Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Thursday!

Juan's home today, has had a tooth ache for a couple weeks..... it was in a baby tooth that didn't have a permanent tooth underneath it.... they were going to pull it anyways, so this morning I took him and had it pulled. He has to go to the orthodonist to have spacers and braces put in. Thank God he only had one tooth like that.
I wrote his dad today to pay some of his dental bills, even with insurance paying for some, I can't afford all of his dental work. I have been very fair never asking him for a penny of his medical bills til now, but with the situation the way it is..... I can't pay it all.
I went to the gym yesterday and did my workouts, it's soooooooo cold!!!! I couldnt get warm til midway through my workout.
Since Juan is home today, Im thinking I may not go to the gym but workout here. Not sure really. I need to clean some more.
Hmmmmmmm =) I dunno.
Anyways, Happy Thursday and hope everyone is having a great day!
The sun is shining

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