Friday, January 30, 2009

It's Friday

Went to my house, no power still. A big huge branch fell off. Broke part of the window in Juans room. UGH.... I updated my photo blog with some pics of the ice in a nice way LOL Click here for pics of that
Here are some pics of my new branches down in the front.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Did I mention I HATE ICE????????

Last night I tried to go to sleep.... Anyone who lives near a wooded area.. Carol Im sure living near the park you know the sound that filled the night.. Crack crack WOOSH.... Wood cracking, wood breaking falling to the ground the ice breaking. I literally heard that all night long. On my roof over and over. I had 2 trees fall on my fence, one on the neighbors fence. I had a tree fall on my shed. One almost went through Anthonys window, I have some in my pond, a bunch on my roof. I was so scared last night I shook the whole night. At 5 am i heard 3 explosions that could've woke the dead and it was my transformer going. Power GONE... Soooooooo.... I get my stuff to go to moms, tree falling etc long story short, I ended up in a ditch. AAA comes rescues my sorry butt and I'm at my dads.
Here are some pics of my house and the pear trees. Across the road from my house are these beautiful pear trees, I have blogged about them before, I love their beauty.. I was sadly disappointed that most of them did not weather the storm. So here are some pics of the mess that is my house. I can't tell how bad the roof stuff is, I wouldn't stand under those trees for all the money in the world
My shed is under that tree somewhere
My fish are under this huge branch (es)
My fence or lack there of is under this tree
My neighbors fence is under this tree which is also in my yard
The one that made me about have a heart attack almost crashing through anthonys window
The beautiful pear trees
The tree that caused me to go in the ditch, this is after the firemen hacked it up to let the road be passable

Friday, January 23, 2009


It's Friday. I'm tired, angry and tired. I'm so angry at Kyle..Lots of reasons. This morning the anger flared up again. For years I would say Kyle clean out the fish pond, Kyle clean out the fish pond. Over and over and over like a broken record. They have to be taken care of just like any other animal..... Well, sometimes he would do it after I nagged for awhile. This year I nagged all summer, then all fall..... Asked him again and again before he moved..... Nada. So we had the big freeze. The pond shouldve have the filter running to keep oxygen to the fish. The fish pond hasn't ever been cleaned since Kris and Dave sold us the house. Poop and Leaves are on the bottom, which creates gas in the water...... Long story short, it froze, they lacked oxygen, it got warm and thawed and I have a bunch of dead and dying fish. Why people can't be responsible is beyond me. I can't clean it, I don't know how. It has to be drained, scrubbed, refilled. The filter under the water has to be dug out and cleaned.... Stuff I can't do because lack of know how....... Some of the fish are laying side ways can't breathe. I'm just sad and I'm so mad at him for always being so irresponsible. Not just with the fish, with everything. Asking over and over and over and over til I'm blue in the face for stuff to be done and NADA.... The chair and the desk on the back porch i have been asking for mos to get rid of... The basement i asked for 7 mos to get cleaned up..... Grrrrrrr just plum pisses me off.
=( and my fish. I'm just sad and angry. I feel like taking the dead ones putting them in a bucket and putting them on his porch and leaving a note saying " Will you please clean out the fish pond?" It would only be the 5000th time I have said it since we lived here. I think they all will die so I guess it no longer has to be dealt with.
Sigh sigh sigh.
My poor fish.
On a lighter note, I'm feeling much better. My house is spotless, I haven't been exercising every day like i did. Every other day. I'm just tired. Exhausted. Stressed. I need to get back on the wagon. I haven't been splurging on food. Esp yesterday oof.
Kids are good. Im enjoying living alone. Everything seems less stressed and peaceful.
Happy Friday
The sun is shining only its melting my poor fishes into death... Don't go into the light fishies, just keep swimming, just keep swimming....

Thursday, January 22, 2009


What i thought was my cold ended up being a stomach virus..... ugh i was up all night. Still feel awful today. In and out of bed. My stomach hurts so bad =(
Happy Thursday

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


my cold has progressed into a sinus infection i think. My head hurts so bad i can barely move. =( its irritating the holy heck out of me. Happy wednesday everyone.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Monday

Hi everyone =) Happy Monday. Was a long weekend. I have had a cold sort of sniffling sneezing what nots. Saturday I was a sloth. No exercise nada. Oof. I didn't do anything all day. Kyle moved out Friday, I was left with a pretty huge mess. I got it all cleaned up and moved Juan down to the basement.
For those of you who don't know, my mom and Mark are in the process of buying a new house, which I am going to rent from them for awhile. When I move out, it will just be investment property for them. It's soooooooo stinking cute =) It's small but perfect for me and the kids and my puppies. So once I get moved, be sure to drop in and see me =).
Yesterday I had a busy day. Sundays are becoming mine and Savannahs day. We got up, got ready, went to my moms. We went and looked at the house again, did a bunch of drive bys LOL! Then we went out to lunch and to the YMCA, she played in Y world while I worked out and then we went swimming for awhile.
After swimming we went and got showers and did our hair and stuff in front of the big vanities. She loved it.
Then off to church with Auntie Curl. I love their church. It is probably one of the best churches I have ever been to. I love going and so does Savannah. She askes when we can go back all the time. She wants to go every day, not just on sunday.
She wrote on my board today Each new day is a god from God, so remember whether its a good day or a bad day.... then she didn't finish. I will share the pic tomorrow, i just snapped it in case it gets erased.
Then we went to McDonalds got some coffee and icecream and went back to Curls to eat with Linny, Jay and baby E and curl. It was really a good time, I love sitting around talking.
We left Carols and it was snowing, I still had to go to the grocery store. It was very hard getting home from the store, they werent' expecting the snow and the roads were covered.
It was a great day. I came home spent some time fishing on WoW with Elmer and then talked to him on the phone for awhile Was nice.
Please keep Elmer and his family in your prayers, his dad is ill, just found out he has lung cancer =( and Elmer dealing with that is having some work issues. So just keep them in your prayers.
Thanks all
The sun is shining

Friday, January 16, 2009

Ohhhhhhhh Boy!

Okay, so my daughter has 2 friends over from school... I must go a lil further back.... One day the girls asked me if I could take them all to where their mommy works to eat.... I say what does she do? They say she serves food and other stuff... Okay great sure I'll take you out to eat..... where does she work ?? The twins reply in unison "the foxy lady" Which basically is an adult club, a booby bar if you will........ OKay, i tell them maybe some other time.... So today I hear them upstairs playing, they are choosing names... Brittany, Christina and Fi fi...... I hear them talk about who does food and who does dancing.... I decide to work my way upstairs to find out what they are doing........ They reply we are playing cocktail waitress like our mom.... So Savannah and her friends are dressed like strippers...What ever happened to playing dolls?? Now, its playing cocktail waitress??? Here is their lil ensemble .....they are only 7.. Sigh sigh sigh

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Thursday!

Juan's home today, has had a tooth ache for a couple weeks..... it was in a baby tooth that didn't have a permanent tooth underneath it.... they were going to pull it anyways, so this morning I took him and had it pulled. He has to go to the orthodonist to have spacers and braces put in. Thank God he only had one tooth like that.
I wrote his dad today to pay some of his dental bills, even with insurance paying for some, I can't afford all of his dental work. I have been very fair never asking him for a penny of his medical bills til now, but with the situation the way it is..... I can't pay it all.
I went to the gym yesterday and did my workouts, it's soooooooo cold!!!! I couldnt get warm til midway through my workout.
Since Juan is home today, Im thinking I may not go to the gym but workout here. Not sure really. I need to clean some more.
Hmmmmmmm =) I dunno.
Anyways, Happy Thursday and hope everyone is having a great day!
The sun is shining

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I picked up a cold somewheres. Achooooo, snifflin, sneezing, eyes waterin. oof. Yesterday I was so freaking busy. I had anthonys health ins etc appt waited for 4 hoursssssss then the appt took 1. I was so beat. I left there and called and talked to Dr. Lewis about Juans contacts. Drove all the way back into my end of town, to let the boys in. Toured the YMCA made an appt. Ate a quick lunch ran all the way back to the other end of town, picked up Juans new contacts, went to the Y to meet the trainer guy and worked out for about an hour and 45 min. We mostly toned up and stuff, I got home and I wasn't tired so I did 35 more min of aerobics. You can bet your sweet butt i was tired after that. I was literally only home 30 min from 830 am til 8 pm at night. Im plum wore out today and this cold. Im trying to clean. Kyles moving out this weekend and Im trying to pack up some things he's taking and clean out stuff he's taking iwth my stuff in it. I officially will have no living room once he leaves. No couch, no TV, nuttin. Some tables. But Oh well... Life continues on with or without a couch or TV. I spent some time with Elmer last night playin scrabble and I almost fell asleep at my desk. My stupid phone has an issue and tries to synch all night. I called ATT and they reset it and if it doesnt work they are going to replace it. It's annoying as fire.
Im still happy.
Life is good
Very Good

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Sunday =)

It was a totally wonderful day. I was extremely tired from being such a night owl last night but it was wonderful. All weekend was great. Yesterday, Karen and I went and saw Marley and Me..... WoW! Super duper sad!! her and i and the whole theater were blubbering and in hysterics. Dogs are so wonderful. Just loyal, loveable furry babies.
I have enjoyed spending time with Karen and hope that once a week we get together to just spend time together.
Today, I was with mom all morning we went to look at houses. I fell in love with one........ it just seemed right for me. The boys aren't too thrilled about moving to that area away from their friends, but if it works out, we all have to do what we have to do.
I came home, got a bath and got ready for church.
Savannah got all dressed up in her lil skirt and put a tiny bit of lipstick on... was too cute.
I kinda sorta got lost and I ended up at my aunt Carols and we just followed her.
Church was soooooooooooo nice. It was so relaxing and the music was wonderful. Usually Im all hurried with everything and I just sat there and relaxed and listened.
It was such a nice area with so many things to do, i was really impressed and with great company it was a very nice evening.
I totally loved it and Savannah asked if we could go back next week and I absolutely am looking forward to going back.
After church we all went out to eat at qdoba...... it was soooooooo good!! I didn't exercise at all today. I did alot of walking and cleaning, but I didn't do any exercise........... Oof!!
I didn't eat to bad tho for both lunch and dinner i had the tortilla soup from qdoba its only 2.5 points..
After that Savannah and I went grocery shopping, we just took our time and looked at everything..... then we went to the bank and got home just now.
she's in the bed and Im going to play some scrabble with Elmer and hit the hay.
Life truly is wonderful

Saturday, January 10, 2009


hi =) good morning! I'm in such a goooooooooooooooooood mood!! I was telling my family about Christmas how i hit a plateau on my weight loss, it was going very slow... well I nixed some things cut a couple more things out of my diet, increased exercise and added some toning..... since the 29th the last time I weighed, I'm down 10 more lbs =) thursday I did 2 hrs of aerobics through the day, not all at once and toned for 15 min. I was sooooooo sore so I went mall walking last night. I sure wish it would warm up so I can walk at home. Im up to being able to walk 4 miles without being tired. I'm doing sooooooo good =)
A few days ago I had a really hard time being depressed, I mean as low as it gets. I was tired with worrying about being homeless, I was worried about finances. Just worrying about everything combined with my SAD i get really bad in January, I was a mess. I just gave it all over to God and I tell you what it was like a load was lifted. Yesterday I had a wonderful day. Karen and I went to breakfast and talked for awhile. Then we went back to her house and I helped her straighten up and we listened to music and talked. I had a really, really good time. I almost dozed off driving home, I think I may have.. oof came home slept, woke up, ate a light dinner, went mall walking....... Then came home and spent some puter time with Elmer playing WoW and scrabble. Was just a really nice day. =) Tomorrow Im goin to my moms in the morning and we are going to look at a couple houses and then Im goin to church with Jay and Linney and then a comin home.
Last weekend I took Savannah on a date to see bedtime stories and out to eat... It was really cute!
Tonight instead of dancing Karen and I decided to go see Marley and Me =) Im gonna cry Im sure but that's okay!
Hope everyone is having a happy Saturday.
Life truly is wonderful
and the sun is shining

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Happy Thursday =)

Not much goin on at all, just updating to say Howdy!! Me n Karen going out to bfast tomorrow, im excited to get out, then Saturday we are actually going out dancing =) I can't wait, I haven't been out dancing or out in general for 12 years, I can NOT wait =) Sunday I'm goin to see mom and then going to church with Linney and Jay.. So, I actually am looking forward to the weekend YAY!!!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone and hope you are well!!
life is good

Monday, January 05, 2009

its just

one of those days where nothing is right. i'm tired.
i'm angry. i have such a mess to clean up in my life and i dont know where to start.
i am doing it, but it's still hard.
i have so much anger towards kyle for the stuff he has done over the past few weeks and even beyond.
i think i need to go to the dr for meds.
im tired of head games men, not men, um boys play.
i don't have the time nor energy for head games.
i refuse to play, i just walk away quietly and let it go.
so watch carefully how you play them.
you may not always win.
life is good

Friday, January 02, 2009

Did Ya'll Miss Me =)

Wowsers, been a long, long time since I updated.
I'm so sleepy it probably won't be a good one tonight.
Elmer came in town for 5 days and I have been with him.
We had a very, very nice time.
I was sad it was over and sad it went by so fast.
I'll tell you guys more about our meeting this week.
I got home to a complete and utter mess, so have been cleaning
non stop since i got home. I spent 52 min exactly on the bathroom and then 2 hrs in my room, walked almost 3 miles and about to fall over from exhaustion.
Everything was perfect this week.
Happy Friday Eve
Life is good