Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Sunday =)

It was a totally wonderful day. I was extremely tired from being such a night owl last night but it was wonderful. All weekend was great. Yesterday, Karen and I went and saw Marley and Me..... WoW! Super duper sad!! her and i and the whole theater were blubbering and in hysterics. Dogs are so wonderful. Just loyal, loveable furry babies.
I have enjoyed spending time with Karen and hope that once a week we get together to just spend time together.
Today, I was with mom all morning we went to look at houses. I fell in love with one........ it just seemed right for me. The boys aren't too thrilled about moving to that area away from their friends, but if it works out, we all have to do what we have to do.
I came home, got a bath and got ready for church.
Savannah got all dressed up in her lil skirt and put a tiny bit of lipstick on... was too cute.
I kinda sorta got lost and I ended up at my aunt Carols and we just followed her.
Church was soooooooooooo nice. It was so relaxing and the music was wonderful. Usually Im all hurried with everything and I just sat there and relaxed and listened.
It was such a nice area with so many things to do, i was really impressed and with great company it was a very nice evening.
I totally loved it and Savannah asked if we could go back next week and I absolutely am looking forward to going back.
After church we all went out to eat at qdoba...... it was soooooooo good!! I didn't exercise at all today. I did alot of walking and cleaning, but I didn't do any exercise........... Oof!!
I didn't eat to bad tho for both lunch and dinner i had the tortilla soup from qdoba its only 2.5 points..
After that Savannah and I went grocery shopping, we just took our time and looked at everything..... then we went to the bank and got home just now.
she's in the bed and Im going to play some scrabble with Elmer and hit the hay.
Life truly is wonderful

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