Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I picked up a cold somewheres. Achooooo, snifflin, sneezing, eyes waterin. oof. Yesterday I was so freaking busy. I had anthonys health ins etc appt waited for 4 hoursssssss then the appt took 1. I was so beat. I left there and called and talked to Dr. Lewis about Juans contacts. Drove all the way back into my end of town, to let the boys in. Toured the YMCA made an appt. Ate a quick lunch ran all the way back to the other end of town, picked up Juans new contacts, went to the Y to meet the trainer guy and worked out for about an hour and 45 min. We mostly toned up and stuff, I got home and I wasn't tired so I did 35 more min of aerobics. You can bet your sweet butt i was tired after that. I was literally only home 30 min from 830 am til 8 pm at night. Im plum wore out today and this cold. Im trying to clean. Kyles moving out this weekend and Im trying to pack up some things he's taking and clean out stuff he's taking iwth my stuff in it. I officially will have no living room once he leaves. No couch, no TV, nuttin. Some tables. But Oh well... Life continues on with or without a couch or TV. I spent some time with Elmer last night playin scrabble and I almost fell asleep at my desk. My stupid phone has an issue and tries to synch all night. I called ATT and they reset it and if it doesnt work they are going to replace it. It's annoying as fire.
Im still happy.
Life is good
Very Good

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