears get all funky, I smell weird smells, my tastes leave. It's depressing. Very depressing.

I feel achey most of the time, Tired most of the time, Depressed alot.

Some people say stress can do all that. I am stressed and anxious approximately 75% of any given day. I am not a firm believer that it can run down your immune system and make you feel bad. Maybe it can, i just dont believe it. Constant pain is exhuasting.

The heat is exhausting as well. 105 heat indexes yesterday and today. UGH I am sick of heat! Monday is my bday and on my bday temps are supposed to be 81. Praise God! that is the best give i could ever receive! I before e except after c applies there! LOL

Okay I gotta go to bed. Since my vision is coming back, i will be vising blogs more.

I miss Kaysar already on Big Brother. :(((((((((((( Kaysar come back!!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

ACK Spam in the comments

And i have no clue how to delete anything from comments. Anyone care to help a blog dummy out?

I had a very bad panic attack the other night. Now i know why. Full blown migraine today. The horror of it being on Big brother night!

Okay if someone could please help me with deleting comments Id be much oblidged!

UGH I hate headaches :( pray it goes quickly.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

R.I.P Poor Jason

Okay, who is Jason I bet you are wondering. Sigh. Poor Jason. Jason is this green bug that my daughter has befriended. He was on the laundry room door all day yesterday and she would walk over and talk to him, ask him if he wanted lunch, tell him to take a nap etc. I mean all day, she would tell me he is green his eyes are black. She loved Jason.

Last night I heard her crying and walked out and she said Jason flew away, i think Anthony touched him and he flew away. She was crying "My friend is gone" "wheres Jason" crying real tears. It broke my heart. I told her that he had to go home at night and he'd be back in the morning. Tears still rolling she was sad, so we walked through the house hollering "Jasonnnnn" (she named him that) But we couldnt find Jason. So she finally accepted that Jason had gone home to his kids and would be back in the morning.

I get up this morning all groggy eyed and I spot Jason...........on the ceiling, in the clutches of a spider, The spider was wrapping his head in his web. Sigh. My son Juan got mad and said "No one hurts my sisters friend" and smooshed the spider with a shoe. I pull sticky Jason down and see his black eyes and his antenna through a tiny bit of web. I pull of what i could. Savannah has no clue that Jason has gone to the bug heaven in the sky. I let her hold him and she is carrying him around and petting him. Its like a bad episode of weekend at bernies. She wanted to take Jason to drop Juan off at school.

So we are carrying around a dead bug carcas. Sigh. She is over there petting him and telling him he is the nicest bug ever. So tonight when he goes home to see his kids, I guess hell have gotten lost. If only she hadn't cried the real tears :( She loves her bug Jason. How sweet is that?
Here are pics of her with poor Jason
Jason N savannah
R.I.P Poor lil buggy Jason

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Happy Back to school day!

Today was back to school day. I am a lil sad :( I miss my boys :(
It has been pouring here for awhile I LOVE IT!! YAY YAY YAY!!

Anthonys party went well. Lots of people lots of cake and icecream!

Ummmmmmmm I am so addicted to big brother, its almost sickening. I get to watch feeds every now and then and OMG was awesome awesome awesome. Tonights show will be good. I just don't think they can fit in everything that happened into one show.

Go HOWIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! i didn't think that man had it in him YAY!

Ummmmmmmmm nothing else going on really. I think one of my other fingers is infected. Its not real big yet, and hoping it wont get that way. My thumb is all better but i have scar tissue in there now and in the mornings its stiff.

Okay you guys have a great Tuesday and i am gonna get back to reading blogs this morning

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Happy Birthday Anthony!!

My oldest is 14 today :( Kinda glad, kinda sad.

Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!

We are doing cake and icecream at 6:00, a few family n friends are coming over. Ill post a few pics of him blowing out his candles.

The heat is making me a stark raving lunatic LOL well not really but its making me MAD! Oh yesterday was like a day in hell. Hot n Humid, everywhere i went the air just wasn't cooling, my house wasn't cooling either.

I was trying to leave my moms house and they are doing construction on her main road and I was pulling out on a very busy intersection and my wheels got stuck in the rocks and were turning and turning and UGH A truck sped up (asshole) and i had to throw it in reverse in order to not be hit and i had no choice but to run into the woman behind me :( My van was dented pretty badly but hers wasnt hurt. Why do people speed up? People suck these days. They really really do. Its like meaness all around.

Then to top it all off all the meaness on big brother this year. UGH I watch the live feeds and i wont spoil it for you but tuesdays show is a real shocker. Sigh. The girl Jen on there, is Satan, i swear. Mean evil girl. She think America loves her LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

Not much else going on, just been cleaning houses all weekend and whining about having to clean houses and then having to clean my own house for the party this afternoon and i dont want too.

OHHHHHH IT thunderstormed last night big YAYYYYYYYYYYY
Okay i gotta run and clean you guys have a wonderful sunday and i will get around to blog visiting again monday!!!

Friday, August 12, 2005

Blood pressure boiling ACK

My nerves are totally freakin shot. I mean SHOT!!

Gonna try to vent as nicely as I could.

I can't figure out for the life of me, why people call me to vent and then I just need someone to vent to and they act pissy towards me. Im sorry are you the only one that has problems? Are my problems any less important?

I am in such a foul mood, I am sick of people who lie, I am sick of people who are so "ME" centered they cant pull their heads out of their asses long enough to see that other people on this earth actually have problems too.

I feel alone :(

Sad today, plagued with nightmares lately. Ones that scare me. Then last night Brett came to visit me. He looked like himself, I heard his voice, nothing changed. He came to visit Anthony for his birthday he said but anthony wasnt there so he came to visit me. :( A nice break from the nightmares. I woke up immediatley and Rugrats were on and angelica was playing with a boy named Brett, thougth it was funny that i wake up at that moment. He looked good. :*( come visit me again soon :) Beats the hell out of the nightmares i live with. I woke up shaking and about to throw up the other night.

My kids are making me nuts. Savannah has screamed since about 11, screamed and cried. Dunno if shes getting sick or what. Anthony has complained. Juan keeps asking for people to come over and come in. WHo in the hell said people have to come over every day. Anthonys party is on sunday, i gotta get my house clean, but i have to clean 2 houses in the morning :( I hate cleaning.

Well i gotta go :(

Thursday, August 11, 2005

My Eye My Eye

Freaking stupid allergies, my eyes are all screwed up still and burn like the dickens. I put my contacts in on top of burny eyes and feels like someone dumped a bottle of shampoo in there.

All the heat all the allergies, WINTER CAN COME NOW!!

Freakin buggers.

I decided to wake up early @@ and get some @@ me time.
Well.......... I mustve hit 20 wrong floor boards cause they are all up at 8:30 in there watching the Nightmare before Christmas. I didn't think my 3 year old would watch that.

SHE LOVES IT! i was shocked

Maybe she'll quit watching Annie and Mary poppins for awhile now. WOO WOO!

Katie Couric, I love her. When Peter Jennings died the other day, she was in tears talking to Tom Brokaw. She's such a real woman, showing real courage and strength. I think shes awesome! She's ranked right up there with Eileen Collins!

I freecycled some books yesterday and they left me a thank you card! That is sooooooooooo sweet!!!! What a kind Gesture!

Okay I guess I had better go. I am gonna attempt Chimmy changas (said like barbara streisand, in Meet the fockers) I am going to move them to a secure location. Its big brother night!!!!!!!!!!! They have to bring Kaysar back, the house is so boring and unsexy without him. Sigh.

Have a great Thursday to all!!
And in the spirit of the movie they are watching!
and to all a good night!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Is it Wednesday? feels like monday still

I feel like I am in groundhogs day. UGHHHHH!! The heat is wearing me down rather quickly.

I haven't been making my rounds to blogs like i should i am sorry. My allergies are acting up horribly and my eyes are foggy and its hard to read. But i am trying!

Today ACK ACK ACK, well lets rewind to last night. OKay we have a huge walk in closet. I took everything out of the closet cause one wall needs to be painted. THe closet is the portal to the nice insulated pit of hell in our ceiling. So everytime we get up there for something insulation and dust and what ever assortment of spiders happens to be up there falls down into my closet. THe tubs that are in there were covered with crap and being the dumbass i am brought them into my bedroom to paint the closet. I lay down in my bed and start hacking and coughing and coughing and having asthma problems. UGH so i think what the freaking hell. So i get the thin mattress off my daughters trundle bed and lay it on the living room floor. Felt like my fat ass was sleeping on a curb.

I got NO sleep and my allergies are still killing me. I am not sure when ragweed comes in, but id be willing to bet its here cause i feel like total shit.

So no sleep hardly and i get up and have to go to the store, wash all my blankets to make sure they are dust free.

Made me some Weight watchers soup. Be tired be tired be tired.

My sons birthday is on Sunday, i invited peoples over DUR why did i do that now i have to freakin clean.

I think i am gonna hose down my room and hibernate!

Okay i gotta go Laundry is calling and i gotta go figure out how to clean the tub lids so i can sleep in my nice cozy comfy bed!

Have a great wednesday all!!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Funny Or No Funny

Well, i had been cooking stuff for Chimmy Changas all day. Had chicken breasts in the crock pot with salsa slow cooking all day long. It was beginning to smell heavenly. Ohhhhhhh my mouth was watering.

I go in to do dishes, Anthony had taken his medicine but put it back up all funky and in slow motion, i opened the cabinent and watched the medicine and a glass heavy measuring cup fall. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO in slow motion, i watch it fall and Sigh break on the crock pot, knocking the lid off and glass going all over my precious chicken cutlets and chunky salsa.

Well, i super scrub my kitchen, to get the glass up. I put my rootbeer in the bottle in the freezer, while i clean up the glass. I scrub the counters and the sink and the floor a few times to ensure i get all the glass.

Savannah gets her foot cut and is bleeding everywhere, so i go back resweep and remop. I go to get my succulent, icy rootbeer from the freezer.

WHO IN THE HELL KNEW That the SOB would freaking explode. Add that to the crock pot with the glass, all over my clean counters and floor all over me. It just went crazy with yummy foam all over the place.

What next, a good big brother episode and the power goes out? Savannah screaming during it??

Its one of those days, I hope my BB watch goes smoothly.

What a beautiful mess, what a beautiful mess Im in.
All the glass went in my stew, theres nothing else i could dooooooo

What a sweet concoction that i was caught up in, i couldnt get enough
Cant stop the hunger for my love

What a beautiful mess, what a beautiful mess Im innnnnnnnnn

Eileen Collins ROCKS!!

How freaking awesome was that landing? Made me cry when NASA announced Discovery was home!
GO Eileen!!!!!!!!
Officially my hero!
Gotta go watch some more News!!!!
Awesome Awesome
Thank GOD!!

At the Beach on Tuesday

I had the BEST Dream! I was at the beach there were colored clams and crabs. but for some reason where the horizon was they had a privacy fence up to keep sharks out. Wasn't much beach, but then a movie screen appeared and we all watched Ferris bueller. I kept wanting to take pictures, but everyone was mad cause they were watching the movie. It was totally, totally weird. Made me wanna go to the beach. Sigh! One weird thing, is i kept looking for seashells, and there were No seashells. I kept looking and looking but none.

Okay a few minutes til the space shuttle lands. Im a little nervous, I have 12 minutes. Praying and praying and praying that they are safe.

I feel better than yesterday. Yesterday was pretty much a washup. Im over it.

Dang i am so glued to the Tv i dunno what to write LOL. Okay i am gonna go watch our astronauts come in safetly and then come back.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Too Many people

are dying lately. So sad this morning to see peter Jennings empty chair. So very sad. :( Death is all around. So very sad.

I feel like crap this morning. Savannah is screaming like crazy, whining like crazy.

Kyle spent most of the day yesterday gone. I cleaned. Im tired. My wrists are so sore. Who knows why.

Anymore i feel like shit every day. So what's one more.

I dont even feel like writing, i can't think of what to write and im tired.
I may post later. Have a great day all!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

It's Sunday Sunday Sunday!

It's kyles birthday, he is going down to the country to see his grandma, I am supposed to clean houses today. I don't think i am. I just don't feel like getting into all the dust and muck.

My thumb is still a little sore. Anyone know how long it takes for the soreness to go away?

Heat is coming back mid week, enough to depress me, almost seriously depress me.

I can't take it.

Its been one of the worst summers in awhile.

Kyle is getting ready to leave so that means that savannah is probably going to scream holler and cry for awhile. I need to clean her room up and organize it. Its one of those things where I just don't know where to start. I really really don't. Ill have to think of something.

Okay I gotta go I suppose and get some work done around here. Moving day is getting closer and closer and i have to get organized for it.

I hate moving under chaos! Probably end of Nov is when well be moving so that means I have all of Aug, All of Sept and ALl of Oct, so that is good, but i need to get to work!!

Happy Sunday to all!
Happy birthday to Kyle!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Vote for Kaysar


A post for Lois

Lois I know one day this animal or one like it will make its way to your house! this is a pit bull who lost a fight with a porcupine. I feel really bad for the poor dog, but in the spirit of Frito decided to post these for you.

Porcupine vs pit 2
Porcupine vs pit

Friday, August 05, 2005

"I have a headache" said the girl

Went to the new Wal-Mart. Joy Rapture and all of that crap that goes with it. It was so big you couldn't find anything and therefore it made me anxious.

It was hot in there too and i wanted so desperatley to jump right on into the freezer and stay cold.

Kaysar went home.....BuT if you love me, you will go to Cbs home page and vote to re let him in the house. Cause he's the sexiest man i have ever seen and my summer would go much better knowing i could look at him all day long!

I taught my son a kinda sissy thing to do LOL, hes been having fits again, so hes grounded but i wanted to keep him busy. SO i bought him a latch hook rug kit. Its nice and boyish dog, but he has been quiet for an hour so YAHOO! maybe hell do it all day and really bless me.

Okay I gotta go. My head is pounding and i must go lay in the tub.

Have a great weekend all!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Thursday already?

One more day of pill taking already? YAY

Well, just when i thought i couldn't take anymore yesterday, the grandparents pull up and whisk my lil buggers into putt putt and batting cage land.

An Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh heard around the world! Savannah stayed home but she was pretty good :)

Laundry is going, cleaning is going. The heat is going. That is worth repeating, the heat is going.

Okay i was gonna write but sat down and forgot what i was going to write, so i will entertain you with a song

Im a lumberjack and Im okay, I work all night and i sleep all day.....
I eat my lunch.

Thats all i know. I guess, ill go for now and think about what i was going to post about and i am sure ill come here and get distracted and forget again and this could be an endless vicious cycle kinda like......

Big ben,,,,,,,,,Parliment................Big ben,,,,,,,,,, Parliment.......... LMAO i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that movie!

Okay Have a wonderful thursday All!!!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

My kids

are making me CRAZY............. Oh my goodness. I offered to buy some children whos parents were having a rough time some school supplies. Well, I had to go buy them today. My kids were TERRIBLE

In Staples the boys were arguing and fighting, savannah was screaming and I heard mom about 50 times. I walk all the way across the parking lot only to realize i forgot to pay for the bottle of water i had in my hand so i had to walk all the way freaking back, kids in tow.

Off to chiro which was fine, then to Target. I dunno what was up with target but anything i touched or anyone who touched me shocked me. So My darling middle son was freaking touching me every 5 seconds, shocking the living piss out of me. No matter how many times I said to freaking quit he was still shocking me. I was so flipping mad it was unreal and yet hes a brave soul cause he kept shocking me. Savannah kept getting out of the cart and running amuck. School supply aisle was mayhem. People and kids everywhere, while my little brat was still freaking shocking me. Then everythign savannah touched when she was in the cart would shock her so juan was having her touch stuff and she was screaming and getting scared.


I then had to go to the real estate office and pick up some papers from a lady who told me to come get them and she was GONE when i got there, went to the grocery store. So no freaking papers and a big UGH

Now i am home, I can't even go to bible school my nerves are so shot. I want a break from the kids.

Anthonys Grandpa called today and they are going to pick up the boys and take them to dinner i think. Maybe they will keep them til freaking school starts. 13 LONG more flippin days of school.

Thanks for listening to me while but ACK! ACK! ACK!

August 3, 2005

Today Anthonys Father has been dead 13 years. So hard to believe, it's been that long.

13 years.............

I am sure the family that never calls him, will call him today out of guilt. Don't call him any other day of the year, only when the guilt creeps up on you. Buggers.

Enough about that

I got up early today, just to have some peace and quiet time.

More bible school tonight, it ends tomorrow. I need to get my camera back from my dad so i can make a video or something.

Okay have a great Hump day everyone!!!!
PS if you get a chance
Stop Global Warming

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Mini update

went to the dr............Hand is fine, bone is fine, ligaments are fine :) 3 more days of this antibiotic. You know, taking it hasn't gotten any easier. I panic for about an hour. I took it at 3:50 and its now 4:10 and i am of course in anxiety mode.

I hate this crappola. No ways around it. I hate it. Plus its hot, and i hate that too.

Trying to look for good stuff to take my mind off the bad

Chocolate is about the best edible thing on this earth
My daughter in her piggy tails today could melt my heart just by looking at her
The sky is blue
God is a wonderful God
Kyle sent me a nice email this morning :)
Chocolate is about the best edible thing on this earth
Summer is almost over
Swimming in cold water is the best
Chocolate is about the best edible thing on this earth
My computers both are running wonderfully
My house is semi clean
and did i mention
Chocolate is about the best edible thing on this earth?

Okay thanks for all the well wishes and prayers, God hears them and they truly work!
Cindy, tonight is Big Brother night :) YAY!
And chocolate is about the best edible thing on this earth!

It's already Tuesday

I am still on Monday, so I think. Everything has been hectic, so I think LOL. I didn't get much sleep last night. I took a nap and probably shouldn't of, then took another nap and probably shouldn't of. Then i was up late.

The kids went to Vacation Bible School again. They are having a good time there.

I go to the orthopedic dr today. I am scared somewhat. My thumb is better, but its still sore in one spot. I have 3 more days of medicine, so thats a plus. But just worried. It could be sore because i keep messing with it. i dunno. I just get sick of crap.

I can't understand why i always get weird crap. Weird diseases, weird allergies, weird crap. Sometimes, i truly hate myself because it seems i can't go 2 mos without having something wrong. Maybe stress really does wear down your body.

Who knows and at this point, who cares. I mean will it always be something, Probably.

So just get over it and get on with life for me.

Kinda down today, it's hot, HOT and humid which is like a double whammy.

Kyle volunteered at the vacation bible school to burn them 31 CDS, he couldn't figure out the burner, so here i have sat for about 2 hrs this morning doing the 31 CDS. Sometimes I hate knowing all about computers. Even as much as i hate knowing how to do haircuts.

My thumb still isn't back to the way it was and my kids and kyle are all over me for a haircut. I am going to hand them each 10 bucks and tell them to go to Fantastic Freakin Sams. I don't wanna do it. The clippers vibrate like mad and my fingers go numb and i don't feel that i should do that just yet. Especially for my picky ass boys it takes 20 min a hair cut.

Okay i am about done complaining for today. I go to the dr at 1 and i will send an update as soon as i get home. Please send me well wishes.

Have a great tuesday! Its Big brother day YAYYYYYYYYYYYY :o)

Monday, August 01, 2005

Happy August 1 :)

WOW! August 1st. Want to welcome it, in some ways, but also it's sad. The summer after this month, will officially come to a close. I think I just got used to the leaves being green, one of my favorite parts of the year is when you are driving through the park and what was once brown and dead, is alive. It seems like it happens overnight.

In about a month, the cicadas will quiet, the leaves will start to change and summer will be gone. I didn't even get to enjoy yet and its leaving. More time wasted i suppose. I feel sometimes that if I don't go on vacation or do something big that my summer was wasted.

Thats just the way i feel, but its not true. My boys have made a very close friendship with their cousin. One they never had before. I have become closer with my cousins something I hadn't done before. I gave my kids about 1000 kisses gave my dog about the same. Birthday parties, Cookouts. In its own way it has been a good summer.

I will miss it. (Not the heat) but miss the summer. Time for the stinking old winter and the cold. Time is a funny thing, every blink of the eye it goes bye. Nothing can make it stop.

Spent most of the day yesterday at my moms swimming and a cookout. It was alot of fun, alot of laughing. My cousins were there and the kids had a good time. We took savannah to vacation bible school and then took care of uncle eddie and then off to my aunt sandys to dust a little and check on her house. Then back to get Savannah. Cuteness is all i can say about her. She was up there in the front of the church, dancing, twirling, singing and praising God. I thought she would be embarrassed to be up there. But she went right along. Yesterday i was putting her in her car seat and she said "thank you mommy" and I said for what baby and she said "thank you for givin me wife (life)" and i was like ?????????????????? from a 3 year old LOL She is soooooooooooooooo sweet and i am glad she is so sweet. Melts my heart. Okay I am off to catch up on blogs, I didn't read any yesterday

So i am off to catch up. Have a wonderful Monday and enjoy your August 1st!