Saturday, December 30, 2006

Our yard is bad for birds

Okay...I had just gotten out of the shower. I was downstairs in my bathroom brushing my teeth. I heard a big THUD. I was like what the hell was that, both dogs are inside. I open up our bathroom window and see these huge orange feet sticking up in the air. I call Kyle over to look and he's like What the hell is that.
We both run upstairs and look out back and this HUGE bird is upside down on its back. I go and get my camera and he gets his wits about him and flips over. HE IS HUGEEEEEEEEEEE these pictures don't do him justice.
So what is this big bird that about broke his neck in our yard??
Im assuming he hit the window and knocked himself out.
He is fine and he did fly away. Very beautiful bird, but very mysterious. What is he??? To me he looks hawkish, she we labeled him hawk til we learn otherwise LOL
He is beautiful!!
Hawk 1
hawk 2

Friday, December 22, 2006

It's almost Christmas time in the city

Ring alingggggggggg, here them ring!! Soon it will be Christmas day!!!!!
I have been laughing so freaking hard tonight.
I will tell you but please don't frown upon me, because I can't freaking help it!
Savannahs best friend Maddie, Can't say her Ks and Cs correctly.
UGH I swear this is so bad.
Mom you did it LOL it's easy to do!
Well, When me and mom were in Target a couple of weeks ago, Maddie said in the store "I want a hello Titty toaster" Okay so we laugh and laugh and then mom has her say it again. Mom u are baddddddddd :P
Well Tuesday she said she wanted to watch Garfield a tail n two tittys. I have laughed and laughed and laughed over that. It's so NOT Funny at all. But tonight the kids are watching the movie and kyle keeps saying it and OMG My eyes are burning from laughing.
I know I know it's awful to laugh at that, but OMG so freaking funny.
So we laugh at non funny stuff :X
I finally am going to take some pics. I haven't wanted to take any pics lately. I have some jobs after Christmas. Going to do them. Then hopefully get in full swing when my baby goes off to school :o(
I need to work on my business website and get my logo together n stuff like that.
I just haven't had a chance.
Have a great Friday night and Ill write again before Christmas!!

Monday, December 18, 2006

a guy with a fly in the eye

Tee hee
Juan came running in the house yesterday and barreling down the steps, "I have a fly in my eye"
I was like "Say that again"
He says "I was riding down the street and a fly got in my eye"
Sure enough a baby fly was stuck in his eye.
It was crawling around all over his eyeball and i was trying to get it, thinking OMG if it gets under his eye will it fly around his brain LOL
His eye was tearing up and mucousy and the fly was stuck to his eye
BLUCHHHHHHHHHH I finally got it out with a wet washrag LOL
I have never in my days seen any thing like that.
Too funny, thought I'd share.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Been a little awhile

Nothing much happening here.
We are all sick again :(
I think I need some antibiotics.
Its always coughing and sneezing. Anthonys got it again too. Coughing sneezing. Juan has the pink eye. I have the pink eye thing going on too.
I'm so ready for summer!!!!
Winter can go bye bye!
Today is my cleaning day at home. I got the middle floor done, Im working downstairs right now. Almost finished.
I am so allergic to dust that I religiously dust twice a week. I dunno whats going on but every time I dust lately Its thick. Usually you can't even tell I need to dust but since we turned on the heat, its been bad. Maybe thats why all the coughing and sneezing.
Well the phone keeps ringing and I can't keep up so Im off.
Happy Sunday

Friday, December 08, 2006

TGIF <--I think-->

I was so ready for Friday and now it's here!!
Me n Mom took our yearh Christmas shopping trip!
First to Kohls then to Target.
Braving the cold wore me out. It was pretty dern cold!
The stores were okay and no one was too rude.
Was a nice trip out!
My left arm has been hurting for 2 days. I can't figure out why it hurts. Maybe from holding baby or something. It just hurts and I want it to go away.
Maybe stress related?
I've been so stressed lately that at 11:31 every single night, I wake up gasping for air. It scares the crap out of me and doesnt last long at all, but it scares me to death.
Juan was doing really good all week. No trouble til today.
But that is partially my fault. He didn't have breakfast or lunch and didn't eat til 3:30 this afternoon. Would make me in a bad mood too.
I couldn't help it though, I didn't have Wednesday off and couldn't get to the store.
I asked him if he packed something he said he did, but he really didn't because he didn't want me to worry.
Very sweet of him, but ugh.
Okay going to bed!
Happy Friday

Monday, December 04, 2006

Howdy Howdy on Monday

Things are a little better today. i say that loosely, because around here they can change in a millisecond.
I stayed up late last night cleaning our house. 3 houses in one day. Not an easy feat by any means.
Funny this is, is tonight, you can't even tell all the stuff I did.
I oiled all the wood furniture. Scrubbed the floors.
Ahh cleanliness around here is brief.
Other than that, nothing going on.
Im home all day, sleep at night.
Thats about it.
Thanks for all the well wishes!!!
Happy Monday

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Givers N Takers

What makes some people givers and what makes some people takers?
I thought about this question today alot.
People take take take.
Very few people give.
At what point in their lives do they learn to take anything they can from anyone they can.
Why do they not think about who they are taking from and how it affects them?
The only thing that sticks in my head as I get older is that People will take anything they can from you.
People take advantage of me all the time.
Got taken advantage of today.
Go figure :o(
Learned valuable lessons.
I learn more than most people ever do.
I don't ever want to be a taker.
I only want to be a giver.
Takers SUCK
My cough is gone finally.
I cleaned 2 houses today and I'm so tired I can't even see straight.
I was up til 1:30 am cutting photos for an order going out.
Baby comes tomorrow early.
I want Christmas overwith. I have no holiday spirit.
Only anger and sadness.
Why do people feel the need to hurt me?
Is it fun?
Happy Sunday